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14Z7U1991SO QRP 15M1,031,4001,0843604Z4UT 
2UW5M2012SO QRP 15M885,44679158630.3UT7MA[Cert]
34X6NDE1982SO QRP 15M772,30472316  
4LY5G2001SO QRP 15M664,09267546834.2LY2FE 
54X6NDE1981SO QRP 15M655,500816285  
6RZ6HX2001SO QRP 15M571,12868644926.0  
7RZ6HX2002SO QRP 15M512,60164143731.3  
8YU1LM2001SO QRP 15M453,95158739135.4  
9LU6HI1998SO QRP 15M453,768527292  
104Z4NUT1984SO QRP 15M432,003590247  
11NA4CW2000SO QRP 15M427,986512354  
12RZ6HX2000SO QRP 15M408,432574402  
13OK7CM2015SO QRP 15M397,55445438328.0 [Cert]
14LU5FZ2001SO QRP 15M379,41445028721.1  
15YU1LM2002SO QRP 15M365,76050036035.8  
16US9QA2001SO QRP 15M357,39653534822.1  
17HA8KW2008SO QRP 15M325,65058239030.2 [Cert]
18WP4D1986SO QRP 15M305,109509261  
19HG3IPA2008SO QRP 15M298,45266337432.2HA3JB[Cert]
20N4KG1988SO QRP 15M295,240422305  
21ES1CR2001SO QRP 15M284,704431328  
22HG15IPA2011SO QRP 15M280,08053338934.4HA3JB[Cert]
23YO5AIR2012SO QRP 15M276,85042835022.1 [Cert]
24PW2C2007SO QRP 15M268,35935127320.6PY2WC 
25RZ6HX2003SO QRP 15M268,25648433223.4  
26KW7R/42012SO QRP 15M255,47531827522.2 [Cert]
27G0DCK2002SO QRP 15M255,02441232225.6  
28N4OT2000SO QRP 15M251,658354279  
29SP9H2005SO QRP 15M251,57643932823.0  
30HG3IPA2010SO QRP 15M249,56859135231.5HA3JB[Cert]
31HA1ZZ2014SO QRP 15M246,75041735026.1 [Cert]
32OH5WH1981SO QRP 15M241,066436257  
33ES1CR2000SO QRP 15M228,557411317  
34RD9CX2012SO QRP 15M220,86432227219.7 [Cert]
35SM0GNS2002SO QRP 15M220,28139530324.9  
36UT2UZ2002SO QRP 15M218,96434728423.0  
37OH6BG2005SO QRP 15M217,55439430318.1  
38G3LHJ2012SO QRP 15M213,12035329614.1 [Cert]
39YU1LM2003SO QRP 15M207,60339129732.6  
40ES1CR1999SO QRP 15M201,420328270  
41UX1UX2008SO QRP 15M195,48947232124.2 [Cert]
42JA6GCE1989SO QRP 15M195,360352222  
43VE3GTC2012SO QRP 15M194,56028825616.4 [Cert]
44DL9ZP2006SO QRP 15M191,70635226728.9  
45UR9MM1999SO QRP 15M181,890325258  
46W3PP2000SO QRP 15M180,063280247  
47G0DCK2001SO QRP 15M179,07030725426.4  
48T94OM2002SO QRP 15M176,98838625834.2  
49UR2CR1981SO QRP 15M176,147370227  
50VE6WQ2012SO QRP 15M174,87628924723.2 [Cert]
51SP4GFG2002SO QRP 15M172,25033826523.2  
52JQ1NGT2014SO QRP 15M169,51031725329.6 [Cert]
53EA8ACL1985SO QRP 15M168,873311181  
54RB5WW1985SO QRP 15M162,864333216  
55ES1CR2002SO QRP 15M156,938325262  
56S51Z2014SO QRP 15M156,34830425821.8 [Cert]
57SP4GFG2014SO QRP 15M154,01232427822.5 [Cert]
58JA6GCE1988SO QRP 15M153,090291210  
59SP9H2004SO QRP 15M152,04836527224.4  
60YO8RIX2012SO QRP 15M151,65629926722.2 [Cert]
61DL8TWA2000SO QRP 15M149,702342259K3TW 
62UA9YC1993SO QRP 15M147,840308210  
63CX2AQ2010SO QRP 15M145,8482572066.5 [Cert]
64ZS6DX2015SO QRP 15M (T)145,64424021220.2 [Cert]
65KP4O1981SO QRP 15M141,075267209  
66PG2AA2015SO QRP 15M (T)140,89630025924.0 [Cert]
67HA0GK2005SO QRP 15M140,89632225919.0  
68YU4VSZ1981SO QRP 15M138,768315177  
69SP4GFG2005SO QRP 15M137,25634825819.9  
70JR1NKN2012SO QRP 15M137,19628022231.1 [Cert]
71K3TW2001SO QRP 15M135,600255226  
72KA7T2015SO QRP 15M134,50032825021.7 [Cert]
73DL2TM2012SO QRP 15M133,65028524321.6 [Cert]
74WA6FGV2001SO QRP 15M131,71229822421.7  
75R8US2012SO QRP 15M130,62823622615.4 [Cert]
76RB5GD1984SO QRP 15M128,304310216  
77RU3XW2015SO QRP 15M126,44428324613.4 [Cert]
78S54AA2013SO QRP 15M126,21826222318.3 [Cert]
79I0SKK1981SO QRP 15M120,330319191  
80LU4HK2014SO QRP 15M120,19622319922.8 [Cert]
81YO3DAC2016SO QRP 15M119,78029726530.9 [Cert]
82RZ6HX2010SO QRP 15M117,66033426513.4 [Cert]
83WA6FGV2002SO QRP 15M116,85628121621.1  
84JR1NKN2014SO QRP 15M115,88525021527.3 [Cert]
85RB5WW1984SO QRP 15M114,063281197  
86IV3AOL2012SO QRP 15M112,46224820330.5 [Cert]
87EW6CU2004SO QRP 15M111,23031424528.3  
88IO3K2012SO QRP 15M (T)109,38425622617.9IZ3NVR[Cert]
89HA6OA1980SO QRP 15M106,554272177  
90UU4JDD2012SO QRP 15M (T)106,02724422930.0 [Cert]
91WA6FGV2000SO QRP 15M105,763279203  
92UX1UX2007SO QRP 15M105,30035023422.9  
93HG3IPA2013SO QRP 15M104,97626021630.8HA3JB[Cert]
94CT1AOZ2006SO QRP 15M104,85622420414.6  
95JR1NKN2015SO QRP 15M104,83223620831.9 [Cert]
96E21AOY2015SO QRP 15M104,44823820414.8 [Cert]
97DL1DQY2000SO QRP 15M103,186245207  
98CX2AQ2001SO QRP 15M102,258208171  
99JA0BMS/11988SO QRP 15M100,144231176  
100UY3CC1994SO QRP 15M99,897327213  



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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