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1JA8RWU2012MULTI-ONE HP5,603,2802,30788845.0JP1JFG JA8RWU JE8KKX[Cert]
2JA8RWU1999SO HP ALL3,770,6882,008656  
3JA8RWU2001SO HP ALL3,530,4011,90966136.0  
4JA8RWU2003MULTI-ONE HP3,312,6961,75366448.0JA8RWU JE8KKX JH8PNE JR8... 
5JA8YBY1989MULTI-ONE HP2,882,3521,799583JH8PNE JH8WBR JH8XVT JR8... 
6JA8RWU1991SO HP ALL1,946,7691,343519  
7JA8RWU1988SO HP ALL1,823,8481,292494  
8JA8YBY1990MULTI-ONE HP1,753,8721,350488JO1DFG JF9LPB JH8PNE JH8... 
9JH8YCT1988SO HP 15M1,751,3921,318478JE8BFO 
10JA8RWU2007MULTI-ONE HP1,113,47685243734.6JA8CDT JA8RWU JE8CLT JE8... 
11JA8YAU1984MULTI-ONE HP932,7501,019350JF2EKC JR7COO JH8DXI JH8... 
12JA8RUZ1992SO HP ALL721,949699359  
13JA8RWU2014MULTI-ONE HP599,22958341712.0JA8RWU JE8CLT JE8KKX[Cert]
14JA8RWU2009SO HP 20M572,82460737110.0 [Cert]
15JA8YBY1987MULTI-ONE HP542,087677299JH8PNE JO1DFG JH8WBR JF7... 
16JH8SLS2009SO HP ALL497,76860334425.3 [Cert]
17JH8JYV1986SO HP 20M423,400538292  
18JH8SLS2012SO HP ALL399,51645433811.8 [Cert]
19JH8JYV1985SO HP 20M377,454489301  
20JE8KKX1999SO LP ALL (T)340,104459296  
21JH8SLS2014SA HP ALL327,72640430610.4 [Cert]
22JH8SLS2011SA HP ALL318,81645228821.6 [Cert]
23JA8RWU2004MULTI-ONE HP316,12044728018.8JA8RWU JE8KKX JR8LRQ 
24JH8CXW2012SA HP ALL (T)315,06838729228.4 [Cert]
25JA8RWU1987SO HP ALL311,808498256  
26JH8PNE2014SA QRP 15M291,71837131115.2 [Cert]
27JA8DIV2016SO HP ALL280,89640226416.4 [Cert]
28JA8DIV2012SO HP ALL210,21930223710.4 [Cert]
29JA8AJE1999SO LP ALL186,369305219  
30JH8GEU2014SO HP 20M184,11029425527.5 [Cert]
31JR8OGB/81991SO HP 15M183,600347200  
32JA8DIV2013SO HP 15M164,86429425615.9 [Cert]
33JH8BKP2005SO LP ALL158,46127621118.6  
34JA8JCR1998SO LP ALL145,140285205  
35JA8YBY1986MULTI-ONE HP144,570278183JJ2VXS JH8PNE 
36JA8DWR1986SO HP 40M132,768194144  
37JA8GKN1982SO HP 20M126,896308176  
38JA8AJE1997SO LP ALL117,040265152  
39JH8GEU2013SO HP 15M112,44524921525.3 [Cert]
40JA8DWR1985SO HP 40M110,952166134  
41JH8GEU2012SO HP 20M105,12722920922.3 [Cert]
42JA8AJE1996SO LP ALL102,312219168  
43JE8EKG1986SO HP 20M102,102256187  
44JA8AJE1989SO HP ALL101,215245155  
45JA8TRT1981SO HP 10M100,532307164  
46JA8AQ1984SO HP ALL86,597206139  
47JH8JYV1982SO HP ALL86,184292162  
48JA8AJE1990SO HP ALL76,024194136  
49JA8SW1986SO HP ALL71,357209143  
50JH8GEU2015SA HP 20M69,55217816814.0 [Cert]
51JA8SW1987SO HP ALL68,480164128  
52JH8CXW2013SO HP ALL (T)68,22819214814.9 [Cert]
53JH8SIT2009SO LP 20M64,80016715013.4 [Cert]
54JH8GEU2016SA HP 20M60,26418716215.2 [Cert]
55JH8GEU2011SO HP 20M57,18315914718.8 [Cert]
56JA8MXC2009SO HP 40M48,5101209914.8 [Cert]
57JA8AJE1988SO HP ALL47,840139115  
58JA8HBO1991SO HP ALL44,289141111  
59JA8AJE1994SO LP ALL44,289144111  
60JA8AJE2014SO LP ALL40,2211291096.8 [Cert]
61JH8CXW2010SO HP ALL (T)39,10413410410.4 [Cert]
62JA8AJE1998SO LP ALL37,53413898  
63JA8HBO1992SO LP ALL37,44012896  
64JA8EJO1988SO HP ALL36,63011690  
65JH8FIH2014SO HP 15M (T)34,1331181074.3 [Cert]
66JA8AJE2012SO LP ALL34,105109954.7 [Cert]
67JK8PBO2016SO LP 20M (T)33,48014312010.2 [Cert]
68JA8CAQ1983SO HP ALL33,150121102  
69JH8CXW2015SA HP 15M (T)32,1481201149.4 [Cert]
70JJ3DJS/82014SA LP 15M32,0581241176.7 [Cert]
71JL8WFI2015SA LP 20M29,83213311323.8 [Cert]
72JA8JMG2010SA HP ALL29,59214410815.8 [Cert]
73JA8AJE2015SO LP ALL25,80095864.8 [Cert]
74JA8HBO1989SO HP ALL25,68010080  
75JA8FFM2016SO HP ALL23,987103837.9 [Cert]
76JA8RJE1989SO QRP 15M23,62210293  
77JE8EKG1985SO HP 40M23,5629377  
78JA8EJO1986SO HP 40M23,4368062  
79JL8AQH2002SO LP 15M22,7909286  
80JH8FIH2009SO QRP ALL22,540141988.8 [Cert]
81JA8HBO1990SO HP ALL21,12011488  
82JE1KDM/81985SO HP ALL21,09610272  
83JE8KKX2015SO LP ALL (T)20,560102808.3 [Cert]
84JH8DBDA1979SO QRP 15M19,74711591  
85JE8KKX2016SO LP ALL (T)19,712105776.8 [Cert]
86JG8IBY2016SA QRP ALL19,5221658623.0 [Cert]
87JA8AJE1995SO LP ALL19,25010877  
88JL8MBF2014SO LP ALL19,044112929.7 [Cert]
89JE8KKX2013SO LP ALL (T)18,92490767.1 [Cert]
90JE8KKX2000SO LP ALL (T)18,00910187  
91JA8CJY1984SO HP ALL16,2446862  
92JA8HBO1995SO LP ALL16,0438061  
93JA8AJE1987SO HP ALL15,7538859  
94JA8AJE2011SO LP ALL15,30073683.8 [Cert]
95JH8CXW2016SO HP ALL (T)15,03882734.5 [Cert]
96JH8JBX1989SO QRP 20M14,2148069  
97JA8AJE1991SO HP ALL14,2088374  
98JE8KKX2002SO LP ALL13,19274689.8  
99JK8PBO2014SO LP 20M (T)12,880958010.7 [Cert]
100JA8AJE2009SO LP ALL11,71879632.8 [Cert]



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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