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1LU1FAM2003SO LP 10M2,448,4971,40559329.3  
2LP1F2000SO LP 10M2,408,0491,431567LU5FC 
3LT1F2002SO LP 10M2,344,8951,33559529.2LU1FAM 
4L51EXU2002SO LP 10M2,118,1681,28255826.5LW1EXU 
5EA8NN2001SO LP 10M1,798,6431,20949725.4  
6LO5D2014SO LP 10M1,773,4861,04658324.2LU8EOT[Cert]
7PX2F2015SO LP 10M1,708,1381,02956923.5PY2PT[Cert]
8XQ1KZ2014SO LP 10M1,555,2321,03052427.2 [Cert]
9EA9AZ2002SO LP 10M1,551,5601,05849128.1  
10LW1EXU2000SO LP 10M1,459,5121,056466  
11C4Z2012SO LP 10M (T)1,381,93591954332.95B4AIZ[Cert]
12LP5F2002SO LP 10M1,357,97999346325.6  
13L40E2001SO LP 10M1,353,45697846823.4LW1EXU 
14LW8DQ2014SO LP 10M1,282,86586451523.9  
15NP3A2014SO LP 10M1,266,6721,00552826.1  
167Z1SJ2013SO LP 10M1,194,78895949723.4 [Cert]
17SV9/DL6MHW2000SO LP 10M1,139,5261,578531  
18PY7IQ2002SO LP 10M (T)1,033,90083242224.7  
19LU3HIP2003SO LP 10M1,031,61085441126.9  
20LU1ICX2015SO LP 10M989,14573845919.9 [Cert]
21LW1EXU2003SO LP 10M952,28980940321.1  
22LU9APM2001SO LP 10M939,25076442515.8  
239A3VM2000SO LP 10M921,1951,157495  
24CE2/VE7SV2011SO LP 10M916,27274843220.1 [Cert]
25KP3W2001SO LP 10M910,62381442113.6  
26AM5DWS2000SO LP 10M872,2171,219487  
279A3VM2001SO LP 10M853,90293348630.8  
28HA8RH2000SO LP 10M849,8151,014487  
29LU4FD1999SO LP 10M760,772719356  
30ZX1X2015SO LP 10M733,78863339621.2PY1MX 
31JH9VSF2002SO LP 10M677,94369735723.4  
32LU6UO2014SO LP 10M666,35760338916.9 [Cert]
33W4FMS2001SO LP 10M662,87275939223.5  
34PU2RUX1998SO LP 10M660,652676334  
35YU1AU2000SO LP 10M655,196816466  
36YV6AZC2001SO LP 10M646,20061136017.7  
37KH6ZM2012SO LP 10M644,84067632919.1 [Cert]
38YU1AU2002SO LP 10M630,92475744435.1  
39LU6UO2013SO LP 10M624,44562735523.8 [Cert]
40IR9AF2001SO LP 10M620,62082843422.9  
419A3VM2014SO LP 10M575,91095848626.1 [Cert]
42UN7GM2002SO LP 10M574,63262234715.7  
439A3VM2012SO LP 10M565,24589747723.3 [Cert]
44LU9APM1999SO LP 10M561,118603314  
45PP5KR2012SO LP 10M552,46755634911.7 [Cert]
46YT9W2016SO LP 10M538,39696947929.0 [Cert]
47YT1MP2000SO LP 10M520,205718445  
48IU7M2001SO LP 10M509,22064641032.0IK7JWY 
49UA9YAB2000SO LP 10M496,620562356  
509A6A1999SO LP 10M490,314742391  
514N1FG2000SO LP 10M489,392710419  
52EX2X2012SO LP 10M477,47849736219.1 [Cert]
53T94NO2002SO LP 10M473,48074638033.1  
54PU1KDR1998SO LP 10M (R)472,230541297  
55YT9W2012SO LP 10M468,52864645430.2YU5ZM[Cert]
56LU7YWC2014SO LP 10M463,20348733320.4 [Cert]
57S58DX2000SO LP 10M460,512700416  
58UN9LN2001SO LP 10M459,36056629019.9  
59T97G2008SO LP 10M454,39994340931.5 [Cert]
604X1VF2002SO LP 10M441,639560297  
619A3VM2010SO LP 10M429,45089440927.8 [Cert]
62J39BS2012SO LP 10M415,97762031317.1 [Cert]
63KN4Y2001SO LP 10M415,31062034929.7  
64DL1VJ/T51993SO LP 10M410,550600230  
65VK4TT2002SO LP 10M (T)409,16546929517.5  
66PY1MX2012SO LP 10M407,69646830722.1 [Cert]
67YU7W2001SO LP 10M402,22054536427.4  
68PY2MTS2011SO LP 10M394,28650727422.7 [Cert]
69PU2NYV2000SO LP 10M387,990485270  
70OK8ANM2000SO LP 10M383,680624352  
71LY2T2008SO LP 10M379,85792438125.3 [Cert]
72OK1DDO2001SO LP 10M379,85052035528.7  
73UA2FL2008SO LP 10M370,94687438626.0 [Cert]
74EA5DWS1999SO LP 10M363,810674335  
75EW2O2016SO LP 10M362,85474941933.3 [Cert]
76YO9FJW2000SO LP 10M362,654645358  
779A3VM2007SO LP 10M357,93080036925.1  
78YT9W2015SO LP 10M352,04457739629.6 [Cert]
79AN7AKJ2000SO LP 10M351,820652359  
80DL7BY2000SO LP 10M344,416588376  
81G0MTN2000SO LP 10M343,387671341  
82VK4TT2001SO LP 10M (T)342,23643526814.3  
83SY1D2000SO LP 10M341,671749349SV1DKL 
844N1N2002SO LP 10M (R)338,61354333122.24N1JA 
85EA8BQM2012SO LP 10M333,8284042819.6 [Cert]
86PD1DX2012SO LP 10M330,48850637924.8 [Cert]
87AN7AKJ2001SO LP 10M328,16455334822.1EA7AKJ 
88LW8DQ2013SO LP 10M327,63544525911.4  
89VK4ICU1999SO LP 10M323,722425266  
90PY2MTS2010SO LP 10M321,18042826521.1 [Cert]
91YO8AXP2010SO LP 10M318,80167135730.0 [Cert]
92EA5AER2011SO LP 10M318,33672238431.7 [Cert]
93US5XD2008SO LP 10M315,12677536926.8 [Cert]
94LU1ICX2014SO LP 10M313,45840126715.3 [Cert]
959A3VM1999SO LP 10M312,285605327  
96EA1AK/EA81995SO LP 10M308,855464223  
97EX2X2007SO LP 10M305,53243927619.4  
98SV1DKR1999SO LP 10M303,968714322  
99EF5K2010SO LP 10M301,29078036312.7EA5DWS[Cert]
1009A3VM2005SO LP 10M299,15572133526.3  



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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