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1EU8RZ2006SO QRP 20M925,70489655925.8  
2YP0CW2012SO QRP 20M817,07581157522.0YO6EX[Cert]
3DJ1YFK2000SO QRP 20M707,230608394  
4LY5G2016SO QRP 20M627,68279555435.0 [Cert]
5LY5G2002SO QRP 20M617,10077548435.6LY2FE 
6YO5KIP2006SO QRP 20M601,20072845036.0  
7S54AA2005SO QRP 20M503,433587427  
8YT1CS2004SO QRP 20M503,01068341415.9  
9HG72QRP2015SO QRP 20M490,50458946127.8HA5MA[Cert]
10HA6NW2011SO QRP 20M480,68465749231.7 [Cert]
11VE7SBO1997SO QRP 20M466,474506358  
12RA3FO1998SO QRP 20M451,320654390  
13SM3C2005SO QRP 20M451,27859841123.9SM5CCT 
14YU1LM2012SO QRP 20M439,41059145335.5 [Cert]
15HA6IAM2006SO QRP 20M433,60058040035.0  
16RW0AJ2006SO QRP 20M431,02447634129.2  
17EU8RZ2004SO QRP 20M420,21061941427.4  
18I0UZF2010SO QRP 20M410,13064543435.2 [Cert]
19UA6LCJ2012SO QRP 20M405,68059644026.5 [Cert]
20US5VX2016SO QRP 20M392,49655244230.8 [Cert]
21W8VSK1989SO QRP 20M376,648478356  
22US5VX2015SO QRP 20M371,74351342125.5 [Cert]
23PG2AA2014SO QRP 20M (T)367,63856842631.8 [Cert]
24SB0A2015SO QRP 20M (T)365,94064242829.8SM0LPO[Cert]
25HB9DAX2004SO QRP 20M335,232505388  
26UN7CN2006SO QRP 20M331,78541530323.9  
27LZ1VB2007SO QRP 20M328,04254840330.8  
289A2EY2016SO QRP 20M309,96052741027.9 [Cert]
29UA6LCJ2011SO QRP 20M304,29653840930.6 [Cert]
30I0UZF2009SO QRP 20M298,02748537329.4 [Cert]
31UA6LCJ2006SO QRP 20M297,89453037930.0  
32VE6EX2013SO QRP 20M294,58847829425.3 [Cert]
33OL4W2003SO QRP 20M291,48952336331.4OK1IF 
34HG72QRP2014SO QRP 20M289,52049537621.3 [Cert]
35TA2BD1996SO QRP 20M288,376420232  
36LY5G2011SO QRP 20M282,34854839626.2 [Cert]
37DL9LM2006SO QRP 20M281,88044832428.5  
38LZ1VB2009SO QRP 20M279,65449936730.8 [Cert]
39YT5T2013SO QRP 20M278,16646635834.8 [Cert]
40SP4GFG2001SO QRP 20M277,014500337  
41YT3FM1989SO QRP 20M276,816498316  
42UP2BIM1984SO QRP 20M274,274548274  
43UA6LCJ2005SO QRP 20M263,76551335531.9  
44UA6LCJ2008SO QRP 20M258,33652635125.5 [Cert]
45UX5UU2014SO QRP 20M (T)255,94243235420.7 [Cert]
46ES1CW2005SO QRP 20M254,80046035031.6  
47HA8MT2013SO QRP 20M254,69846336723.3 [Cert]
48HA6IAM2007SO QRP 20M252,35050335027.9  
49HA808MT2008SO QRP 20M248,04051336022.4 [Cert]
50YU1GN1997SO QRP 20M245,079433313  
51OK2PYA1999SO QRP 20M240,093449309  
52YU1LM1997SO QRP 20M238,032481304  
53PA3ELD2002SO QRP 20M (T)232,88350932328.0  
54RW9SZ2009SO QRP 20M232,44034326016.1 [Cert]
55US5VX2011SO QRP 20M230,91241535228.3 [Cert]
56N0AX1992SO QRP 20M229,848428314  
57S56C2006SO QRP 20M229,37142130328.1  
58G3LHJ2006SO QRP 20M228,38440431220.2  
59EA7AAW2008SO QRP 20M227,84040632023.4 [Cert]
60LZ1VB2008SO QRP 20M226,28446234624.6 [Cert]
61G3LHJ2003SO QRP 20M225,60039830016.5  
62NJ1T1992SO QRP 20M223,816350277  
63UA6LCJ2010SO QRP 20M223,43149933727.4 [Cert]
64UN7CN2003SO QRP 20M221,36433425813.8  
65OK1DSA2002SO QRP 20M220,28643632327.3  
66LU6HI1999SO QRP 20M219,876300251  
67SP5GFG1988SO QRP 20M219,440266260  
68SP4GFG2011SO QRP 20M216,31545334525.3 [Cert]
69HA6IAM2010SO QRP 20M215,37647133627.6 [Cert]
70RW3AI2004SO QRP 20M211,88843432329.5  
71RU2FM2007SO QRP 20M210,90445932818.9  
72RA3FO1999SO QRP 20M210,236409311  
73LZ1VB2011SO QRP 20M209,75240533418.5 [Cert]
74LZ1MG2009SO QRP 20M208,86141633124.9 [Cert]
75YU1GN1996SO QRP 20M204,408430306  
76OK2PYA1998SO QRP 20M203,904420288  
77AO7AAW2009SO QRP 20M201,66335129130.5 [Cert]
78WA8WV2003SO QRP 20M199,18532127112.6  
79G3LHJ2008SO QRP 20M193,12538230918.4 [Cert]
80JA3PXH1984SO QRP 20M192,226340223  
81NU4B2006SO QRP 20M191,91931325923.7  
82YU5RY2010SO QRP 20M191,63740332133.0 [Cert]
83UR5LAM2008SO QRP 20M191,52038431521.9 [Cert]
84RN6FO2001SO QRP 20M189,13340928730.0  
85JR3RWB2005SO QRP 20M188,46831225427.0  
86G3LHJ2005SO QRP 20M188,21036929017.2  
87RU2FM2008SO QRP 20M187,70445131612.8 [Cert]
88CJ7SBO1995SO QRP 20M186,240319240  
89US3QW2001SO QRP 20M185,98239127827.5  
90SP4GFG2006SO QRP 20M185,31038929021.7  
91WB8JUI2012SO QRP 20M184,40832025915.1 [Cert]
92KG5U1999SO QRP 20M182,268303249  
93UT5UIW1986SO QRP 20M181,056412246  
94OK1DSA2003SO QRP 20M180,51640230728.9  
95JH1GNU1997SO QRP 20M179,307317229  
96UA9YC1995SO QRP 20M178,080325240  
97JH1GNU1998SO QRP 20M177,840298240  
989A3GU2003SO QRP 20M175,46035428328.9  
99RZ6HGD2000SO QRP 20M173,436387291  
100OZ3PE1991SO QRP 20M172,085377271  



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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