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1LY5G2010SO QRP 80M327,28549331522.9 [Cert]
2E70A2015SO QRP 80M275,41543530516.8 [Cert]
3LY2GW2006SO QRP 80M251,07543327521.0  
4HG6C2011SO QRP 80M236,29239629121.0HA6IAM[Cert]
5SP4GL2013SO QRP 80M218,73639027918.4 [Cert]
6UY6IM2000SO QRP 80M215,695381241  
7S51DX2012SO QRP 80M210,83838527123.8 [Cert]
8OK1FKD2009SO QRP 80M199,87040725320.9 [Cert]
9OK1FKD2010SO QRP 80M192,46837625816.9 [Cert]
10SP4GL2011SO QRP 80M192,04634626218.8 [Cert]
11OL4W2002SO QRP 80M190,45241423620.4OK1IF 
12LY2GW2008SO QRP 80M186,23836224715.6 [Cert]
13YU1AFI2006SO QRP 80M176,05435322630.2  
14LY5G2005SO QRP 80M170,17835422617.0LY2FE 
15TM3T2012SO QRP 80M166,85032723512.1F5VBT[Cert]
16SP4GFG2000SO QRP 80M162,122342206  
17SP4GFG1998SO QRP 80M159,094351211  
18OK1FKD2012SO QRP 80M157,52833423213.6 [Cert]
19SP4GL2010SO QRP 80M155,87733423321.5 [Cert]
20E70A2016SO QRP 80M154,58031223610.7  
21LY2GW2007SO QRP 80M151,18231522716.5  
22EE3X2015SO QRP 80M (T)150,97528922519.1EA3KX[Cert]
234N7MOD1990SO QRP 80M141,075292165  
24SP4GFG1997SO QRP 80M141,024321208  
25UR5LAM2010SO QRP 80M134,82930521117.3 [Cert]
26UT1PO1994SO QRP 80M133,168309203  
27EW6CU2002SO QRP 80M131,200288200  
28SP4GFG1996SO QRP 80M131,016306206  
29SP6EIY2012SO QRP 80M124,99229521714.4 [Cert]
30HA5NB2016SO QRP 80M (T)122,26529220918.5 [Cert]
31SP4GL2012SO QRP 80M121,77127922112.3 [Cert]
32OK1WF2008SO QRP 80M121,26429020814.6 [Cert]
33RW3VZ2002SO QRP 80M (T)120,76128719714.2  
34OK1IR2002SO QRP 80M119,99729120116.5  
35OK1FKD2011SO QRP 80M119,41228721411.4 [Cert]
36OK1FKD2008SO QRP 80M115,66829820411.7 [Cert]
37S53AR2016SO QRP 80M114,36227021117.4 [Cert]
38SP4GFG1999SO QRP 80M114,190278190  
39OM3THV2003SO QRP 80M113,26327519115.6  
40UP2BFE1987SO QRP 80M108,480323160  
41OZ7BQ2006SO QRP 80M103,04525918512.9  
42HA8LUH1996SO QRP 80M103,012290182  
43OK5WF2016SO QRP 80M102,7112592019.8 [Cert]
44SP4GFG1995SO QRP 80M100,636268181  
45UB5INO1984SO QRP 80M95,616294144  
46S55Z2011SO QRP 80M90,5852431839.7 [Cert]
47UA3TW2014SO QRP 80M85,54021818816.5 [Cert]
48OM4K2002SO QRP 80M84,79623717216.1OM4AA 
49S57MSU2005SO QRP 80M80,92021817022.0  
50HA8LUH1999SO QRP 80M80,190236165  
51EW6CU1999SO QRP 80M78,490222167  
52KP3T2005SO QRP 80M77,1651421159.1  
53HG5O2016SO QRP 80M (T)75,11620717810.1HA5OB[Cert]
54OM3THV2001SO QRP 80M73,45723114914.1  
55UT5UUV2015SO QRP 80M69,29021516912.3 [Cert]
56UT5UUV2016SO QRP 80M68,88021216814.3 [Cert]
57UT5UUV2014SO QRP 80M68,51019917011.4 [Cert]
58SP4TBM2005SO QRP 80M68,0981991588.0  
59SP6EIY2011SO QRP 80M67,31920816311.3 [Cert]
60Z31GX2005SO QRP 80M66,0441771584.3  
61SP6EIY2013SO QRP 80M64,2391991618.1  
62HG6EU2006SO QRP 80M63,55020615517.6HA6VA 
63OK2BXR1993SO QRP 80M62,640218145  
64OZ7BQ2005SO QRP 80M62,32919115711.1  
65HA3PT1984SO QRP 80M57,730260115  
66OK3CUG1987SO QRP 80M57,318228123  
67UT5DJ2015SO QRP 80M56,1001851509.9 [Cert]
68HA6NL1982SO QRP 80M55,216245116  
69OK2BQZ1991SO QRP 80M53,040187136  
70UW3PZ1984SO QRP 80M52,488205108  
71HA0GK1997SO QRP 80M52,416191144  
72UA4SMM1996SO QRP 80M50,960258182  
73UR5LAM2006SO QRP 80M50,68817213213.8  
74UB5MPD1984SO QRP 80M49,932188114  
75OK2BXR1992SO QRP 80M49,312190134  
76RA3XAR2005SO QRP 80M47,32817613611.9  
77F5VBT2006SO QRP 80M46,59617413212.0  
78OK3CGN1987SO QRP 80M46,331211107  
79OK2BXR1991SO QRP 80M46,020177130  
80HA6VA2012SO QRP 80M45,55216414614.2 [Cert]
81HA3GZ1985SO QRP 80M45,344252104  
82HG6EU2007SO QRP 80M45,225160135HA6VA 
839A9L2009SO QRP 80M45,02416113410.3 [Cert]
84RA3XAR2004SO QRP 80M45,00016112012.8  
85OK1WF2009SO QRP 80M44,0161731315.5 [Cert]
86OK3BRK1985SO QRP 80M42,53220998  
87Y25XA1986SO QRP 80M38,382165113  
88HA6IAM1985SO QRP 80M37,05420497  
89SP4GFG1993SO QRP 80M36,570161115  
90OL4W2005SO QRP 80M36,0361581174.3OK1IF 
91UA1ANP1986SO QRP 80M35,088169102  
92OK3THV1992SO QRP 80M34,884160114  
93HA8LUH1995SO QRP 80M34,366147116  
94UT5DJ2013SO QRP 80M33,9161431227.7 [Cert]
95OK2BXR1990SO QRP 80M32,264167109  
96OM3THV2000SO QRP 80M32,205138113  
97HA6IAM1986SO QRP 80M31,75217898  
98SM5OUU2009SO QRP 80M31,0881411166.0 [Cert]
99Y25XA1988SO QRP 80M30,52816496  
100G3VMY1986SO QRP 80M29,56815095  



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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