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1JA0YAK1988MULTI-MULTI4,760,3012,605637JG7JMO JA9DSX JH0ELL JH0... 
2JH0INP2015SA HP ALL (T)3,753,1401,70782035.4 [Cert]
3JA0FVU2012SA HP ALL3,573,5251,63977536.0 [Cert]
4JH0INP2016SA HP ALL (T)3,522,4001,66980036.0 [Cert]
5JH0INP2013SO HP ALL (T)3,159,6841,64371135.7 [Cert]
6JH0INP2012SO HP ALL (T)3,143,6081,52372433.2 [Cert]
7JA0QWO1999SO HP ALL (T)2,480,5441,477594  
8JA0CGJ2014SO LP ALL (T)1,936,3471,13363328.5 [Cert]
9JA0QWO2002SO HP ALL (T)1,773,6321,24751831.8  
10JA0QWO2001SO HP ALL (T)1,623,0701,15650528.2  
11JA0FVU2009SA HP ALL1,497,6181,04755133.5 [Cert]
12JH0INP2011SO HP ALL1,413,4141,07152735.8 [Cert]
13JH0NEC2012SO LP ALL (T)1,397,27693454229.1 [Cert]
14JA0FVU2011SA HP ALL1,365,5521,05752236.0 [Cert]
15JA0ZRY1989MULTI-ONE HP1,320,7181,116406JH0ILL JP1NOM JP1QGO JN1... 
16JH0LFE1983SO HP ALL1,139,5781,100374  
17JH0NEC2009SO LP ALL (T)1,035,45285046623.8 [Cert]
18JA0DAI1985SO HP 20M1,020,519966387  
19JH0NEC2014SO LP ALL (T)999,40578949521.8 [Cert]
20JA0DAI1983SO HP ALL885,560909338  
21JA0QWO1998SO HP ALL876,783872393  
22JA0AXV2014SO HP ALL810,55866744133.6  
23JJ0JML2014SA HP ALL (T)804,32071244018.0 [Cert]
24JH0NEC2013SO LP ALL (T)714,27268741622.5 [Cert]
25JH0INP2009SO HP ALL691,18266938726.0 [Cert]
26JA0GCJ1986SO HP 20M668,317509289  
27JH0EPI2000SO LP 20M666,536668377  
28JA0WQO1997SO HP ALL663,741840351  
29JH0INP2010SO HP ALL (T)661,36567134527.5 [Cert]
30JJ0JML2016SA HP ALL (T)657,88271139320.0 [Cert]
31JH0ZHQ2012SO HP ALL628,05060839519.8JH1BBT[Cert]
32JH0NEC2008SO LP ALL (T)614,70462137324.5 [Cert]
33JA0YAK1981MULTI-ONE HP614,4607762948 OPS 
34JG0OXL2001SO LP 15M607,15260636426.9  
35JA0UMV1989SO HP ALL579,462655299  
36JH0EPI1999SO LP 20M578,708592359  
37JE0UXR1997SO LP ALL573,016600328  
38JH0BBA1983SO HP 15M554,635638315  
39JR0BQD1999SO LP ALL552,189573319  
40JH0IXE2000SO LP ALL (T)535,744590352  
41JA0DXG1991SO HP ALL524,295549305  
42JG0OXL2000SO LP 15M477,456520348  
43JA0CGJ1983SO HP ALL455,840600280  
44JH0EPI2002SO LP 20M452,592493336  
45JJ0JML2012SA HP ALL (T)446,88649133314.1 [Cert]
46JA0AXV2012SO HP ALL442,89044734225.8 [Cert]
47JA0YAK1986SO HP 40M429,918401237JH0USD 
48JH0EPI2001SO LP 20M429,819493321  
49JR0BQD1998SO LP ALL399,434512277  
50JA0FVU2007SA HP ALL (T)384,58054926828.9  
51JJ0JML2013SA HP ALL (T)364,48148729914.0 [Cert]
52JH0NEC2011SO LP ALL (T)360,78949731917.2 [Cert]
53JK2EIJ/02013MULTI-ONE HP354,81656830833.3JK2EIJ JH0MUC[Cert]
54JA0DAI1982SO HP ALL348,432543238  
55JH4FUF1999SO LP 15M323,832422309  
56JK2EIJ/02012MULTI-ONE HP305,31647029720.4JK2EIJ JH0MUC[Cert]
57JF0SGW1995SO LP ALL294,196414266  
58JA0ZRY1991SO HP 40M289,080309220  
59JA0CGJ1985SO HP 20M279,112412251  
60JH0EPI2015SO LP 20M278,70038130016.8 [Cert]
61JH0NEC2007SO LP ALL (T)278,48743826121.0  
62JA0AXV2013SO HP ALL277,19637526219.5  
63JH0LFE1982SO HP 20M271,740497210  
64JA0YAK1979MULTI-ONE HP269,1654842054 Ops  
65JH0ZHQ1990SO HP 40M265,780297194JH1BBT 
66JA0DMV1995SO HP ALL254,259327219  
67JH0NEC2010SO LP ALL (T)253,95244925619.0 [Cert]
68JA0ZRY1990SO HP 40M248,292300198  
69JA0YAK1985SO HP 40M236,544295192JH0USD 
70JH0EPI2004SO LP 20M226,653355251  
71JH0NEC2015SO LP ALL (T)225,3893132576.9 [Cert]
72JA0UMV2007SO LP ALL220,20637321425.6  
73JH0GHZ1998SO LP ALL218,763333223  
74JH0EPI2016SO LP 20M214,75037125016.2 [Cert]
75JJ0PJD2014SO HP ALL (T)209,28031324026.5 [Cert]
76JE0UXR1990SO HP 15M208,800383225  
77JH0EPI2014SO LP 20M207,66635124916.4 [Cert]
78JH0DNX1990SO HP ALL199,540367220  
79JH0EPI2005SO LP 20M197,520336240  
80JH0EPI2006SO LP 20M194,48434122816.2  
81JA0SQT1980SO HP 15M189,880347202  
82JA0QWO1995SO LP ALL178,088357225  
83JH0EPI2013SO LP 20M177,98731423715.9 [Cert]
84JA0IOF2015SO HP ALL172,00230421819.7 [Cert]
85JA0IOF2016SO HP ALL (T)169,22239121119.0 [Cert]
86JH0EPI2012SO LP 20M169,11530822714.8 [Cert]
87JH0NEC1999SO LP ALL (T)166,195293215  
88JA0CGJ1988SO HP 15M157,040270208  
89JA0DMV1994SO LP ALL156,636250171  
90JH0DNX1994SO LP ALL150,336325174  
91JH0GHZ1995SO LP ALL149,145271183  
92JH0NVX1985SO HP ALL148,368280176  
93JA0BJY2012SA LP ALL147,40024720010.8 [Cert]
94JJ0PJD2016SO HP ALL (T)137,82525618524.7 [Cert]
95JH0NEC2016SO LP ALL133,92028421610.9 [Cert]
96JH0INP2014SO HP ALL (T)128,5262461867.3 [Cert]
97JA0BJY1999SA LP ALL124,292239193  
98JJ0PJD2015SO HP ALL (T)121,73023818523.7 [Cert]
99JA0FVU1999SO HP ALL117,936239189  
100JA0QWO1996SO HP ALL116,550222175  



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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