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1MW0EDX2014SA LP 15M (T)3,437,2781,83994934.3 [Cert]
2PR3A2013SA LP 15M3,047,4241,41174432.1PY3OZ[Cert]
3YT2B2012SA LP 15M (T)2,721,0201,49390125.4 [Cert]
4HG5D2014SA LP 15M2,539,6531,52583935.7HA8QZ[Cert]
5UX1AA2014SA LP 15M2,233,0881,32383235.3 [Cert]
6YU2FG2015SA LP 15M2,171,5861,32081735.6 [Cert]
7E74A2014SA LP 15M1,852,3121,18577635.7 [Cert]
8PY9MM2012SA LP 15M1,779,99699463331.0 [Cert]
9EF8C2016SA LP 15M (T)1,743,74899360431.8EA8DDM[Cert]
10RD0W2015SA LP 15M1,623,39898964628.8RA0W[Cert]
11YT4B2015SA LP 15M1,312,71097165834.5YT5M[Cert]
12BH8BJO2014SA LP 15M1,292,14798559330.4 [Cert]
13SP3POZ2012SA LP 15M1,245,74094862635.8SP3PL[Cert]
14JA2KVB2015SA LP 15M (T)1,168,39877759431.6 [Cert]
15W2AW2014SA LP 15M1,157,98882057128.3N2GM[Cert]
16UK8AR2011SA LP 15M1,094,46089051030.6 [Cert]
17UU1AZ2010SA LP 15M1,082,6401,23362431.3 [Cert]
18UR6EA2016SA LP 15M973,70091965036.0 [Cert]
19EA3AJW1999SA LP 15M962,802913534  
20Z33F2012SA LP 15M940,20091860028.1 [Cert]
21SP1NQN2016SA LP 15M933,66094658519.3 [Cert]
22PX4X2013SA LP 15M (T)909,63270246632.7PY4XX[Cert]
23YT5N2012SA LP 15M908,60081455022.7YU7AF[Cert]
24UN8GV2011SA LP 15M (T)907,09277045430.8 [Cert]
255W1SA2016SA LP 15M (T)869,82775939718.8 [Cert]
26OM8DD2012SA LP 15M862,68074852032.0 [Cert]
27S56A2016SA LP 15M854,46482063234.7 [Cert]
28JR1BTG2012SA LP 15M854,38867348622.7 [Cert]
29G4BYG2014SA LP 15M836,05572956326.2 [Cert]
307N2JZT/12014SA LP 15M783,85262949828.5 [Cert]
319V50XX2015SA LP 15M769,57170247318.49V1XX[Cert]
32UX1AA2012SA LP 15M768,66070055717.1 [Cert]
33YT8T2011SA LP 15M766,80083556830.9 [Cert]
34BD8SZ2015SA LP 15M764,2186854429.4 [Cert]
35LZ4AE2012SA LP 15M758,94071054626.3 [Cert]
36YO3KIA2012SA LP 15M737,12077854227.0 [Cert]
37OH7CW2012SA LP 15M736,86266951129.2 [Cert]
38IK8TEO2012SA LP 15M709,08070957018.6 [Cert]
39PT4T2012SA LP 15M682,08055643525.8PY4XX[Cert]
40LZ2HA2012SA LP 15M674,17476452128.3 [Cert]
41EA8AVK2013SA LP 15M665,45657539813.4 [Cert]
42RT7F2012SA LP 15M644,56863850218.2 [Cert]
43R7CT2015SA LP 15M636,84063548823.2 [Cert]
44RU4SO2015SA LP 15M (T)600,69266552619.3 [Cert]
45JA1BPA2013SA LP 15M (T)551,97854244321.2 [Cert]
46EA1OS2012SA LP 15M (T)541,09658447826.0 [Cert]
47RC8I2010SA LP 15M539,39258439223.4RZ9HG[Cert]
483G3A2011SA LP 15M (T)527,06050936513.5XQ4CW[Cert]
49NS1L/42012SA LP 15M (T)507,96051441525.7 [Cert]
50BA1AI2012SA LP 15M (T)504,10856240227.3 [Cert]
51R7MM2015SA LP 15M498,65154046312.0 [Cert]
52IT9CLN2014SA LP 15M (R)496,79961346332.7 [Cert]
53YU1AHW2015SA LP 15M496,65061146232.1YT2EA[Cert]
54HG3IPA2012SA LP 15M492,63357943136.0HA3JB[Cert]
55F1EBN2015SA LP 15M484,63251942424.1 [Cert]
56HB9EUY2013SA LP 15M (R)463,25054842529.2 [Cert]
57UK8AR2010SA LP 15M460,36055234024.5 [Cert]
58R9MC2011SA LP 15M456,00056837518.4 [Cert]
59PY4XX2011SA LP 15M442,46445035228.5 [Cert]
60RT3D2012SA LP 15M441,37854643429.6 [Cert]
61R150M2007SA LP 15M (T)437,82579141531.3RA6YY 
627K4QOK2015SA LP 15M436,94646539421.1 [Cert]
63YT4B2016SA LP 15M434,11263145629.1YT5M[Cert]
64JG3FEA2012SA LP 15M427,51242237630.4 [Cert]
65W6BSY1999SA LP 15M419,862510381  
66CT7AEQ2014SA LP 15M417,84653442921.7 [Cert]
67UR6IJ2012SA LP 15M415,16849741621.8 [Cert]
68HG8C2015SA LP 15M411,20050340019.9 [Cert]
69JG3FEA2015SA LP 15M410,67340736728.9 [Cert]
70UA9UKL2015SA LP 15M406,12544437529.1 [Cert]
71YU5W2005SA LP 15M405,85861639125.6YU1QW 
72US0HZ2015SA LP 15M403,80650940320.3 [Cert]
73RU5TT2013SA LP 15M400,23254139225.5UA3TW[Cert]
744L6QC2010SA LP 15M398,7024793119.8 [Cert]
75PR7AR2016SA LP 15M (T)395,20045132016.8 [Cert]
76R7CT2016SA LP 15M381,88855243220.0 [Cert]
77PY4FQ2013SA LP 15M375,85841731415.7 [Cert]
78BD8SZ2013SA LP 15M375,80156934724.6 [Cert]
799A50CBM2016SA LP 15M (T)372,12058142024.49A5ST[Cert]
80UA9AFS2016SA LP 15M367,42541834528.2 [Cert]
81EA3VN2015SA LP 15M362,61952238723.5 [Cert]
82UA9AFS2014SA LP 15M350,88941034128.2 [Cert]
83IT9ORA2011SA LP 15M (T)349,20059838816.5 [Cert]
84UA1OOX2015SA LP 15M343,92648538627.9 [Cert]
85YO5LD2012SA LP 15M (R)341,43244336417.6 [Cert]
86UF8T2015SA LP 15M340,44239532310.8 [Cert]
87YT5N2014SA LP 15M330,37544537518.1  
88RZ9UMA2011SA LP 15M (R)329,64048532821.5 [Cert]
89R2SA2012SA LP 15M (T)325,16747538333.5 [Cert]
90UN4PG2006SA LP 15M324,90042530016.8  
91RT8O2014SA LP 15M322,38938131715.7 [Cert]
92RT0W2014SA LP 15M (T)321,98043234021.5RT0W[Cert]
93W6HGF/42012SA LP 15M320,28040334028.2 [Cert]
949V1XX2016SA LP 15M314,77643030810.4 [Cert]
95EA3VN2012SA LP 15M305,25041733026.0 [Cert]
96DH8BQA2010SA LP 15M (T)301,82461938429.2 [Cert]
979A3TY2014SA LP 15M300,92743836317.5 [Cert]
98YO3ND2013SA LP 15M299,96841234418.9 [Cert]
99R8XF2015SA LP 15M290,67549438513.6 [Cert]
100RU0A2015SA LP 15M284,6483522995.2  



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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