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1JH5ZJS1998MULTI-MULTI7,896,5953,24883548.0JA5BJC JA5FDJ JA5JCC JH5... 
2JA5BJC1999MULTI-ONE HP6,747,5552,898799  
3JR5JAQ2011MULTI-TWO6,493,5822,63488345.2JM1UWB JA5FDJ JA5FBZ JH5...[Cert]
4JH5FXP2000SO HP ALL5,031,0262,396718  
5JH5ZJS1996MULTI-ONE HP4,849,5252,036725JA5BJC JA5FDJ JA5JCC JR5... 
6JA5FDJ1997MULTI-ONE HP4,458,5072,138681JA5FDJ JA5JCC JR5IAH 
7JH5FXP1997SO HP ALL4,236,0442,003652  
8JH5ZJS1995MULTI-ONE HP3,854,8381,820677JA5BJC JA5FDJ JA5JCC JH5... 
9JA5FDJ2007MULTI-ONE HP2,674,6491,41058948.0JA5FBZ JA5JCC JA5THU JA5... 
10JH5ZJS1994MULTI-ONE HP2,492,9641,410563JA5BJC JA5FDJ JA5JCC JR5... 
11JH5FXP1994SO HP ALL2,270,9161,262516  
12JA5BJC1984SO HP ALL1,659,3391,321407  
13JA5FBZ2009SO HP 20M1,638,0001,12960036.0 [Cert]
14JH5FXP1991SO HP ALL1,448,9231,139449  
158J5SUN1981MULTI-ONE HP1,359,9921,613376JA5BJC JA5EGX JH5ESM 
16JH5OXF1999SO LP ALL (T)1,267,0021,034474  
17JA5APU2002SO HP ALL949,922819422  
18JH5FXP1990SO HP ALL922,720854365  
19JA5APU1998SO HP 20M810,306753413  
20JA5APU2001SO HP 20M795,454693418  
218J5SUN1983MULTI-ONE HP785,7811,031327JH4OWG JA5RYZ 
22JA5APU2004SO HP 20M768,09668843230.6  
23JA5BJC1985SO HP 40M736,764516294  
24JA5APU2005SO HP 20M733,90567742332.8  
25JG5DHX2014SO LP ALL (T)673,92065841634.9 [Cert]
26JH5OXF2000SO LP ALL (T)648,976656376  
27JA5JCC1982SO HP 20M592,917768299  
28JG5DHX2012SO LP ALL580,26059438030.8 [Cert]
29JA5EGX1986SO HP 20M571,868692317  
30JA5APU2006SO HP 20M555,61455237921.0  
31JG5DHX2016SO LP ALL (T)518,52065534833.7 [Cert]
32JA5APU1999SO HP 20M499,500549333  
33JG5DHX2013SO LP ALL499,21565334533.3 [Cert]
34JH5OXF2002SA LP ALL (T)473,53852933816.9  
35JA5THU1980SO HP 15M471,580594292  
36JJ5HUD2015SO LP ALL453,87151834129.2 [Cert]
37JG5DHX2015SO LP ALL (T)437,52452535630.6 [Cert]
38JA5APU2000SO HP 20M419,733481313  
39JA5ATN2000SO LP ALL410,868485303  
40JJ5GMJ2016SO HP 40M406,44844226612.2 [Cert]
41JA5MAJ2002SO HP 15M404,49248431920.2  
42JJ5HUD2014SO LP ALL386,74047630527.5 [Cert]
43JA5ATN2003SO LP ALL384,48043527025.7  
44JA5JCC1991SO HP 20M355,040590224  
45JA5BJC1980SO HP 40M341,124383186  
46JA5NSR2012SO LP ALL333,96340827926.6 [Cert]
47JA5ONK1992SO HP 40M310,104309219  
48JA5ATN2002SO LP ALL297,92038924519.8  
49JA5ATN2001SO LP 15M283,465398245  
50JA5YAV1986SO HP ALL281,970461241JH5PHC 
51JA5NSR2015SO HP 20M (T)274,48235330621.2 [Cert]
52JA5APU2003SO HP 15M264,03938128323.1  
53JR5XPG2008SA LP ALL259,95641626115.9 [Cert]
54JA5APU2009SO HP 20M251,02039430827.1 [Cert]
55JA5FBZ2010SO HP 15M242,87044829831.4 [Cert]
56JA5JCC1987SO HP 40M242,688280192  
57JG5DHX2009SO LP ALL (T)225,96841423228.1 [Cert]
58JA5NSR2014SO HP 20M225,47831727722.0 [Cert]
59JA5APU2008SO HP 20M221,56439928722.8 [Cert]
60JA5FBZ2012SA HP 10M215,50641127732.6 [Cert]
61JI5NWQ2016SO HP ALL (T)213,20040326023.0 [Cert]
62JR5EHB2000SO LP ALL210,693346237  
63JA5APU2010SO HP 20M202,07238026828.4 [Cert]
64JA5CDL2000SO QRP ALL197,792362224  
65JA5CKD1995SO HP 20M193,914319266  
66JA5FBZ2013SA HP 10M177,66039325229.7 [Cert]
67JA5APU2007SO HP 20M176,08034024821.8  
68JI5NWQ2015SO HP ALL (T)156,78028723419.3 [Cert]
69JE4WSA/51986SO HP 40M155,480272169  
70JA5BJC1979SO HP 40M146,640242141  
71JR5FHC1989SO HP 15M144,720336180  
72JA5JCC1989SO HP 40M144,144205156  
73JA5APU1997SO HP 20M143,441290191  
74JA5FDJ1989SO HP 15M125,636251196  
75JR5EHB2001SO LP ALL119,510239170  
76JA5APU1995SO HP 20M112,881263191  
77JA5FBZ2004SO HP ALL109,2282051666.8  
78JJ5HUD2012SO LP ALL108,56425216623.6 [Cert]
79JA5TXA1997SO LP 20M107,970235177  
80JA5APU1996SO HP 20M105,591233183  
81JA5AIQ1999SO HP ALL104,220211180  
82JE5XIC2000SO LP ALL (T)98,154244171  
83JA5IP1994SO HP ALL98,098206154  
84JR5EHB1998SO LP ALL96,425245175  
85JR5VHU2009SO HP 20M90,7532101796.8 [Cert]
86JR5XPG2009SA LP ALL89,8562021567.2 [Cert]
87JR5EHB1999SO LP ALL80,634200151  
88JA5IP1991SO HP ALL80,422202158  
89JR5EHB2003SO LP ALL73,95020514519.9  
90JG5DHX2010SO LP ALL73,94423315617.1 [Cert]
91JG5DHX2011SO LP 15M69,42022917822.1 [Cert]
92JA5FBZ2015SA HP 10M68,60020017519.2 [Cert]
93JJ5GMJ2009SO HP 80M67,7731651237.5 [Cert]
94JA5IP2002SO HP 40M63,280119112  
95JA5AIQ2001SO HP 20M63,204166138  
96JA5FBZ1982SO HP 40M59,706154107  
97JA5TXA1996SO LP 20M58,656163141  
98JA5IP1990SO HP ALL57,218164134  
99JE5JHZ2016SO HP ALL (T)56,4481401264.9 [Cert]
100JA5IP1998SO HP ALL55,552180128  



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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