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1JA9YBA1988MULTI-ONE HP3,709,5522,101616JA9LNJ JA9VDA JH9VSF JA9... 
2JA9YBA1983MULTI-ONE HP3,470,2562,330522JA9LNJ JA9NFO JA9OTX JA9... 
3JA9YBA1981MULTI-ONE HP2,591,6411,971460JA9LJI JA9LNJ JA9LWB JA9... 
4JA9YBA1984MULTI-ONE HP2,459,1561,748497JH7UJR JA9LNJ JA9QCE JA9... 
5JA9YBA1985MULTI-ONE HP1,926,3481,458458JM1NFG JO1NLP JH7UJR JA9... 
6JA9YBA1987MULTI-ONE HP1,699,1881,284444JA9LNJ JA9VDA JH9VSF JJ3... 
7JA9YBA1982MULTI-ONE HP1,630,4421,462407JA9LJI JA9LNJ JA9LWB JA9... 
8JA9YBA1986SO HP ALL1,461,1681,186438JA9VDA 
9JA9CWJ2012SO HP 20M (T)1,339,56687657131.3 [Cert]
10JA9CWJ2015SO HP 20M (T)1,303,58882358328.7 [Cert]
11JA9CWJ1998SA HP ALL1,268,9601,025440  
12JA9CWJ2013SO HP 20M (T)887,04670948929.3 [Cert]
13JF9JTS2014SO HP ALL (T)869,86071446011.3 [Cert]
14JA9YBA1989MULTI-ONE HP865,200953336JH9VSF JH9KIF JR0ELG Fui... 
15JF9JTS2012SO HP ALL (T)839,55270644816.1 [Cert]
16JA9CWJ2006SO HP 20M (T)694,27861141419.7  
17JH9VSF2002SO LP 10M677,94369735723.4  
18JA9CWJ1995SO HP 20M662,931650387  
19JA9CWJ2014SO HP 20M (T)658,04856942418.8 [Cert]
20JA9CWJ1988SO HP ALL657,305676323  
21JA9CWJ2016SO HP 20M (T)654,85259445122.0 [Cert]
22JF3HKY/91983SO HP 20M589,280753290  
23JA9XBW1997SA HP ALL569,454570321  
24JA9CWJ2000SO HP 20M (T)539,936550359  
25JA9NFO1988SO HP 20M519,930590318  
26JA9CWJ1980SO HP ALL494,520674260  
27JA9CWJ2005SO HP 20M (T)449,10847634614.3  
28JA9CWJ2003SO HP 20M (T)439,00548133914.4  
29JA9FAI1981SO HP 10M433,160568280  
30JA9CWJ1997SO HP 20M378,810450305  
31JF9JTS2015SO HP ALL (T)337,80443531612.4 [Cert]
32JA9CWJ2009SO HP 20M (T)334,53639731817.0 [Cert]
33JF3HKY/91984SO HP 15M316,672487256  
34JA9CWJ1992SO HP 20M313,742415286  
35JA9CWJ1981SO HP 15M289,170429238  
36JH9VSF2000SO LP 10M287,922421282  
37JA9CWJ1983SO HP ALL276,675453217  
38JR9GMS2014SA HP 15M (T)266,55232628617.1 [Cert]
39JA9CWJ1994SO HP 20M263,351376269  
40JA9CWJ1991SO HP 15M263,200410235  
41JA9RPU1989SO QRP ALL256,872419231  
42JA9CWJ2001SO HP 20M (T)256,0803522649.8  
43JF9JTS2004SO HP ALL (T)250,44435925436.0  
44JA9CWJ2011SO HP 15M (T)236,45138129319.2 [Cert]
45JR9GMS2012SA HP ALL (T)206,06430124321.2 [Cert]
46JH9VSF1999SO LP 10M196,612378247  
47JF9JTS2016SO HP ALL (T)188,4853202538.1 [Cert]
48JA9DDF1996SO LP ALL185,948303229  
49JA9DDF1994SO HP ALL180,918297207  
50JA9XBW1999SO HP 15M180,240289240  
51JA9BGL2012SO HP ALL170,74829220416.8 [Cert]
52JA9MAT2012SO QRP ALL170,23631821218.7 [Cert]
53JA9JFO1988SO HP 15M168,912299207  
54JA9DDF1995SO LP ALL162,945271213  
55JA9RPU1990SO QRP ALL154,368304192  
56JF9JTS2009SA HP ALL124,72928018711.1 [Cert]
57JA9CWJ2007SO HP 20M (T)122,5902482059.4 [Cert]
58JA9CWJ1989SO HP ALL115,014234174  
59JA9XBW1998SA HP 15M111,888237189  
60JH9AMJ2007SO LP 40M (T)102,10221215422.1 [Cert]
61JH9KVF1994SO LP 20M101,384238184  
62JH9DRL2013SA LP ALL95,92824816823.8 [Cert]
63JR9NVB2002SO QRP 15M90,528202164  
64JM2FCJ/92002SO LP ALL (T)86,12219914933.8  
65JA9CWJ2002SO HP ALL83,1301861636.9  
66JH9GGH1985SO HP 20M81,472202152  
67JA9CWJ2010SO HP 15M (T)78,44220718219.2 [Cert]
68JA9XBW1996SA HP 20M77,588187163  
69JA9LSZ1986SO HP 15M66,360195158  
70JF9JTS2013SO HP ALL (T)64,2601821533.8 [Cert]
71JA9CWJ2008SO HP 20M (T)63,0001541506.0 [Cert]
72JA9CWJ1987SO HP ALL61,308170117  
73JE9LLO1997SO LP ALL54,740153115  
74JF9JTS2010SA HP ALL (T)54,3091931298.2 [Cert]
75JA9CWJ1979SO HP ALL53,012170116  
76JA9FAI2013SA HP 20M (T)50,7651561437.4 [Cert]
77JR9GMS2010SA HP 20M (T)45,93615213214.7 [Cert]
78JR9NVB1997SA LP 15M42,900144130  
79JA9CWJ2004SO HP 20M (T)42,4081261244.4  
80JA9NFO2005SO HP ALL40,7371231115.2  
81JA9MAT2014SO QRP ALL40,5791361196.6 [Cert]
82JA9AQE1979SO HP 15M38,325144105  
83JA9MJR1986SO QRP ALL37,500131100  
84JA9CWJ1999SO HP ALL37,185118111  
85JA9YAV1981MULTI-ONE HP36,977135103JA9SQO JA9SOT JA9VWC JA9... 
86JA9FT1984SO HP ALL35,69012283  
87JA9MAT2015SO QRP ALL35,2981251068.1 [Cert]
88JF9JTS2008SA HP ALL34,6081601037.6 [Cert]
89JA9BGL2010SO QRP ALL33,07214510412.4 [Cert]
90JA9MAT2011SO QRP ALL29,890152989.5 [Cert]
91JR9NVB1996SO LP 40M29,0887572  
92JE9RRO1999SO LP 15M26,57210691  
93JA9LX2012SO LP ALL25,9961009710.4 [Cert]
94JA9MAT2016SO QRP ALL21,436132925.2 [Cert]
96JA9XBW1992SO LP 15M20,564126106  
97JA9EJG2012SO LP ALL18,36888828.3 [Cert]
98JR9GMS2013SA HP ALL (T)18,01874667.9 [Cert]
99JA9KUG1997SO LP 20M17,7399081  
100JE9PFD1997SO LP ALL13,0207462  
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(R) = Rookie overlay category
(T) = Tribander/Wires overlay category
Italics = Log received after deadline. Not eligible for awards.