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1LY5A2006LYSO QRP 160M114,07529219514.3  
2OM0TT2005OMSO QRP 160M77,228220172  
3HA8BE2010HASO QRP 160M59,3431961519.8 [Cert]
4S57M1997S5SO QRP 160M43,500175125  
5RA3AUU1987UA-3SO QRP 160M39,60019099  
6S53AR2012S5SO QRP 160M39,50015812514.7 [Cert]
7S53AR2011S5SO QRP 160M35,62415212218.0 [Cert]
8HA5NB2015HASO QRP 160M (T)34,84515411514.4 [Cert]
9S53AR2013S5SO QRP 160M34,68614812316.6 [Cert]
10S52P2015S5SO QRP 160M34,54215511413.1 [Cert]
11ES1CW2009ESSO QRP 160M34,48514812113.5 [Cert]
12DL9YX2008DLSO QRP 160M32,08515311516.4 [Cert]
13LY4BF2006LYSO QRP 160M27,60414010310.7  
14UB5RHF1990URSO QRP 160M26,82014390  
15S57M2016S5SO QRP 160M26,48712610911.5 [Cert]
16LY4BF2011LYSO QRP 160M26,3781271095.8 [Cert]
17UT8IT1996URSO QRP 160M23,75011995  
18ON4AEB2004ONSO QRP 160M23,5521299212.0  
19HG5P2012HASO QRP 160M21,4081369611.1 [Cert]
20LY4BF2012LYSO QRP 160M20,116110945.7 [Cert]
21RZ8MS1986EXSO QRP 160M19,9927452  
22LY4BF2005LYSO QRP 160M17,496100815.3  
23LY4BF2010LYSO QRP 160M17,372105864.9 [Cert]
24UA9MS1984RA9SO QRP 160M17,3406951  
25OH4MFA2006OHSO QRP 160M17,334111817.1  
26UB5PBA1982URSO QRP 160M16,64411673  
27SP4GL2009SPSO QRP 160M16,5751058511.2 [Cert]
28S53AR2015S5SO QRP 160M16,548103848.6 [Cert]
29HB9CPS2015HBSO QRP 160M (T)15,9081018211.1 [Cert]
30SM3C2006SMSO QRP 160M14,400100758.0SM5CCT 
31RZ3VA2004UA-3SO QRP 160M13,83290764.7  
32UG6GAW1988EKSO QRP 160M13,6315243  
33OL1BIP1984OKOMSO QRP 160M12,43210974  
34YT1R2002YUSO QRP 160M12,28289698.5YU1RA 
35LY1BA2004LYSO QRP 160M11,27083707.6  
36UA3AQP1985UA-3SO QRP 160M10,9508150  
37OK1DRO1985OKOMSO QRP 160M10,92010570  
38UB5IFN1987URSO QRP 160M10,1269361  
39UU7JF2012URSO QRP 160M9,64875675.2 [Cert]
40OK2BXR1989OKOMSO QRP 160M9,6489267  
41UB5REN1985URSO QRP 160M9,3968254  
42UW1TB1988UA-1SO QRP 160M9,20410057  
43RB5IPT1988URSO QRP 160M9,1208357  
44OL8CWI1989OKOMSO QRP 160M8,7049364  
45RA2FDE1983UA2SO QRP 160M8,2117651  
46RP2BIH1985LYSO QRP 160M8,1608348  
47UA3ATV1985UA-3SO QRP 160M8,1008352  
48OK1MP1984OKOMSO QRP 160M8,0408060  
49OL1BIP1985OKOMSO QRP 160M7,9047652  
50UB5RIF1991URSO QRP 160M7,5268653  
51OL8COJ1985OKOMSO QRP 160M7,4108257  
52OL8WAT1989OKOMSO QRP 160M7,0767758  
53OK3CXS1985OKOMSO QRP 160M7,0768858  
54UA0QGQ/UT1999URSO QRP 160M7,0186558  
55UO5OGB1988ERSO QRP 160M6,8626747  
56UO50LW1984ERSO QRP 160M6,6366842  
57UA9AGN1984RA9SO QRP 160M6,2704730  
58OK2PCN1989OKOMSO QRP 160M5,7127056  
59HA5KHC2011HASO QRP 160M5,66565555.3 [Cert]
60SP4GL2008SPSO QRP 160M5,618615310.7 [Cert]
61SO6A2004SPSO QRP 160M5,45057502.6SP6IHE 
62Y27KL1985DMSO QRP 160M5,0026241  
63UR4QIC1995URSO QRP 160M4,8765246  
64Y27KL1984DMSO QRP 160M4,5605840  
65US3IEZ1994URSO QRP 160M4,4647062  
66OK1KAK1984OKOMSO QRP 160M4,3246047Lomnice 
67UV3AAN1987UA-3SO QRP 160M4,2405440  
689A4DC20149ASO QRP 160M (T)4,09249449.4 [Cert]
69UB5ABZ1982URSO QRP 160M3,8885136  
70EZ5ITQ1982URSO QRP 160M3,7405134  
71YU1RA2001YUSO QRP 160M3,64043408.5  
72OK2PCN1988OKOMSO QRP 160M3,5205544  
73OL1BBR1982OKOMSO QRP 160M3,4445141  
74OL1BUY1989OKOMSO QRP 160M3,4404843  
75UT3N2013URSO QRP 160M3,36044423.4UT3NK[Cert]
76YO4FRF1995YOSO QRP 160M3,3544439  
77OK1KFQ1983OKOMSO QRP 160M3,2766742  
78YB2OK1991YBSO QRP 160M3,2402927  
79UQ2PM1988YLSO QRP 160M3,2404536  
80VE3MGY2009VE3SO QRP 160M3,19838268.9 [Cert]
81EZ3ACO1983UA-3SO QRP 160M3,0725432  
82LY4BF2008LYSO QRP 160M2,96443393.3 [Cert]
83EZ6ADW1982UA-6SO QRP 160M2,9444932  
84YO4FRF1996YOSO QRP 160M2,7304035  
85OL1BKD1987OKOMSO QRP 160M2,6644236  
86Y37XJ1986DMSO QRP 160M2,5604032  
87OZ1W1980OZSO QRP 160M2,3764427  
88SP1CTN1980SPSO QRP 160M2,0523927  
89UW9SW1984RA9SO QRP 160M1,9382917  
90EZ3ABS1982UA-3SO QRP 160M1,8245024  
91OK1DNO1986OKOMSO QRP 160M1,7403029  
929A4AA20159ASO QRP 160M1,73632282.3 [Cert]
93EZ3ABF1983UA-3SO QRP 160M1,7284027  
94OL4BIA1983OKOMSO QRP 160M1,4504329  
95SP6IHE2006SPSO QRP 160M1,43128271.0  
96RA2FB2014UA2SO QRP 160M1,40427261.2 [Cert]
97OL1BVR1989OKOMSO QRP 160M1,4002525  
98HG5P2013HASO QRP 160M1,37229285.0HA5BH[Cert]
99DJ3GE2009DLSO QRP 160M1,27427262.8 [Cert]
100M0CKE2015GSO QRP 160M1,26029281.3 [Cert]



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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