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Data following the category are: callsign (operator), year of operation, total score, and number of prefix multipliers. Click on the category to view other high scores for World.

CQ WPX Rookie Overlay Category Records for World

SSB (1975 - 2016)   CW (1979 - 2016)
Category Call Year Score WPX

Rookie - High Power
ALLUA5A (RA3AKT)201211,307,6391,263
10MF4GTD 20141,902,180647
15MD44AC (IZ4ZAW)20148,827,3361,114
20MD4C (IZ4UEZ)20126,534,990966
40MIO3Z (IV3ZXQ)2004573,024376
80MIW3SSA 2008652,080418
160M no entry      

Rookie - Low Power
ALLCT7B (CT1ILT)20056,135,116929
10MPY5DL 20034,024,980758
15MYY1YLY 20153,912,108762
20MUA9LAU 20051,250,928511
40MYY5DOG 2014753,159319
80MIW3SSA 2007388,150350
160MES1CH 199768,834141
Category Call Year Score WPX

Rookie - High Power
ALLUA5B 20134,881,570899
10M4N1N 2000259,560309
15MAM6IB (EA3ALZ)20053,063,543791
20MKU5B ( @NX5M)20051,346,125605
40MCS6T (CT1ILT)20041,778,007537
80MSQ4NR 2001318,330270
160MUX6F (UR5FLA)200424,19296

Rookie - Low Power
ALLCT1ILT 20033,697,200720
10MPU1KDR 1998472,230297
15MNP3A (KP3L)19971,419,595485
20MRX9TL 20051,125,650470
40MHA8AAA 2009886,886443
80MUR3HC 2002300,810271
160MER2RM 20157,31659

Rookie Overlay Category WPX (Prefix) Records for World

Call Year WPX
UA5A2012 1,263
Call Year WPX
UA5B2013 899

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