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Tribander/Single-Element Score Records

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Data following the category are: callsign (operator), year of operation, total score, and number of prefix multipliers. Click on the category to view other high scores for World.

CQ WPX Tribander/Single-Element Overlay Category Records for World

SSB (1975 - 2016)   CW (1979 - 2016)
Category Call Year Score WPX

Tribander/Single-Element - High Power
ALLPJ4DX 201617,032,8451,245
10MZF1A (ZF2AH (W6VNR))20147,267,2501,025
15MK6ND/1 (N8BO)20116,793,2221,007
20MPJ4DX 20146,975,1601,030
40MS51CK 20162,807,244748
80MUS2YW 20111,958,076654
160MS56P 2013422,752352

Tribander/Single-Element - Low Power
ALLP40A (KK9A)200314,010,480976
10MJ5UDX (IV3NVN)20033,561,032692
15MEA7RU 20112,360,484798
20MHI3TEJ 20143,813,020830
40MVY2MGY/3 (VE3MGY)20141,021,003323
80MSQ80UM (SQ9UM)2010668,964428
160MYT4A (YT1AA)2011194,103273
Category Call Year Score WPX

Tribander/Single-Element - High Power
ALLST2AR (S53R)201212,273,6841,052
10M5X1Z (SM7PKK)19994,575,420666
15MCT3KN 20157,064,0821,017
20MZC4LI 20094,907,424816
40MZC4LI 20104,770,336632
80ME71A 20131,287,230518
160M9A2AJ 2012189,987249

Tribander/Single-Element - Low Power
ALLVP9FOC (VE3DZ)201310,299,040944
10MC4Z (5B4AIZ)20121,381,935543
15MMW0EDX 20143,437,278949
20MCE3AA (XQ4CW)20132,631,200715
40MYU2A 20132,137,878657
80ME77AW 2016632,055435
160MYT4A (YT1AA)2010151,646226

Tribander/Single-Element Overlay Category WPX (Prefix) Records for World

Call Year WPX
RJ4P2014 1,326
Call Year WPX
R4RR2015 1,197

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