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1PR3A2014SA LP 10M2,303,2381,21965127.4PY3OZ[Cert]
2PR3A2012SA LP 10M1,854,7361,07959229.2PY3OZ[Cert]
3LU3EHR2013SA LP 10M1,555,4881,03852824.8 [Cert]
4YV1KK2015SA LP 10M1,462,99397351125.6 [Cert]
5LZ4T2014SA LP 10M1,243,2881,21166734.6LZ4TL[Cert]
6PJ4G2013SA LP 10M1,211,3921,01441629.4NA2AA[Cert]
7LO5D2013SA LP 10M1,171,10085647828.1LU8EOT[Cert]
8UU7J2012SA LP 10M1,009,3751,03462535.0UU1AZ[Cert]
9CW4MAX2014SA LP 10M954,27071546124.6CX2DK[Cert]
10ZW8T2015SA LP 10M932,03072745820.0PS8BR[Cert]
11PY1MX2013SA LP 10M657,02061738023.3 [Cert]
12I0UZF2014SA LP 10M653,94086751932.5 [Cert]
13PY3XX2013SA LP 10M615,21566035527.6 [Cert]
14UN9GD2016SA LP 10M612,92759242321.6 [Cert]
155W1SA2015SA LP 10M (T)502,33557030518.9 [Cert]
16PY2XC2015SA LP 10M449,93949732316.6 [Cert]
17PX1M2014SA LP 10M433,27546732718.2PY1MK[Cert]
18YP8T2012SA LP 10M429,13465443723.5YO8TTT[Cert]
19HA3DX2014SA LP 10M405,65765542313.5HA3UU[Cert]
20SV0XBZ/92011SA LP 10M401,30576441530.8YL2VW[Cert]
21YU1QW2001SA LP 10M366,41750936923.3  
22DH8BQA2012SA LP 10M350,72155739932.2 [Cert]
23F8AKC2008SA LP 10M335,12574238327.0 [Cert]
24Z39A2014SA LP 10M (T)298,24255637816.3 [Cert]
25RU6AV2014SA LP 10M296,60848336823.8 [Cert]
264N1SM2000SA LP 10M280,029499347  
27PD1DX2015SA LP 10M277,10548635323.1 [Cert]
28S53V2015SA LP 10M (T)256,74343433323.7 [Cert]
299A2U2005SA LP 10M250,36856632625.39A3ZA 
30IT9RZU2015SA LP 10M (T)246,01257233217.7 [Cert]
31BD7NWF2012SA LP 10M240,25542728117.5 [Cert]
32HG0R2011SA LP 10M220,01148933918.4HA0NAR[Cert]
339A2U2007SA LP 10M215,24354931720.29A3ZA 
34PY3CAL2015SA LP 10M211,99230724216.7  
35R3DCX2016SA LP 10M202,99550534712.2 [Cert]
36ZW1M2015SA LP 10M202,19429823917.7PY1MK[Cert]
379A7P1999SA LP 10M187,616422286  
38ES1GF2008SA LP 10M187,50058230017.8 [Cert]
39YO3FRI2014SA LP 10M186,60040530016.1 [Cert]
40DH8BQA2011SA LP 10M (T)182,97049132129.0 [Cert]
41RA6YDX2007SA LP 10M175,28052628025.1  
42UR2VA2010SA LP 10M173,12141129927.2 [Cert]
43YO3GLH2012SA LP 10M170,18139429725.5 [Cert]
44UR5LO2010SA LP 10M169,44344028119.2 [Cert]
45UR3CMA2016SA LP 10M163,09845030614.9 [Cert]
46EF5R2014SA LP 10M (T)161,10046530010.0EA5BWR[Cert]
47UA6AK2010SA LP 10M148,60843625821.9 [Cert]
48UA6LCN2011SA LP 10M143,91034927018.6 [Cert]
49UR5LO2009SA LP 10M138,38139523921.3 [Cert]
50I0UZF2013SA LP 10M133,27829522926.4 [Cert]
51F4FDA2011SA LP 10M119,59535525522.7 [Cert]
52LT4D2013SA LP 10M119,3932341794.3LW6DW 
53RA6YDX2008SA LP 10M114,10335225320.7 [Cert]
54ZM3T2014SA LP 10M (T)109,86924615917.5W3SE[Cert]
55DH8BQA2009SA LP 10M109,68037024024.0 [Cert]
56UT2IV2012SA LP 10M103,73929222723.6 [Cert]
57SV9/YL2VW2010SA LP 10M101,32237223426.1 [Cert]
58LU2AYB2013SA LP 10M101,10024515015.4 [Cert]
59EI4CF2012SA LP 10M98,78026722012.9 [Cert]
60PY2WB2011SA LP 10M98,31020717412.2 [Cert]
61JG1AVO2015SA LP 10M97,90928319727.0 [Cert]
62DL2SWN2010SA LP 10M95,06433123317.7 [Cert]
63PF6WW2010SA LP 10M95,04035824014.9 [Cert]
64YU8NU2012SA LP 10M93,78631623121.0 [Cert]
65HG8C2014SA LP 10M93,4622712228.0HA8EK[Cert]
66G4FJK2014SA LP 10M89,67528621124.9 [Cert]
67KP2BH2012SA LP 10M84,83021317020.6 [Cert]
68UT2IV2011SA LP 10M84,71027821521.6 [Cert]
69YU1FG2012SA LP 10M (T)81,39624220433.2 [Cert]
70RK2FXG2008SA LP 10M (R)80,03630721414.3RUSLAN[Cert]
71RN4AO2010SA LP 10M79,83830420918.6 [Cert]
72PY2XC2012SA LP 10M73,6471821475.7 [Cert]
73UW3L2013SA LP 10M73,04020816620.4  
74PP5AX2012SA LP 10M70,70417614411.7 [Cert]
75ED7C2012SA LP 10M70,64119616716.4EA7KJ[Cert]
76SP8GQU2015SA LP 10M69,42018917813.3  
77RZ9CJ2009SA LP 10M69,06821312431.9 [Cert]
78YO7FB2016SA LP 10M67,6892912078.8  
79ER2RM2011SA LP 10M (R)66,73224920120.8 [Cert]
80LW5HBR2011SA LP 10M64,18617513412.0 [Cert]
81HA5OO2011SA LP 10M63,83224320215.5 [Cert]
82YO8WW2011SA LP 10M60,3842832045.9 [Cert]
83YO5PBW2014SA LP 10M59,24823218411.7 [Cert]
84HI3LFE2013SA LP 10M (T)58,82620113410.2 [Cert]
85RU6YY2010SA LP 10M58,56022118318.1 [Cert]
86PY2BK2013SA LP 10M57,0231721276.2 [Cert]
87ED7D2011SA LP 10M56,67221517614.0EA7KJ[Cert]
88UA9AB2016SA LP 10M56,59216314412.8 [Cert]
89RA9AC2008SA LP 10M54,23417313811.9 [Cert]
90YU0U2010SA LP 10M53,5802631888.6 [Cert]
91YO3JW2007SA LP 10M53,30024916414.7  
92UV7E2014SA LP 10M51,56821017620.7 [Cert]
93ZL2YL2014SA LP 10M51,5201571125.1 [Cert]
94OM2VL2008SA LP 10M47,88223517816.9 [Cert]
95PR7AB2012SA LP 10M43,3351431073.9 [Cert]
96UA9R2011SA LP 10M43,32015212010.3 [Cert]
97PY1NSC2014SA LP 10M43,18814112212.5 [Cert]
98LU3CW2014SA LP 10M42,9461441096.2 [Cert]
99SP5XO2009SA LP 10M42,63221514617.5 [Cert]
100G4BVY2014SA LP 10M42,04220315411.0 [Cert]



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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