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1JE6RPM2016SO HP ALL5,709,8102,35787035.4JH5GHM[Cert]
2JA6LCJ2012SO HP ALL4,894,0751,98381535.6 [Cert]
3JA6GCE2003SO HP ALL3,558,1681,87664835.6  
4JA6GCE2001SO HP ALL3,158,6401,85861536.0  
5JE6ZIH1988MULTI-ONE HP2,701,9291,701520JR6GKT JF6TMH JG6CVO 
6JA6GCE2000SO HP ALL (T)2,574,9881,627598  
7JA6LCJ2011SO HP ALL2,533,4961,45164436.0 [Cert]
8JE6ZIH1991MULTI-ONE HP2,458,6381,718553JR6GKT JI6BRB JG6GNR JF6... 
9JQ6NAW2000SO HP ALL2,425,6081,539571  
10JA6GCE2004SO HP 20M2,406,5541,42062932.4  
11JA6LCJ2016SO HP ALL2,227,4561,45861630.9 [Cert]
12JE6ZIH1995MULTI-ONE HP2,140,0841,236551JR6GKT JI6BRB JG4KEZ 
13JE6ZIH1996MULTI-ONE HP2,092,0801,281552JR6GKT JI6BRB JG4KEZ 
14JE6ZIH1994MULTI-ONE HP2,019,3141,214526JR6GKT JI6BRB JG4KEZ 
15JA6BZI2013SA HP ALL1,739,2691,03759326.2 [Cert]
16JQ6NAW1999SO LP 15M1,721,7601,203544  
17JA6YJS1990MULTI-ONE HP1,629,1041,390464JS1PWV JF4ETK 
18JA6WFM2015SO LP ALL1,558,9841,11857430.4 [Cert]
19JH6OPP2000SO LP ALL (T)1,538,0121,125532  
20JA6ZLI2000SO LP ALL (T)1,503,9901,136510  
21JA6UBK1999SO LP ALL (T)1,465,2301,043510  
22JA6YJS1989MULTI-ONE HP1,365,2871,043539JS1PWV JF4ETK JR5BMM JI6... 
23JA6LCJ2015SO HP ALL1,361,4831,01654721.9 [Cert]
24JA6BZI2015SA HP ALL1,304,14782055925.9 [Cert]
25JA6BZI2014SA HP ALL1,302,48084653624.9 [Cert]
26JA6LCJ2014SO HP ALL1,300,60796453918.9 [Cert]
27JA6LCJ2010SA HP ALL1,269,9401,01247033.7 [Cert]
28JA6BZI2016SA HP ALL1,265,02581450123.1 [Cert]
29JA6GCE2002SO QRP ALL1,264,30094947035.8  
30JA6ZLI1999SO HP ALL (T)1,201,760953464  
31JA6YAI1988SO HP 15M1,155,8301,008442JG6OZC 
32JA6YBR1986MULTI-ONE HP1,127,9161,083388JR6GKT JF6DEA JF6TMH JG6... 
33JA6UBK1998SO LP ALL1,119,312843432  
34JA6ACZ2000SO HP ALL1,102,608781558  
36JA6BZI2009SO HP ALL1,020,38466443224.2 [Cert]
37JA6ZLI1998MULTI-ONE HP999,552865456JG6POJ JJ6WYS 
38JA6UBK1997SO LP ALL (T)922,647781383  
39JE6MQW1985SO HP ALL910,316878374  
40JR6GKT1998SO HP 15M838,726817431  
41JA6SRB1999SO HP ALL759,858720397  
42JP6GQN2000SO LP ALL (T)669,762597471  
43JA6DIJ2011SA LP ALL (T)668,88666539335.5 [Cert]
44JA6BZI2011SA HP 40M658,43843834618.8 [Cert]
45JG6JAV2016SA LP ALL635,82465139235.2 [Cert]
46JA6BZI2012SO HP 20M622,94156143921.5 [Cert]
47JG6JAV2015SA LP ALL604,29661939636.0@JG6JAV[Cert]
48JA6YAI1984MULTI-ONE HP576,114756301JE6MQW JE6UWI JH6VLF JH0... 
49JA6DIJ2009SO LP 20M570,87658742134.1 [Cert]
50JR6GIM2012SO HP ALL569,98854742623.3 [Cert]
51JA6YDH1983MULTI-ONE HP541,698714274JR6GHN JH6SWF JR6QHK JG1... 
52JA6WIF2013SO HP 10M533,76067238429.8 [Cert]
53JH6OPP2005SO HP ALL (T)532,67756835319.2  
54JA6ZPR2012MULTI-MULTI530,0335393739.8JH6JSR JE6ART[Cert]
55JL6HKJ2001SO HP ALL (T)518,86857534822.3  
56JA6WFM1998SO LP ALL (T)502,044599321  
57JA6WFM2009SO LP 20M500,08061637629.9 [Cert]
58JH6QFJ2008SO LP ALL (T)498,42057035117.2 [Cert]
59JA6FFK2015SA LP ALL492,44852235226.7 [Cert]
60JR6AWQ2012SO HP 15M468,27049438725.3 [Cert]
61JA6LDD1983SO HP ALL463,977596279  
62JH6QIL1999SA HP 15M462,057507339  
63JA6OKB1980SO HP 15M461,700695270  
64JA6BZI2010SA HP ALL455,39050831020.6 [Cert]
65JA6GCE1995SO QRP ALL444,276510301  
66JF6ZUU1999SO LP ALL440,733536321  
67JA6UBK1996SO HP ALL (T)436,200471300  
68JA6CNL1981SO HP ALL433,566507333  
69JH6QFJ2009SO HP ALL432,90048432516.1 [Cert]
70JA6YCL1990MULTI-ONE HP431,858564283JF4CZL JE6EKC JE6UWK JF6... 
71JH6OPP1999SO HP ALL (T)424,628501332  
72JA6BIF1986SO HP ALL421,200556270  
73JA6CYL/62005SO LP ALL399,24446530230.6  
74JH6OPP2008SO LP ALL (T)397,11053630527.7 [Cert]
75JA6CYL2016SO LP ALL (T)368,59252333630.8 [Cert]
76JH6QFJ2012SO HP 15M366,18043934013.6 [Cert]
77JA6BIF1985SO HP ALL364,392518252  
78JA6FFK2014SO LP ALL361,76045430427.2 [Cert]
79JA6GCE1994SO QRP ALL361,179442273  
80JA6FFK2016SO LP ALL357,60446929926.2 [Cert]
81JH6QFJ2007SO LP ALL354,19647429222.6  
82JA6DIJ2008SO LP ALL (T)350,46447429634.2 [Cert]
83JA6WIF2012SO HP 10M348,87452433130.9 [Cert]
84JR6GIM2014SO LP 15M343,06839633926.1 [Cert]
85JA6DIJ2010SA LP ALL (T)337,15549228533.5 [Cert]
86JA6SRB2015SA HP ALL (T)318,15539432320.5 [Cert]
87JR6GIM2010SO LP 20M298,93147331730.6 [Cert]
88JH6TYD1999SO LP 15M294,921389297  
89JA6WFM2003SO LP 40M290,95231221621.1  
90JA6ZPR2008SA HP ALL287,09146827922.3JH6JSR[Cert]
91JH6QIL1998SO LP 20M286,104413273  
92JA6BIF1984SO HP ALL286,056472232  
93JA6BWH2014SO LP ALL281,86539128517.3 [Cert]
94JA6FFK2012SO LP ALL (T)279,49638724824.4 [Cert]
95JR6GIM2011SO LP 20M275,23541531128.6 [Cert]
96JA6FFK2013SO LP ALL (T)272,18443326426.4 [Cert]
97JH6QIL2015SA LP ALL (T)271,03545728519.3 [Cert]
98JA6AVT2015SO HP ALL (T)270,23044130512.6 [Cert]
99JA6BWH2011SO HP ALL268,78640326318.1 [Cert]
100JA6ZWA2002SO HP ALL258,85637326212.37M4CLF 



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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