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Public LCR - WPX SSB 2012

All logs submitted for the WPX Contest are checked using custom software. The software cross checks all QSOs from the available logs and adjusts the score accordingly. As part of this process, we create a log checking report for each entrant.

To help you understand the value of the reports we are providing the log check reports of world high scoring entries.

Category Entry
World Single Operator All Band High Power CN2R (op W7EJ)
World Single Operator All Band Low Power P40W (op W2GD)
World Single Operator All Band Assisted High Power P41P (op DF7ZS)
World Single Operator Single Band High Power PX5E (op PP5JR)
World Multi-Single 5D5A (ops IK2QEI, IK2SGC)
World Multi-Two PJ4Z (ops K4BAI, WW4LL, N4OO, W4DXX)
World Multi-Multi EB8AH (ops EA4BQ, EA5DY, EA8AH, EA8CAC, EA8ZS, ES2RR, ES7GM, ES5RW, IK1HJS, OH1MA, OH6RX)
Director's report AK1W (ops K5ZD, W1UJ)

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