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1PY2SEX2011SA LP 40M3,103,78686662327.8 [Cert]
24L6QC2009SA LP 40M2,910,69695655233.9 [Cert]
3YT8A2011SA LP 40M2,687,1301,36673035.5YU1EA[Cert]
4EI6DX2016SA LP 40M2,471,7301,20570533.7 [Cert]
5YU6DX2009SA LP 40M2,466,4201,30266036.0 [Cert]
6S56A2014SA LP 40M2,391,0741,11770731.9 [Cert]
7PY1KS2015SA LP 40M2,365,84574454530.3 [Cert]
8YU9DX2008SA LP 40M2,351,2321,31462835.5 [Cert]
9UX4U2011SA LP 40M2,220,3301,19167929.6US7UX[Cert]
10YU2A2013SA LP 40M (T)2,137,8781,15965735.6 [Cert]
119A3JH2015SA LP 40M2,046,1951,02265933.2 [Cert]
12YT2AAA2013SA LP 40M (T)2,033,7521,16664432.6 [Cert]
13M6W2015SA LP 40M (T)2,018,0161,10363735.9G3WW[Cert]
14YQ5Q2012SA LP 40M1,938,2441,12863835.8YO5OHO[Cert]
154N1FG2007SA LP 40M1,880,0131,09957335.9  
16DK8ZZ2013SA LP 40M (T)1,869,1561,21064135.5 [Cert]
17DK2FG2015SA LP 40M1,864,97099465929.4 [Cert]
18DK8ZZ2012SA LP 40M (T)1,834,1641,14962932.5 [Cert]
19M5E2011SA LP 40M (T)1,765,0561,01863434.8G0CKV[Cert]
20OK2BFN2015SA LP 40M1,737,99593363525.2 [Cert]
21YO4NF2016SA LP 40M1,729,65099265030.7 [Cert]
22UA3MIF2015SA LP 40M1,695,57694663622.7 [Cert]
23YZ1V2005SA LP 40M1,624,9161,04354235.8YT1HA 
24M5E2010SA LP 40M (T)1,621,0691,04857135.7G0CKV[Cert]
25YT5CT2015SA LP 40M1,600,46387560124.3 [Cert]
26YQ5Q2011SA LP 40M1,576,1941,07759335.9YO5OHO[Cert]
27OK3R2011SA LP 40M1,537,29087758935.9OK1DVM[Cert]
28ER6A2011SA LP 40M1,518,5751,04357526.0ER1LW[Cert]
29YZ1V2004SA LP 40M1,516,2001,06352535.94N1FAN 
30HG8K2009SA LP 40M1,504,75294755227.9 [Cert]
31UR5LAM2015SA LP 40M (T)1,469,34495658429.0 [Cert]
329A4MX2015SA LP 40M (T)1,452,67280157622.0DJ2MX[Cert]
33UN9LU2012SA LP 40M1,450,10463442620.7 [Cert]
34UR5LAM2016SA LP 40M (T)1,445,30087559621.7 [Cert]
35YU2A2015SA LP 40M (T)1,419,29287758619.7 [Cert]
36YO2NAA2015SA LP 40M (T)1,377,47083856522.3 [Cert]
37HA6FQ2015SA LP 40M1,369,83090159329.9 [Cert]
38EU1U2016SA LP 40M1,353,72081858033.9 [Cert]
39DF1LX2014SA LP 40M (T)1,320,77582757524.1 [Cert]
40YT8T2012SA LP 40M1,304,78887754830.8 [Cert]
41OK1UG2013SA LP 40M1,298,21294754831.0 [Cert]
42C6AWL2011SA LP 40M1,262,77863841816.5 [Cert]
43PA4AO2009SA LP 40M1,222,29285751426.1 [Cert]
44OK1AY2015SA LP 40M1,215,27962861118.7 [Cert]
45VA3DF2015SA LP 40M1,199,87060242718.9 [Cert]
46S52ZW2001SA LP 40M1,184,84692945835.8  
47UA3QPA2016SA LP 40M1,170,40076356028.0 [Cert]
48LZ1DNY2012SA LP 40M1,141,87580252530.8 [Cert]
49GQ1N2012SA LP 40M (T)1,118,43075651026.2G3MZV[Cert]
509A1AA2015SA LP 40M (T)1,107,57477453333.1 [Cert]
51OK1UG2011SA LP 40M1,085,56878652832.5 [Cert]
52G1N2015SA LP 40M (T)1,078,92573751531.1G3MZV[Cert]
53RZ9AN2015SA LP 40M1,033,69548940318.8 [Cert]
54YL2BJ2016SA LP 40M977,39669952121.0 [Cert]
55UA3MIF2013SA LP 40M952,50473451120.7 [Cert]
56LY2KZ2009SA LP 40M941,78782645328.9 [Cert]
57YT2B2011SA LP 40M (T)932,79071346513.2 [Cert]
58OK1AY2014SA LP 40M912,89668551215.9 [Cert]
59ON9CKW2005SA LP 40M900,04266742919.5  
60Z33F2013SA LP 40M894,85272946920.0 [Cert]
61SP3A2015SA LP 40M838,56665947719.4 [Cert]
62EW8OF2015SA LP 40M816,39869447328.7 [Cert]
63OK1UG2010SA LP 40M811,63271144434.3 [Cert]
64TA7I2013SA LP 40M762,89545230715.9 [Cert]
65SP3GTS2011SA LP 40M746,15865044627.3 [Cert]
66ES5RY2006SA LP 40M734,24061841618.8  
67EU1AZ2010SA LP 40M (T)719,46866642827.8 [Cert]
68G1N2014SA LP 40M (T)694,38059642626.1G3MZV[Cert]
69RV6LCI2015SA LP 40M (T)693,44057444018.8 [Cert]
70YO9AGI2010SA LP 40M680,40067640524.5 [Cert]
71DF8AE2012SA LP 40M680,20868744414.8 [Cert]
72DL6UAA2006SA LP 40M (T)668,15271237619.8  
73WA1FCN/42014SA LP 40M668,13662138823.9 [Cert]
74LY1C2008SA LP 40M650,49462539430.8 [Cert]
75YO4DW2013SA LP 40M624,87061339317.2 [Cert]
76F/E72T2016SA LP 40M621,20049540017.8 [Cert]
77IZ1HIV2006SA LP 40M (R)611,62565437530.5  
78IK3UNA/12011SA LP 40M608,00570439119.4 [Cert]
79SP3A2016SA LP 40M588,52849040214.7 [Cert]
80YT1HA2010SA LP 40M570,77859237713.7 [Cert]
814N1A1998SA LP 40M561,132625327YZ1DRA 
82VE3UTT2016SA LP 40M550,55139530310.9 [Cert]
83M0HDF2016SA LP 40M (T)533,13046839013.0 [Cert]
84SQ5LTL2015SA LP 40M528,30652838223.0 [Cert]
85RW4LR2015SA LP 40M525,15949138719.8 [Cert]
86UT8AS2010SA LP 40M518,25655736621.6 [Cert]
87AB1J2012SA LP 40M (T)497,53648133825.7 [Cert]
88ED4T2016SA LP 40M (T)488,80841737212.6EA4CWN[Cert]
89IV3WJP2010SA LP 40M478,68653136122.2 [Cert]
90YO5PQQ2016SA LP 40M476,39255436226.2 [Cert]
91SP7LIE2013SA LP 40M475,39253238420.5 [Cert]
92DF8AE2015SA LP 40M463,43056438311.3 [Cert]
93OK1AY2016SA LP 40M463,08043040816.8 [Cert]
94LY1M2013SA LP 40M462,42054336714.1 [Cert]
95G6M2016SA LP 40M (T)457,42452636815.8G4BYG[Cert]
96EI4CF2015SA LP 40M449,39445536319.9 [Cert]
97LZ1QV2015SA LP 40M443,84641939713.0 [Cert]
98HG2W2010SA LP 40M427,65351633714.3 [Cert]
99IZ8GCB2006SA LP 40M407,36346631911.3  
100LZ1QV2010SA LP 40M387,89147432916.4 [Cert]



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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