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1SN7O2015SPSA LP 80M705,03472043921.5SP7IVO[Cert]
2RG5A2016UA-3SA LP 80M697,49369446120.0 [Cert]
3E74R2016E7SA LP 80M678,18065244520.4 [Cert]
4OL4W2016OKSA LP 80M646,84568943519.4OK1IF[Cert]
5LY3B2016LYSA LP 80M645,76966343919.1 [Cert]
6E77AW2016E7SA LP 80M (T)632,05567243523.5 [Cert]
79A3R20129ASA LP 80M631,35066041420.9 [Cert]
8E74WN2013E7SA LP 80M607,33866241423.9 [Cert]
9LY7Z2012LYSA LP 80M575,94368739118.2LY2TA[Cert]
10S56CW2012S5SA LP 80M573,46364940723.9 [Cert]
118S0DX2013SMSA LP 80M520,89961640121.6SM0DSG[Cert]
12Z32AF2004Z3SA LP 80M517,21861634920.3  
13S53N2012S5SA LP 80M (T)472,14459436824.7S58G[Cert]
14SP4GL2015SPSA LP 80M (T)468,02655638317.3 [Cert]
15UR3LPM2011URSA LP 80M414,42252935318.2 [Cert]
16S51W2016S5SA LP 80M401,10050435014.0 [Cert]
17LY3CW2010LYSA LP 80M399,50054534019.1 [Cert]
18YO5LD2014YOSA LP 80M (T)383,78251834720.0 [Cert]
19UT3L2011URSA LP 80M381,03650533918.8 [Cert]
20YT1WA2015YUSA LP 80M374,85053335019.6 [Cert]
21YO5LD2015YOSA LP 80M (T)361,20050634418.0 [Cert]
22S50P2014S5SA LP 80M334,30447533713.6 [Cert]
23LY1G2011LYSA LP 80M329,83245932418.9 [Cert]
24SP6EIY2010SPSA LP 80M327,81649131419.6 [Cert]
25SQ1DWR2009SPSA LP 80M290,16947429713.9 [Cert]
26YU7YZ2015YUSA LP 80M287,67243830822.7 [Cert]
27RU4CS2012UA-4SA LP 80M269,08241330224.5 [Cert]
28LY5Q2016LYSA LP 80M255,91035131410.9 [Cert]
29YO8DOH2015YOSA LP 80M253,15241529314.4 [Cert]
30DL7URH2015DLSA LP 80M248,1603982829.5 [Cert]
31F6FJE2006FSA LP 80M235,53843326222.2  
32UT3L2010URSA LP 80M232,20041227012.8 [Cert]
33YU0U2016YUSA LP 80M231,29540827710.5 [Cert]
34UX1VT2014URSA LP 80M210,87038427012.4 [Cert]
35HG0R2013HASA LP 80M196,2823602517.8HA0NAR[Cert]
36LZ2SC2011LZSA LP 80M196,09133125710.9 [Cert]
37OM6TY2014OMSA LP 80M189,48435125412.2 [Cert]
38G3VDB2016GSA LP 80M (T)187,1373252619.8 [Cert]
39UR5IHQ2011URSA LP 80M182,28033524516.6 [Cert]
40SM6NJK2010SMSA LP 80M180,56535724511.0 [Cert]
41K2XR/32016W3SA LP 80M173,94030322314.1 [Cert]
42SN5J2013SPSA LP 80M172,60233825817.9SP5JXK[Cert]
43RA7Y2013UA-6SA LP 80M (T)167,89432325414.3 [Cert]
44UN9LU2015UNSA LP 80M165,5461901538.7 [Cert]
45OK1IBP2010OKSA LP 80M163,9543342398.3 [Cert]
46RA7Y2012UA-6SA LP 80M (T)161,21032224517.5 [Cert]
47R6YY2012UA-6SA LP 80M158,36430324913.3 [Cert]
48YU1KT2016YUSA LP 80M156,9803122357.1 [Cert]
49EA3NN2016EASA LP 80M156,21028724610.0 [Cert]
50UT3L2014URSA LP 80M147,20029923012.6UR5LO 
51UR9QQ2011URSA LP 80M144,84129424114.7 [Cert]
52YU1WC2005YUSA LP 80M143,48030221111.9  
53RA7Y2011UA-6SA LP 80M (T)133,02128421711.1 [Cert]
54DL7URH2013DLSA LP 80M (T)132,6602892206.9 [Cert]
55UN9LU2011UNSA LP 80M130,65017515020.4 [Cert]
56UR5IHQ2013URSA LP 80M127,7582842149.2 [Cert]
57UR5IHQ2010URSA LP 80M116,03227819611.5 [Cert]
58ES0DJ2016ESSA LP 80M115,7102582037.0 [Cert]
59UR5IHQ2016URSA LP 80M112,06426220613.4 [Cert]
60UR5IHQ2012URSA LP 80M110,44526119912.0 [Cert]
61R3KQ2016UA-3SA LP 80M109,0112452036.5 [Cert]
62RA0WU2011RA0SA LP 80M (T)100,7761621369.3 [Cert]
63IZ8GCB2008ISA LP 80M94,2482331877.5 [Cert]
64YO9RIJ2014YOSA LP 80M91,99926119716.3 [Cert]
65RO1B2011UA-1SA LP 80M (T)90,90922618924.2 [Cert]
66W8AEF/72011W7SA LP 80M (T)89,25027317520.5 [Cert]
67UR5IHQ2014URSA LP 80M85,37422018612.8 [Cert]
68OK1KT2003OKSA LP 80M78,3522261668.8  
69EA3AKA2012EASA LP 80M (T)73,25520316116.5 [Cert]
70SM6NJK2011SMSA LP 80M72,9282061726.4 [Cert]
71AB1J2016W1SA LP 80M (T)71,74921015716.2 [Cert]
72UX6VA2009URSA LP 80M67,39620816624.6 [Cert]
73UR5IHQ2009URSA LP 80M66,41121415710.1 [Cert]
74HF100HP2010SPSA LP 80M60,4652021454.4 [Cert]
75DL3VZL2016DLSA LP 80M56,9801961547.4  
76DL7UIO2015DLSA LP 80M53,39718115311.2 [Cert]
77DL7UIO2012DLSA LP 80M52,20619015412.6 [Cert]
78YO9OC2011YOSA LP 80M48,0601491359.5 [Cert]
79UR8IDX2009URSA LP 80M44,2981631383.5 [Cert]
80W8AEF/72010W7SA LP 80M (T)44,25019012514.2 [Cert]
81UR6IJ2008URSA LP 80M38,8081481266.8 [Cert]
82DF1HF2008DLSA LP 80M31,0751291137.9 [Cert]
83JM1NKT2010JA1SA LP 80M (T)30,515119859.6 [Cert]
84IK0TUM2012ISA LP 80M30,2451241155.5 [Cert]
85M7T2015GSA LP 80M29,3671201172.3G3YYD[Cert]
86YL2PA2014YLSA LP 80M29,2111181075.1  
879A2GA20139ASA LP 80M (T)27,8301201106.3 [Cert]
88RA4HO2009UA-4SA LP 80M27,60613210711.6 [Cert]
89HH2/PY1ZV2011HHSA LP 80M (T)23,6281096610.5 [Cert]
90EU2EU2013EUSA LP 80M20,646103936.4 [Cert]
91JG1LFR2013JA1SA LP 80M19,8291107913.2 [Cert]
92YT1HA2006YUSA LP 80M19,4121019225.9  
93RU3UW2008UA-3SA LP 80M11,81482663.8 [Cert]
94PC600P2010PASA LP 80M (T)11,32377672.1PA0MIR[Cert]
95PU2MZI2010PYSA LP 80M10,92754495.9 [Cert]
96RW1CM2014UA-1SA LP 80M10,43982731.9  
97UR6QR2009URSA LP 80M10,08082704.4 [Cert]
98KY6AA/92016W9SA LP 80M7,87470629.6 [Cert]
99W6NS2016W6SA LP 80M (T)5,05056505.7 [Cert]
100JE1LPZ2016JA1SA LP 80M4,24043405.8 [Cert]



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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