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13V8SS2008SO LP 80M959,81250233218.5Z33F [Cert]
24O4A2008SO LP 80M886,22487744424.64O4A[Cert]
3DJ6BQ2008SO LP 80M797,52582043727.0 [Cert]
4UA2FL2010SO LP 80M711,35078841020.5 [Cert]
5ED3ALN1996SO LP 80M678,536729356  
6E77C2009SO LP 80M634,69573239327.5 [Cert]
7OL4W2009SO LP 80M630,58575140524.2OK1IF[Cert]
8OM3ZWA2010SO LP 80M602,16073539025.8 [Cert]
94N600A2004SO LP 80M600,00867135815.2YU1YV 
10UT7XX2009SO LP 80M598,85871840328.2 [Cert]
11YU0A2015SO LP 80M586,49766041120.5YU1RA[Cert]
12S57DX2011SO LP 80M583,49065141526.8 [Cert]
13LY5I2016SO LP 80M576,22263941122.1 [Cert]
14YT2A2005SO LP 80M570,01967536127.0  
15OK1QM2006SO LP 80M539,80568037130.4  
16YU2M2006SO LP 80M535,44468336425.1  
17LY2GW2011SO LP 80M527,09561538919.9 [Cert]
18UA5F2016SO LP 80M526,53659841215.7 [Cert]
19LY5I2015SO LP 80M523,90862039621.8 [Cert]
20LY5A2005SO LP 80M521,93764735125.4LY2PAJ 
21LY1000CW2009SO LP 80M514,16766836723.0LY3CW[Cert]
22OM3ZWA2013SO LP 80M512,19063237822.6 [Cert]
23S5047L2004SO LP 80M511,82566334729.0S57L 
24LY9A2016SO LP 80M502,25460339313.5 [Cert]
25LY2T2013SO LP 80M498,89261238218.8 [Cert]
26HA3LN2015SO LP 80M497,55459438622.9 [Cert]
27S57L2005SO LP 80M489,08662333827.9  
28LY2GW2010SO LP 80M487,97662336221.7 [Cert]
29OK2BYW2008SO LP 80M487,89064135131.1 [Cert]
30HA6FQ2008SO LP 80M480,34260835923.0 [Cert]
31LZ9X2006SO LP 80M479,556606346LZ1UK 
32SP9XCN2004SO LP 80M478,48562834321.7  
33HA6OY1996SO LP 80M477,280711314  
34LY3CW2012SO LP 80M475,99360237120.9 [Cert]
35YO2KJI2003SO LP 80M473,84158632318.8YO2DFA 
36YT0A2007SO LP 80M468,18457334424.6YU7FU 
37HA4FV2013SO LP 80M463,96861035823.4  
38S59N2005SO LP 80M460,87259833325.0  
39UN7CW2014SO LP 80M457,67733425314.0 [Cert]
40LY3CW2008SO LP 80M456,43560234521.5 [Cert]
41S54A2014SO LP 80M (T)453,87055536921.5 [Cert]
42LY2GW2009SO LP 80M453,69060235519.1 [Cert]
43YL5W2009SO LP 80M444,64457935621.8 [Cert]
44HA8EU1997SO LP 80M442,800646300  
45LY1CT2005SO LP 80M438,55759132925.5  
46LY5I2014SO LP 80M434,80854836619.7 [Cert]
47LY4T2013SO LP 80M432,33357136321.3 [Cert]
48YU1KR2001SO LP 80M432,29158630920.0  
49LA9HW2006SO LP 80M427,93861232225.5  
50YR5O2008SO LP 80M426,21858733817.8YO5BRZ[Cert]
51LY3CW2004SO LP 80M418,93159032322.5  
52UY6IM2005SO LP 80M415,62655131821.6  
53EA3GXJ2010SO LP 80M411,92151433320.4 [Cert]
54YL3GFX2009SO LP 80M409,70557533522.3 [Cert]
55HA4FV2012SO LP 80M409,19957034322.4 [Cert]
56OL6T2006SO LP 80M407,99160032125.8  
57RW9AV2001SO LP 80M405,960360204  
58SP9XCN2005SO LP 80M395,28055232420.9  
59HA8KW2005SO LP 80M390,61650431414.9  
609A24OB1996SO LP 80M387,612617291  
61S53F2003SO LP 80M384,97855630723.7  
62HA4FV2011SO LP 80M383,91055333524.2 [Cert]
63LZ2L2002SO LP 80M383,526547298LZ2LDS 
64EU1AZ2001SO LP 80M383,02457229620.3  
65S50C1994SO LP 80M379,050582285S57NAR 
66DL6KWN2016SO LP 80M375,58451435218.7 [Cert]
67YU1ED2012SO LP 80M374,36151533120.3 [Cert]
68S53F2001SO LP 80M374,22657129124.1  
69YU1ED2016SO LP 80M370,18548134518.1 [Cert]
70YU7FU2005SO LP 80M369,29251030818.4  
71YU1KR1997SO LP 80M368,184583276  
72YR5O2005SO LP 80M364,17050830514.9  
73SQ5M2009SO LP 80M363,02554532518.1 [Cert]
74OK1JOC1996SO LP 80M361,950605285  
754Z5LA2004SO LP 80M360,88030120818.5  
76C40M1999SO LP 80M355,8923271935B4AFM 
77TA2DS1996SO LP 80M355,698323189  
78HA1FF2010SO LP 80M355,04055831722.5 [Cert]
79YL3AD2016SO LP 80M354,65045734622.3 [Cert]
80GW7O2012SO LP 80M354,19245431410.0GW3SQX[Cert]
81HA4N2014SO LP 80M352,08050632621.3  
82HG6V2008SO LP 80M350,92054831027.6HA6IAM [Cert]
83UR3LPM2009SO LP 80M350,12452732620.0 [Cert]
84YT0T2003SO LP 80M346,98353228718.8YU1YV 
85PA0MIR2007SO LP 80M (T)343,40353933719.3  
86OK2HBR2015SO LP 80M342,48650931822.7 [Cert]
87DL4FMA1996SO LP 80M339,808604287  
88LY2GW2013SO LP 80M337,60849632418.6 [Cert]
89HA4FV1998SO LP 80M336,582589271  
90LA7AK2004SO LP 80M334,05849229819.4  
91YU0A2013SO LP 80M (T)333,27049032220.3YU1RA[Cert]
92SM7MX2016SO LP 80M332,08246334221.5SM5MX[Cert]
93HA4FV2010SO LP 80M332,01052431521.3 [Cert]
94OM5KM1997SO LP 80M329,840522280  
95EU1CL1998SO LP 80M325,314523279  
96S57U2001SO LP 80M325,08052028021.2  
97OK2ZV2002SO LP 80M322,64052929626.9  
98HA8LLS2003SO LP 80M322,02553327522.9  
99SP4GL2014SO LP 80M (T)321,04445533218.5 [Cert]
100YU5T2015SO LP 80M320,27646931918.8 [Cert]



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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