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1ZP5MAL2007SA LP 15M5,028,1272,05783932.0  
2YY1YLY2015SA LP 15M (R)3,912,1081,75376234.8 [Cert]
3PW2B2010SA LP 15M3,015,3751,42673122.3 [Cert]
4HA4XH2012SA LP 15M2,442,4621,34675933.6 [Cert]
5EA5AER2002SA LP 15M2,123,4961,46769635.6  
6UR5IFB2014SA LP 15M1,947,3211,34482930.8 [Cert]
7CX2CC2015SA LP 15M1,934,2951,11061727.3 [Cert]
8IZ5EBL2011SA LP 15M (T)1,771,8931,08762925.0 [Cert]
9YU1NR1999SA LP 15M1,764,4621,260602  
10N9TGR2014SA LP 15M1,728,0271,00866930.3 [Cert]
11HA4XH2013SA LP 15M1,691,8401,07562232.1 [Cert]
12EI4CF2011SA LP 15M1,679,3301,14061025.6 [Cert]
13RD0W2015SA LP 15M1,669,22199863326.8 [Cert]
14PY2TIM2010SA LP 15M1,563,70496456822.0 [Cert]
15EF7A2011SA LP 15M1,544,4721,31168421.8EC7ABV[Cert]
16CX2CC2014SA LP 15M1,401,57092653720.8 [Cert]
17ZV2V2001SA LP 15M1,394,58297449724.5  
18IR9W2013SA LP 15M1,238,1601,14167026.3IW0HBY[Cert]
19N9TGR2015SA LP 15M1,227,80889559230.3 [Cert]
20WZ7ZR2001SA LP 15M1,216,5841,04555422.3W7ZR 
21HA5BSW2014SA LP 15M1,160,08295559421.6 [Cert]
22F4GGQ2015SA LP 15M1,077,87086761030.2 [Cert]
23PY9MM2012SA LP 15M1,069,93272154729.9 [Cert]
24YV6YV2016SA LP 15M1,062,43277749623.2 [Cert]
25KP2DX2016SA LP 15M1,032,76687749721.6KP2BH[Cert]
26N9TGR2012SA LP 15M1,001,61678754224.8 [Cert]
27ED8D2012SA LP 15M935,52066948031.7EA8MT[Cert]
28R9MC2012SA LP 15M (T)925,68869650216.8 [Cert]
297Z1TT2013SA LP 15M918,13774343715.4  
30N5DO2014SA LP 15M913,36077256028.9 [Cert]
31LZ2HA2015SA LP 15M906,61296360229.6 [Cert]
32YB0MWM2016SA LP 15M882,18072743526.7 [Cert]
33ES6Q2011SA LP 15M875,65569354930.7ES5RY[Cert]
34EA2DNR2014SA LP 15M874,08289659325.9 [Cert]
35IV3JVJ2003SA LP 15M841,93272946823.7  
36UA0WY2012SA LP 15M831,83369649926.2 [Cert]
37RA9AU2014SA LP 15M818,89658850825.8 [Cert]
38YV5EAH2014SA LP 15M789,52365442717.8 [Cert]
39PY2ZY2009SA LP 15M776,38570640520.2 [Cert]
40PY1ZV2015SA LP 15M725,56069637411.2 [Cert]
41RD0W2014SA LP 15M705,74457946423.8 [Cert]
429A6A2013SA LP 15M699,56665146724.3 [Cert]
43DM6DX2011SA LP 15M688,17660743226.6 [Cert]
44KG1E2016SA LP 15M684,15657943817.2 [Cert]
45IR8M2012SA LP 15M650,88671049816.7IZ0EYP[Cert]
46JI1ICF2015SA LP 15M647,32261938618.7 [Cert]
47BD7BM2015SA LP 15M (R)644,74274244127.7  
48LZ2HA2014SA LP 15M642,69076455525.3 [Cert]
49BA7IN2010SA LP 15M628,08268644228.5 [Cert]
50PY2HT2016SA LP 15M611,07358638728.2 [Cert]
51N9TGR2013SA LP 15M606,39064243524.9 [Cert]
52RU4CS2013SA LP 15M587,89873551328.6 [Cert]
53PY4TJ2016SA LP 15M583,73752339922.5 [Cert]
54EY8DD2010SA LP 15M569,21756936712.5 [Cert]
55N9TGR2016SA LP 15M558,67258541222.1 [Cert]
56YL3GV2014SA LP 15M557,58368249327.6 [Cert]
57YU1NNN2015SA LP 15M556,41662443232.2 [Cert]
58ON4APU2001SA LP 15M552,97658042827.4  
59R9MC2011SA LP 15M (T)551,37954339317.0 [Cert]
60LZ2JA2013SA LP 15M547,24268844617.5 [Cert]
61VE3TU2014SA LP 15M (T)527,00856238323.2 [Cert]
62UT5LO2012SA LP 15M526,12859545233.7 [Cert]
63LY2OU2015SA LP 15M525,00858941831.1 [Cert]
64S52OT2011SA LP 15M516,57752937928.4 [Cert]
65SP4DZT2012SA LP 15M511,93654342124.5 [Cert]
66KK1H2002SA LP 15M510,54253639725.5  
67PS6T2009SA LP 15M504,75454635912.6PY6KY[Cert]
68ED8B2016SA LP 15M (T)504,10048635512.7EA8CZT[Cert]
69UW2L2014SA LP 15M501,99459649920.2UT5LO 
70LU7YW2009SA LP 15M499,15556332119.4 [Cert]
71W4UAL2011SA LP 15M498,19061538523.7K4CWW[Cert]
72EX7ML2011SA LP 15M493,95051137021.1 [Cert]
73JM1NKT2011SA LP 15M (T)478,04050437017.4 [Cert]
74JM1LRQ2011SA LP 15M (T)476,63048338520.4 [Cert]
75NH7FY2006SA LP 15M470,65859128217.0  
76ED8B2015SA LP 15M (T)465,89445036230.3EA8CZT[Cert]
77EA2DT2011SA LP 15M463,94253942129.0 [Cert]
78CT2IOV2011SA LP 15M459,32572047528.6 [Cert]
79YB1JYL2013SA LP 15M449,90448233633.0 [Cert]
809A3BWW2015SA LP 15M (R)446,25053142524.9 [Cert]
81RU0BB2003SA LP 15M434,25648233227.9  
82PY2HT2015SA LP 15M411,17447131817.7 [Cert]
83LU7MT2015SA LP 15M (T)406,22444633620.6 [Cert]
84RA9XF2010SA LP 15M403,10446932317.8 [Cert]
85LZ2JA2011SA LP 15M397,89652835419.3 [Cert]
86G8X2016SA LP 15M380,01645934826.5G4FJK[Cert]
87JT1BZ2010SA LP 15M379,7805123409.6SUHE[Cert]
88JL3VUL2016SA LP 15M377,24543436124.4 [Cert]
89PA0MIR2014SA LP 15M (T)373,10046741023.4 [Cert]
90Z32ID2011SA LP 15M361,6805043308.8 [Cert]
91BH7JUO2016SA LP 15M353,40852435227.3 [Cert]
92F5VKT2013SA LP 15M (T)352,89751135917.6 [Cert]
93LZ2HA2016SA LP 15M352,35944232919.4 [Cert]
94KG1E2011SA LP 15M (T)349,93236336318.1 [Cert]
95KM4HI2011SA LP 15M (T)349,18239734224.7 [Cert]
96OK1AY2014SA LP 15M347,20044340017.1 [Cert]
97UA9UDR2013SA LP 15M345,78044734019.3  
98RT4W2015SA LP 15M341,13054141525.8 [Cert]
99KC0DEB2015SA LP 15M (T)327,29540933522.5 [Cert]
100HA3OV2004SA LP 15M324,61541532316.8  



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