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1RQ9A2016SA QRP ALL3,742,2161,47971835.9UA9BA 
2OK2FD2016SA QRP ALL2,164,9091,50171935.6 [Cert]
3RA3AN2015SA QRP ALL2,059,5961,43074334.5 [Cert]
4RA3AN2016SA QRP ALL1,927,4721,54971635.7 [Cert]
5F/E72T2015SA QRP ALL1,919,8201,10865336.0E72T[Cert]
6OU2M2015SA QRP ALL (T)1,813,0321,27967636.0DK3WE[Cert]
7DM2M2016SA QRP ALL (T)1,803,6001,41066835.6DK3WE[Cert]
8OK3C2013SA QRP ALL1,700,7281,30466835.9OK2ZC[Cert]
9RA3AN2014SA QRP ALL1,461,6621,17565931.9 [Cert]
10OK6RA2013SA QRP ALL (T)1,437,8301,08459035.1 [Cert]
11OU2M2014SA QRP ALL (T)1,382,8761,10858335.9DK3WE[Cert]
12VE3KI2016SA QRP ALL (T)1,354,08088649625.2 [Cert]
13ON6NL2016SA QRP ALL (T)1,172,1601,08359228.0 [Cert]
14OU2M2013SA QRP ALL (T)980,31687252234.4DK3WE[Cert]
15DL4SDW2016SA QRP ALL947,17587851931.8 [Cert]
16N3CZ/42015SA QRP ALL (T)946,36075447220.8 [Cert]
17LZ113RF2016SA QRP ALL874,6531,16154725.5LZ1YE[Cert]
18SD0T2015SA QRP ALL (T)858,64883753235.8SM0THU[Cert]
19RZ3QS2014SA QRP ALL813,39295846435.1 [Cert]
20HG6C2013SA QRP ALL725,35078444532.4HA6IAM[Cert]
21KE8M2015SA QRP ALL713,21061336529.9 [Cert]
22YU1LM2015SA QRP ALL668,67074746536.0 [Cert]
23HA6PJ2013SA QRP ALL619,08076340233.5 [Cert]
24KE8M2014SA QRP ALL584,60055637030.5 [Cert]
25UT3EK2016SA QRP ALL551,26074543031.7 [Cert]
26US2IZ2016SA QRP ALL546,00076040028.1 [Cert]
27SP6GCU2016SA QRP ALL544,74078842019.5 [Cert]
28NE5LL2015SA QRP ALL529,62059039024.6N1CC[Cert]
29E77TA2013SA QRP ALL (T)496,51263538423.2 [Cert]
30UX1UX2013SA QRP ALL460,04758939921.4 [Cert]
31KM6Z2014SA QRP ALL (T)439,17659634833.8  
32SD0T2014SA QRP ALL423,52265141435.5SM0THU[Cert]
33W4QO2013SA QRP ALL408,91854832315.3 [Cert]
34SM0THU2013SA QRP ALL395,78064638535.2 [Cert]
35UR5FCM2014SA QRP ALL387,73956734935.1 [Cert]
36US2IZ2015SA QRP ALL373,47459235321.4 [Cert]
37UR5FCM2013SA QRP ALL358,83250732828.3 [Cert]
38SM0LPO2016SA QRP ALL (T)290,03449439324.9 [Cert]
39HA6PJ2014SA QRP ALL286,05451831425.3 [Cert]
40BD3MH2014SA QRP ALL283,18546627931.9 [Cert]
41RL3DZ2014SA QRP ALL282,05145333314.1 [Cert]
42DJ1YFK2016SA QRP ALL281,18456634815.0 [Cert]
43RU0LAX2015SA QRP ALL264,60036327018.7 [Cert]
44RD3ARU2015SA QRP ALL257,86644332619.8 [Cert]
45N3WD2014SA QRP ALL (T)250,32037928016.8 [Cert]
46RZ3QS2016SA QRP ALL249,63651729323.9 [Cert]
47NA1DX/32014SA QRP ALL (T)245,50432127417.9 [Cert]
48JK1TCV2015SA QRP ALL242,00036327527.3 [Cert]
49RD3ARU2014SA QRP ALL232,15548831525.0 [Cert]
50NE5LL2016SA QRP ALL206,91042928526.5N1CC[Cert]
51SG5W2015SA QRP ALL194,67036027014.4SM5IMO[Cert]
52BG8SRQ2014SA QRP ALL (T)184,87532225523.3 [Cert]
53DJ0MY2015SA QRP ALL183,42532327510.9 [Cert]
54R7FO2014SA QRP ALL177,83437227716.4 [Cert]
55AB3WS2016SA QRP ALL (R)172,08036224021.3 [Cert]
56EA1FA2015SA QRP ALL171,07237928811.9 [Cert]
57VA2ES2014SA QRP ALL170,40528919713.4VE2AXO 
58PE2K2014SA QRP ALL168,30040527521.8 [Cert]
59LA/DK2AB2013SA QRP ALL165,24935330119.3DK2AB[Cert]
60HL1VAU2014SA QRP ALL160,07234921426.7 [Cert]
61PE2K2015SA QRP ALL153,56438926821.6 [Cert]
62JA3GN2015SA QRP ALL152,39125423718.5 [Cert]
63N3WD2013SA QRP ALL (T)148,65631722818.9 [Cert]
64M7R2016SA QRP ALL148,48041025624.1G0TPH[Cert]
65PE2K2016SA QRP ALL143,96444025824.1 [Cert]
66IV3WJP2013SA QRP ALL (T)142,04028626514.9 [Cert]
67EA1FA2016SA QRP ALL131,3062912267.5  
68SN3X2015SA QRP ALL128,57026521510.8 [Cert]
69LZ5QZ2015SA QRP ALL125,72331024710.3 [Cert]
70F5PHW2015SA QRP ALL122,76624922213.5 [Cert]
71VE1ZA2013SA QRP ALL (T)116,0252301757.9 [Cert]
72UT4UFZ2014SA QRP ALL (R)105,78026921529.3 [Cert]
73K8ZT2016SA QRP ALL104,67423219919.0 [Cert]
74WK4U2015SA QRP ALL103,08221819914.2 [Cert]
75KU1N2016SA QRP ALL95,00425518224.0 [Cert]
76JA1KEB2014SA QRP ALL (T)88,26421113620.8 [Cert]
77EA1AER2015SA QRP ALL88,07723318713.7 [Cert]
788J6VLP/62016SA QRP ALL (T)84,39234415416.6 [Cert]
79JA3GN2014SA QRP ALL82,65619216415.9 [Cert]
80JG1SPS2014SA QRP ALL (T)68,85620015221.2 [Cert]
81IK4OMU2014SA QRP ALL (T)62,3901991708.1 [Cert]
82DL1EFW2014SA QRP ALL (T)61,5402131708.8 [Cert]
83YO2MBU2015SA QRP ALL50,19317714310.0  
84WA2NYY2015SA QRP ALL48,2401511206.8 [Cert]
85M0HDF2015SA QRP ALL46,29419215816.7 [Cert]
86NK5G2016SA QRP ALL43,14818613417.2 [Cert]
87W4JDS2013SA QRP ALL39,87516812523.3 [Cert]
88BG4AHK2014SA QRP ALL39,31215312615.6 [Cert]
89RZ9CJ2015SA QRP ALL38,0251221174.3  
90OK1DMP2016SA QRP ALL34,80012411618.0 [Cert]
91RV3DBX2013SA QRP ALL34,04814612813.9 [Cert]
92YO8WW2014SA QRP ALL33,7501331254.8  
93IZ2QKG2015SA QRP ALL (T)29,47515813120.6 [Cert]
94WA2NYY2013SA QRP ALL29,440116926.5 [Cert]
95EW5W2014SA QRP ALL (T)28,5361311232.1EW1IP[Cert]
96DL8ZAJ2014SA QRP ALL (T)27,0181271147.7 [Cert]
97K8ZT2014SA QRP ALL26,7241151029.5 [Cert]
98A61BK2014SA QRP ALL26,362111986.0 [Cert]
99DJ0MY2016SA QRP ALL26,1621261033.3 [Cert]
100NK5G2015SA QRP ALL24,832114978.7 [Cert]



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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