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1IO4C2012SA HP 160M688,17076443526.9IZ4DPV[Cert]
2IQ4RA2011SA HP 160M545,60660940926.6I4AVG[Cert]
3HG3M2006SA HP 160M513,36063636023.1HA3MY 
4S56P2016SA HP 160M435,72754836125.5 [Cert]
5SN6C2005SA HP 160M431,62461232623.6SP6CZ 
6S56P2013SA HP 160M (T)422,75258235222.7 [Cert]
7DF2UU2011SA HP 160M400,36553336922.2 [Cert]
8EU3AR2011SA HP 160M393,24251835320.5 [Cert]
9EU3AR2013SA HP 160M393,05655334619.9 [Cert]
10S57M2010SA HP 160M (T)392,95852134220.0 [Cert]
11LY7M2012SA HP 160M376,95751934319.9 [Cert]
12S57O2015SA HP 160M364,23050334220.8 [Cert]
13YZ7A2007SA HP 160M349,16851631412.5YU7CM 
14SP1GZF2009SA HP 160M340,45853531720.1 [Cert]
15EU3AR2012SA HP 160M328,30847732720.2 [Cert]
16Z36N2011SA HP 160M303,05244931723.0 [Cert]
17DM0Y2009SA HP 160M (T)298,14454730824.8DL3BQA[Cert]
18DF0UM2010SA HP 160M (T)289,33250532425.0DL3BQA[Cert]
19S57M1998SA HP 160M280,884510267  
20F6IIT2010SA HP 160M269,80844629219.9 [Cert]
21IZ5MOQ2012SA HP 160M (T)253,96843329623.6 [Cert]
22DF2UU2014SA HP 160M248,09540329518.6 [Cert]
23RA4LW2011SA HP 160M238,56939228313.6 [Cert]
24ES5RY2016SA HP 160M217,06136728314.7 [Cert]
25OK1T2011SA HP 160M206,52535927513.4OK1TP[Cert]
26S57O2016SA HP 160M204,35137326314.6 [Cert]
27YO5OEF2011SA HP 160M202,69237326616.6 [Cert]
28UX0LL2007SA HP 160M194,81033324210.7  
29EU2EU2016SA HP 160M192,27034725518.4 [Cert]
30G3TXF2011SA HP 160M190,02630124312.7 [Cert]
31DL2SAX2013SA HP 160M (T)188,91638127311.2 [Cert]
32C4M2011SA HP 160M180,26419016819.35B4AGM[Cert]
33OK7K2011SA HP 160M177,2503302506.0OK1BN[Cert]
34DL7VRO1997SA HP 160M169,092403231  
35IC8TEM2008SA HP 160M162,67533124119.3 [Cert]
36DL7CX2016SA HP 160M149,6243302368.2 [Cert]
37W2MF2010SA HP 160M146,33528918512.7 [Cert]
38EB1LA2015SA HP 160M114,93825620216.8 [Cert]
39KN2T1999SA HP 160M113,088331186  
40DF2UU2013SA HP 160M101,88527320511.5 [Cert]
41W2MF2011SA HP 160M93,49221015916.6 [Cert]
42W2MF2009SA HP 160M76,21222214615.6 [Cert]
43AA4MM1999SA HP 160M75,192295156  
449A2G2016SA HP 160M (T)67,9802011655.8 [Cert]
45W2MF2003SA HP 160M67,46627315821.2  
46YO7LCB2015SA HP 160M66,99319616315.0 [Cert]
47W2MF2006SA HP 160M66,68228115417.1  
48IC8POF2007SA HP 160M66,1442081598.9  
49YU0T2015SA HP 160M66,0441871584.5 [Cert]
50W3LL2013SA HP 160M (T)63,02025013711.5 [Cert]
51UA6AIW2011SA HP 160M61,53519015514.3 [Cert]
52EA1GFW2009SA HP 160M55,12519414713.7 [Cert]
53UR5AKU2011SA HP 160M54,9811711498.5 [Cert]
54W2MF1999SA HP 160M54,264222136  
55AA1BU2000SA HP 160M51,408239136  
56W2MF2000SA HP 160M51,375241137  
57UW1I2011SA HP 160M49,4781631435.7UW5IM[Cert]
58KN2T2015SA HP 160M45,00019312012.4  
59EA1DR2016SA HP 160M39,5201491305.5 [Cert]
60OZ1ADL2013SA HP 160M37,8001511265.9 [Cert]
61EA1DR2010SA HP 160M36,1081371187.4 [Cert]
62UA6AIW2012SA HP 160M35,9161391236.7 [Cert]
63UA4IC2013SA HP 160M34,92014712010.9  
64UT5UGR2011SA HP 160M30,1601311167.6 [Cert]
65SP3GTS2015SA HP 160M30,0161311124.5 [Cert]
66UT3WX2016SA HP 160M25,48012110411.4 [Cert]
67EA1DR2014SA HP 160M23,17511210323.4 [Cert]
68YW5T2009SA HP 160M18,939615910.0YV5JBI[Cert]
69UT5UGR2015SA HP 160M17,544978619.6 [Cert]
70YO3HOT2015SA HP 160M16,04488847.3 [Cert]
71WZ8P2009SA HP 160M (T)14,615137795.6 [Cert]
72SP3GTS2014SA HP 160M11,82683733.5 [Cert]
73YO3HOT2014SA HP 160M11,692787411.6 [Cert]
74F5DRD2013SA HP 160M11,17879693.6 [Cert]
75N3HEE2016SA HP 160M11,01696725.4 [Cert]
76K4WW2006SA HP 160M10,95299746.6  
779A2G2015SA HP 160M (T)10,31872673.2 [Cert]
78EA1DVY2009SA HP 160M9,63971634.9 [Cert]
79SP6AXW2011SA HP 160M8,25365633.0 [Cert]
80WA1PMA/72006SA HP 160M7,25781596.5  
81ED1Q2012SA HP 160M6,62562533.9EA1QA[Cert]
82EA1DVY1996SA HP 160M6,4006050  
83RW9UDS2011SA HP 160M6,39237343.9 [Cert]
84SP9OJM2010SA HP 160M4,41650463.6 [Cert]
85N4RA2010SA HP 160M4,01238342.1 [Cert]
864N200A2004SA HP 160M2,40939331.4YU1UA 
87W4JVN1995SA HP 160M2,1763534  
88K1DNR2013SA HP 160M (T)1,92040326.7 [Cert]
89EA1DVY2015SA HP 160M1,62823222.2 [Cert]
90UX6IR2013SA HP 160M1,62028271.0 [Cert]
91UT4UXW2003SA HP 160M1,53730290.9  
92R3LA2016SA HP 160M98021200.4 [Cert]
93UX6IR2015SA HP 160M76019191.2 [Cert]
94YZ1W2002SA HP 160M72020180.7  
95WG5J2011SA HP 160M66024221.2 [Cert]
96TC10SWAT2014SA HP 160M20010100.6TA1FR[Cert]
97VK2DXI/62013SA HP 160M (T)111VK6DXI[Cert]

Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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