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1IH9/OL5Y1998SO HP 160M341,068325182  
2SN7Q2008SO HP 160M339,54251930718.1SP7GIQ[Cert]
3SN2B2006SO HP 160M323,14051330217.5SP2FAX 
4LY2IJ2006SO HP 160M299,98049928318.7  
5LY2IJ2009SO HP 160M299,67348829718.0 [Cert]
6LY7M2013SO HP 160M298,40445530720.9  
7HA8BE2004SO HP 160M293,38847827618.2  
8OL1A2009SO HP 160M288,35846530120.7OK1CW[Cert]
9HA8BE2009SO HP 160M285,76247929121.3 [Cert]
10HG3M2005SO HP 160M284,47945627717.9HA3MY 
11LY2IJ2008SO HP 160M277,59046728518.5 [Cert]
12LY2BW2004SO HP 160M262,61544426518.1  
139A2AJ2013SO HP 160M260,73642629119.7 [Cert]
144X4NJ1996SO HP 160M259,420260170  
15S57M2004SO HP 160M254,59744225918.3  
16SP5GRM1997SO HP 160M249,516431261  
17S53O2009SO HP 160M242,49044727418.5 [Cert]
18RN2FA2002SO HP 160M242,00045824216.9  
194X3A2003SO HP 160M239,13524916917.04X4NJ 
209A3B2009SO HP 160M236,98942426916.89A2VR[Cert]
21OH4A2008SO HP 160M236,17441526316.3OH6LI[Cert]
22S50U1997SO HP 160M223,200419240  
23OG9W2008SO HP 160M222,81941125715.5OH2BCI[Cert]
24S50K1995SO HP 160M219,880420239  
25LY7M2016SO HP 160M214,65039526517.6 [Cert]
26LN9Z2008SO HP 160M212,84840425116.1LA9HW[Cert]
27YT6T2008SO HP 160M212,42041126019.1YU7CM [Cert]
28YL2SM2008SO HP 160M212,26740225315.1 [Cert]
29HA8BE2005SO HP 160M211,43539524518.8  
304X4NJ1997SO HP 160M210,248226164  
31IV3RLB2006SO HP 160M209,76041624018.3  
32LY7M2015SO HP 160M206,15038026618.2 [Cert]
339A2AJ2011SO HP 160M205,40337826318.3 [Cert]
34LY7M2005SO HP 160M204,24038024017.2LY2BW 
35IR4E2011SO HP 160M202,16037226619.7IK4ZHH[Cert]
364X3A2001SO HP 160M198,36023315215.74X4NJ 
37S57M2002SO HP 160M195,77640122417.6  
38LY2IJ2007SO HP 160M193,92037424018.0  
39UT5UGR2012SO HP 160M191,26238125115.9 [Cert]
40LY7M2014SO HP 160M190,76236625317.6 [Cert]
419A2AJ2012SO HP 160M (T)189,98737324918.7 [Cert]
42SN3A1998SO HP 160M186,588381219  
43E70R2015SO HP 160M185,75036625018.2  
44SP6A2008SO HP 160M181,53637124416.8 [Cert]
45LY6K1998SO HP 160M177,650387209  
46OH2BCI2006SO HP 160M177,28736822714.0  
47LY2BW2002SO HP 160M176,82037421018.6  
48LY52BC2016SO HP 160M (T)175,89035424618.6LY4T[Cert]
49S50U1996SO HP 160M175,440403204  
50S57DX1995SO HP 160M175,010375215  
519A6A2001SO HP 160M171,58936720917.1  
52LZ4TX2009SO HP 160M167,56035123618.5 [Cert]
53OH1EH/OH01996SO HP 160M167,424423192  
54EU1AZ2006SO HP 160M (T)166,58135522316.2  
55E71A2014SO HP 160M (T)162,96033524019.4 [Cert]
56SP9ATE2011SO HP 160M (T)161,95233324114.6 [Cert]
57YZ1W2002SO HP 160M161,61635920819.2YU1YV 
58YU1EA1997SO HP 160M159,720352220  
59R1MVI2002SO HP 160M158,76038719611.7RA1ACJ 
60OK1CW2012SO HP 160M157,50834423315.3 [Cert]
614X4NJ1999SO HP 160M157,014192143  
62OM5CD1997SO HP 160M155,490340213  
63S57M2014SO HP 160M (T)155,28833123618.0  
649A3B2001SO HP 160M153,07534419520.49A2VR 
659A4D1998SO HP 160M152,250350203  
66S50C1998SO HP 160M152,000356200S53MM 
67ES5QX2006SO HP 160M151,08535020515.8  
689A4D1996SO HP 160M149,3623711919A2D 
69LY2ZZ1995SO HP 160M145,080356195LY2BFY 
70YL2PQ2002SO HP 160M143,613333197  
71T99Z2004SO HP 160M142,59631920418.5  
72OH4MDY2006SO HP 160M142,32932020914.7  
73UU0JM1997SO HP 160M140,768358212  
749A2AJ1999SO HP 160M140,298323201  
75LZ2CJ2001SO HP 160M139,23932019114.1  
76S57M1998SO HP 160M135,660346190  
77OH2BCI2001SO HP 160M134,31031818515.2  
78LY3BU1994SO HP 160M132,112338184  
799A4D1995SO HP 160M131,166320189  
80EW1DO2012SO HP 160M130,83431620913.2 [Cert]
81YO5AJR2009SO HP 160M129,71731221317.2 [Cert]
82OL4U1997SO HP 160M129,592346194OK1NG 
83YO5AJR2010SO HP 160M128,75230420819.3 [Cert]
84DF2UU2008SO HP 160M127,97233121414.4 [Cert]
85EU3AR2006SO HP 160M127,31430719812.0  
86OH3XR2003SO HP 160M125,45030719312.0  
879A2AJ2000SO HP 160M125,388296108  
88UP3BP/UF1985SO HP 160M125,240220101  
89SQ5O1995SO HP 160M123,510333179SP5SSN 
90LY51BC2015SO HP 160M122,11229521215.9 [Cert]
91LY3BU1996SO HP 160M120,328333178  
92UR6QA2001SO HP 160M118,09629417616.0  
93UA2FF1987SO HP 160M117,424275164  
94HA1ZZ2001SO HP 160M117,10730118117.1  
95SP6AEG2009SO HP 160M113,88328820313.9 [Cert]
96LY2BR1995SO HP 160M113,240285190  
97YO5AJR2011SO HP 160M104,95126520317.4 [Cert]
98ES1RA1995SO HP 160M104,780286169  
99VA1A1999SO HP 160M103,680200120K3BU 
100OH1RX2013SO HP 160M103,67927019914.8 [Cert]



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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