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1DR1D2013SA HP 80M1,335,16894554927.3PY2SEX[Cert]
2S56X2009SA HP 80M1,315,1461,00851932.9 [Cert]
3SN2M2012SA HP 80M1,217,0551,00151925.0SP2XF[Cert]
4HA8A2015SA HP 80M1,137,52587852324.4HA8DZ[Cert]
59A3B2013SA HP 80M (T)1,115,00092650026.39A1AA[Cert]
6TM3Q2012SA HP 80M1,066,56081748020.6F6FYA[Cert]
7LY5R2016SA HP 80M1,045,84284951822.2 [Cert]
8LY7M2010SA HP 80M1,043,28991948125.9 [Cert]
9EU1UN2010SA HP 80M988,09789447323.2 [Cert]
10IV3SKB2015SA HP 80M932,63181649923.6 [Cert]
11EU4AA2015SA HP 80M917,08884649224.1 [Cert]
12II1H2010SA HP 80M910,86083247022.7I1HJT[Cert]
13HA3LI2012SA HP 80M (T)876,08082847024.3 [Cert]
14HA3LI2009SA HP 80M867,14185046127.3 [Cert]
15LY4U2008SA HP 80M849,93285643129.6 [Cert]
16LY7M2009SA HP 80M841,94082644525.4 [Cert]
17YQ5C2013SA HP 80M825,36080345624.3YO5OHO[Cert]
18S5660R2014SA HP 80M816,73274346323.8S56M[Cert]
19HA3LI2008SA HP 80M (T)809,34882442823.0 [Cert]
20HA3LI2010SA HP 80M (T)789,36081444026.9 [Cert]
21HA3LI2011SA HP 80M (T)780,06678945325.2 [Cert]
22HA3LI2013SA HP 80M (T)771,96975644723.3 [Cert]
23SO6C2015SA HP 80M746,99871145819.1SP6CIK[Cert]
24OH6MW2011SA HP 80M717,22073543625.4 [Cert]
254O2A2006SA HP 80M710,44777739120.0  
26EW8DX2016SA HP 80M696,39968244920.8 [Cert]
27SP1NY2008SA HP 80M695,41271341117.4 [Cert]
28UW5W2015SA HP 80M680,55965845120.3 [Cert]
29SP8BRQ2004SA HP 80M678,02464838721.6  
30EW8DJ2014SA HP 80M (T)666,50067943016.3 [Cert]
31E71A2011SA HP 80M (T)664,75964642117.7 [Cert]
32EW8DJ2013SA HP 80M (T)659,27770641720.1 [Cert]
33YO5PBF2012SA HP 80M656,43769240119.0 [Cert]
34YL3FX2012SA HP 80M630,37267740117.8 [Cert]
35SN8F2005SA HP 80M627,36169937122.0SP8FHK 
36YT6T2016SA HP 80M (T)624,72663541421.6YU7CM[Cert]
37YT8T2008SA HP 80M615,23073838523.3 [Cert]
38SP5ELA2011SA HP 80M612,53569640722.1 [Cert]
39IV3ZXQ2016SA HP 80M599,64962341115.7 [Cert]
40YL0A2002SA HP 80M593,89272635124.7YL2KA 
41OM3A1999SA HP 80M586,470674346OM3CGN 
42YT6T2009SA HP 80M573,80666137915.1YU7CM[Cert]
43S53V2013SA HP 80M (T)571,03266639619.2 [Cert]
44UT7E2012SA HP 80M565,38366739922.9UR5EFJ[Cert]
454L5O2011SA HP 80M545,21438726712.2 [Cert]
46OK1VD2012SA HP 80M540,75559139517.9 [Cert]
47UT2UB2010SA HP 80M536,87067637019.5 [Cert]
48UT5UGR2002SA HP 80M535,95469034624.6  
49SP4W2016SA HP 80M (T)534,29659240615.1 [Cert]
50SP5ELA2013SA HP 80M531,55262639231.5 [Cert]
51HA3LI2007SA HP 80M510,45463836122.4  
52S58WW2016SA HP 80M (T)499,69855939120.6 [Cert]
53DR7T2009SA HP 80M498,00663737918.3DL1HCM[Cert]
54HK1N2014SA HP 80M489,76637723319.6 [Cert]
55G3XTT2011SA HP 80M (T)488,30057638012.9 [Cert]
56S59A2009SA HP 80M481,82258236210.8 [Cert]
57LY8O2007SA HP 80M476,97361633920.5  
58Z32AF2003SA HP 80M476,682614318  
59EA5FID2004SA HP 80M468,83249532213.8  
60RA3M2011SA HP 80M444,80854836431.7 [Cert]
61UX1VT2013SA HP 80M441,49058437117.8  
62SP3GTS2015SA HP 80M436,81050636111.8 [Cert]
63RT3M2010SA HP 80M432,48059534021.4 [Cert]
64IZ1GAR2006SA HP 80M428,80055433528.7  
65YT6T2011SA HP 80M (T)407,16053834817.9YU7CM[Cert]
66UT7E2013SA HP 80M406,33051635813.6UW5EGC[Cert]
67HB9FBS2010SA HP 80M406,14451733416.0 [Cert]
684O4C1997SA HP 80M397,290646285YU4AU 
69I1NVU2005SA HP 80M388,74048031020.6  
70UX1VT2011SA HP 80M376,29052433318.6 [Cert]
71RA3M2012SA HP 80M372,38553233718.7 [Cert]
72RU9WX2007SA HP 80M369,30432521233.4  
73RA4WC2012SA HP 80M365,37850233829.0 [Cert]
74VE3CX2015SA HP 80M364,32040523015.7 [Cert]
75R6CC2016SA HP 80M358,68046436616.4 [Cert]
76RQ7M2011SA HP 80M350,12447932613.2 [Cert]
77DL1FDV1996SA HP 80M334,642555287  
78HK3O2011SA HP 80M330,47229620221.5 [Cert]
79YT6T2014SA HP 80M (T)328,68049233215.2YU7CM[Cert]
80OZ1IKY2012SA HP 80M308,05044830511.0 [Cert]
81SP3GTS2013SA HP 80M292,4954413059.5 [Cert]
82YU0A2014SA HP 80M (T)291,00643031712.2 [Cert]
83RA3M2013SA HP 80M290,15144130917.6 [Cert]
84EW8EW2010SA HP 80M279,3144562819.1 [Cert]
85W1WMU2015SA HP 80M259,45534224515.3 [Cert]
86EA3AKA2016SA HP 80M229,53735927118.3 [Cert]
87IV3CTS2014SA HP 80M (T)229,08637628615.1 [Cert]
88DL4FAY2006SA HP 80M216,10647124216.2  
89DF9LJ2009SA HP 80M214,5783582738.7 [Cert]
90RA3FD2011SA HP 80M212,79935726714.2 [Cert]
91IR4C2011SA HP 80M203,01635926413.8I3MU[Cert]
92RT2D2015SA HP 80M198,45035227015.1 [Cert]
93UT8EU2014SA HP 80M (T)191,9703372709.7 [Cert]
94W4PK2010SA HP 80M177,94624319310.4 [Cert]
95OK1DX2015SA HP 80M176,0562932365.0 [Cert]
96LY7M2011SA HP 80M171,7083162467.5 [Cert]
97YU1BFG2015SA HP 80M158,1553022354.2YU8A[Cert]
98K0RF2013SA HP 80M156,30640721821.4 [Cert]
99E73QI2013SA HP 80M148,9343092269.4 [Cert]
100G3TXF2013SA HP 80M147,9412532395.9 [Cert]



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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