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1LO5D2014SA LP 10M6,138,7802,1151,01334.2LU8EOT[Cert]
2YV1KK2015SA LP 10M5,964,2462,24391834.1 [Cert]
3LO5D2013SA LP 10M4,980,6541,98188229.6LU8EOT[Cert]
4LZ4TL2014SA LP 10M4,757,7202,02098334.3  
5PR3A2012SA LP 10M4,639,4601,87286830.6PY3OZ[Cert]
6LU8EOT2012SA LP 10M4,400,6851,81985532.2 [Cert]
7PY1NX2013SA LP 10M4,357,3501,81784231.7 [Cert]
89N7CC2015SA LP 10M3,430,4201,83674925.4SQ9CNN[Cert]
9LT7F2015SA LP 10M2,971,2251,37975729.7LU6FOV[Cert]
10LT7H2015SA LP 10M2,758,7621,35872226.7 [Cert]
11VK6IR2014SA LP 10M (T)2,322,8351,19068526.6 [Cert]
12E70A2014SA LP 10M2,298,2901,23273934.1 [Cert]
13PY4ZE2014SA LP 10M (T)2,279,8021,13071428.4 [Cert]
14EE8T2013SA LP 10M2,211,2091,24161128.3EA8MT[Cert]
15YB0MWM2013SA LP 10M2,081,3841,17760422.3 [Cert]
16PY2SEX2011SA LP 10M2,025,6501,13963835.4 [Cert]
17PY2SPW2014SA LP 10M1,896,0501,04365032.6 [Cert]
18EC7AKV2014SA LP 10M (T)1,873,5531,21973126.9 [Cert]
19LT7F2014SA LP 10M1,871,4241,02164830.5LU6FOV[Cert]
20HG0R2014SA LP 10M1,867,3221,11268325.5HA0NAR[Cert]
21ZV5WPX2014SA LP 10M1,848,5781,03162628.3PU5FJR[Cert]
22PP5JD2004SA LP 10M1,533,1141,01353429.2  
23LU7DH2015SA LP 10M1,478,14295355825.0 [Cert]
24PY2HT2014SA LP 10M1,395,82389255930.2 [Cert]
25YV5JF2012SA LP 10M1,330,6621,01447924.8 [Cert]
26PY3FJ2012SA LP 10M1,323,55286354429.7 [Cert]
27CA3CBM2015SA LP 10M1,320,13589652721.4 [Cert]
28PY2OE2010SA LP 10M1,276,94193949926.5 [Cert]
29I0UZF2015SA LP 10M1,257,89386660129.2 [Cert]
30PU8WWW2012SA LP 10M (R)1,248,56686455132.8 [Cert]
31UN6P2015SA LP 10M1,195,51989053315.4 [Cert]
32LU8VR2015SA LP 10M1,168,86092646023.9 [Cert]
33EI4CF2014SA LP 10M1,098,72088254522.1 [Cert]
34W1WBB2014SA LP 10M (T)1,040,12868354425.1 [Cert]
35ZW8T2015SA LP 10M1,034,13677447710.1PS8HF[Cert]
36PU2STZ2013SA LP 10M (R)1,026,01878647926.7 [Cert]
37CX4AD2015SA LP 10M1,024,35476547820.5 [Cert]
38EA8DED2015SA LP 10M1,011,36977344318.7 [Cert]
39LU6DC2014SA LP 10M (T)989,28072548022.4 [Cert]
40TK4LS2014SA LP 10M960,64075760823.5 [Cert]
41PY2TKB2014SA LP 10M893,48769747125.8 [Cert]
42PU1KGG2011SA LP 10M890,88071046429.8 [Cert]
43PU2STZ2012SA LP 10M (R)853,54968744926.8 [Cert]
44IZ8EYP2015SA LP 10M840,84074852023.9 [Cert]
45PY2HT2012SA LP 10M839,30072043619.5 [Cert]
46UA0DM2014SA LP 10M835,90862149220.8 [Cert]
47YY4KCV2015SA LP 10M (R)833,61273744224.6 [Cert]
48IZ5CML2014SA LP 10M833,44166051120.4 [Cert]
49CT7AEQ2014SA LP 10M830,44683555423.8 [Cert]
50UN2E2015SA LP 10M (T)818,29068547320.6 [Cert]
51ZY2W2002SA LP 10M791,51768543929.0PT2ND 
52Z39A2015SA LP 10M776,64072648022.2 [Cert]
53PU2SPW2013SA LP 10M774,97464744934.3 [Cert]
54PY2TKB2012SA LP 10M774,20466043325.0 [Cert]
55LU7HVN1998SA LP 10M722,9171,580597  
56WW3S2002SA LP 10M698,54465743216.8  
57LU1UM2013SA LP 10M627,07263438416.1LU5ULV[Cert]
58CT2IVH2015SA LP 10M (T)621,52279447321.0 [Cert]
59EA8OM2015SA LP 10M607,44654037810.8 [Cert]
60OK1DCF2014SA LP 10M577,72455243916.9 [Cert]
61ED8B2014SA LP 10M (R)564,71849838616.3EA8CZT 
62UA0WY2015SA LP 10M555,49254238925.5 [Cert]
63DC3RJ2014SA LP 10M537,18052042026.9 [Cert]
64PU1MKZ2013SA LP 10M535,36655834921.3 [Cert]
65UI4I2015SA LP 10M529,76069244016.2 [Cert]
66JA1BPA2014SA LP 10M (T)519,63949639112.7 [Cert]
67PU1KGG2015SA LP 10M510,49749436710.0 [Cert]
68IR9Z2014SA LP 10M502,04458542819.0IT9VCE 
69LU7YZ2010SA LP 10M485,71656333214.2 [Cert]
70EA4EUI2015SA LP 10M478,80056439922.4 [Cert]
71HG0R2012SA LP 10M469,08050436021.7HA0NAR[Cert]
72PY1RBM2013SA LP 10M461,01652533728.4 [Cert]
73HI8KW2015SA LP 10M460,88747535719.4  
74EA3QP2014SA LP 10M457,49651142418.9 [Cert]
75YB1JYL2015SA LP 10M451,87647234631.1 [Cert]
76PY2XC2011SA LP 10M440,22852431413.0 [Cert]
77LY2OU2014SA LP 10M434,21450837427.8 [Cert]
78JH8XVH2015SA LP 10M431,88045435419.9 [Cert]
79ZY2Z2003SA LP 10M414,02049232618.2PT2FM 
80W6AWW2014SA LP 10M408,80045736522.5 [Cert]
81PU2UAF2016SA LP 10M405,65750632926.8 [Cert]
82S56A2014SA LP 10M400,04043036526.8 [Cert]
83PY8WW2014SA LP 10M400,01046436219.1 [Cert]
84NP4EG2015SA LP 10M399,32054033518.3 [Cert]
85PY2TKB2015SA LP 10M396,5004403259.7 [Cert]
86PU1KGG2012SA LP 10M396,19845731915.2 [Cert]
87PP5NY2015SA LP 10M385,43642233419.5 [Cert]
88G4FJK2014SA LP 10M383,98046236517.2 [Cert]
89EA1YG2012SA LP 10M380,91552035523.4 [Cert]
90TA5FA2015SA LP 10M380,59849127710.3 [Cert]
91LZ2JA2015SA LP 10M367,69647634320.1 [Cert]
92PY2TNT2012SA LP 10M357,40844230610.8 [Cert]
93ZM3T2013SA LP 10M (T)343,43448625922.7W3SE[Cert]
94UY2UA2015SA LP 10M335,50043730522.4 [Cert]
95VC7X2014SA LP 10M (T)333,97543230521.0VE7JH[Cert]
96I0UZF2014SA LP 10M328,2513933199.8 [Cert]
97EA8CNR2013SA LP 10M318,79841326717.2 [Cert]
98PY2EL2013SA LP 10M308,5803992788.0 [Cert]
99YU1EXY2015SA LP 10M (R)307,49040531722.3YU5EEA[Cert]
100PU5SVE2013SA LP 10M307,23040129417.0 [Cert]



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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