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Contest Director

The CQ WPX Contest Director is Terry Zivney, N4TZ. You may email Terry at n4tz@cqwpx.com.

Contest Committee

The management of the CQ WPX Contest is handled by a passionate group of volunteers who each contribute their talents and skills to make the contest a success. The committee members are:

Committee Member Specialty Email
Jacques Saget, F6BEE Club scores f6bee@cqwpx.com
Ken Wolff, K1EA Software development k1ea@cqwpx.com
Doug Grant, K1DG Plaques k1dg@cqwpx.com
Randy Thompson, K5ZD Web site, Past WPX Contest Director k5zd@cqwpx.com
Steve Bolia, N8BJQ Past WPX Contest Director n8bjq@cqwpx.com
Steve Merchant, K6AW Past WPX Contest Director k6aw@cqwpx.com

Contest Sponsor

The CQ WPX Contest is sponsored by CQ Magazine. Visit www.cq-amateur-radio.com for more information.