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2012 SSB Errata

This page lists any corrections to the published results.

Magazine Writeup

The caption to the photo on the first page of the writeup should read:

Steve, GW4BLE in WPX SSB 2012

Steve, GW4BLE, operated single band 75 meters. You can listen to your QSO with him at www.gw4ble.dxlist.co.uk.

The caption to the photo on page 25 has the call of DF7ZS incorrect.  The caption should read:

DF7ZS and AI6V

Helmut, DF7ZS (left), and Carl, AI6V/P49V, are showing the spirit of ham radio contesters worldwide.

Results Corrections

EE8Z (op NP4Z) was omitted from the Tribander/Single-Element overlay category.

There were two errors in the award list.

RA3AKT had two Yellow Cards in CQWW 2010 and this makes him ineligible for an award in WPX 2012. Winner of the Rookie plaque is S59ABC.

WORLD Rookie: Val Edwards W8KIC Memorial (K3LR sponsor) Trophy. Awarded to: S59ABC operated by Vito Kregar Jr., S56AA

EUROPE 1.8 MHz High Power: SKY Contest Club Trophy. Awarded to: Riki Tucek, OM7RU