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1YT5J2007SA LP 20M2,696,8981,87677933.3YU1JW 
2RV9CP2010SA LP 20M2,331,7581,22668230.6 [Cert]
3FM5FJ2006SA LP 20M1,956,8761,23862627.5  
4MW0EDX2014SA LP 20M (T)1,830,8971,41181733.9 [Cert]
5YT5CT2012SA LP 20M1,511,4331,43872736.0 [Cert]
6HI8JSG2016SA LP 20M1,473,3921,13756827.6 [Cert]
7PP5JD1998SA LP 20M1,314,010972505  
8UA6LUQ2014SA LP 20M1,244,5251,13074336.0 [Cert]
9YT5CT2013SA LP 20M1,221,5281,25466126.7 [Cert]
10E74Y2014SA LP 20M1,217,0101,04471835.4 [Cert]
11OL9R2014SA LP 20M (T)1,187,4921,13570633.0OK6RA[Cert]
12HG6V2014SA LP 20M (T)1,166,2001,03768628.2HA6IAM[Cert]
13YT8T2012SA LP 20M1,142,5801,04268534.1 [Cert]
14UR2Y2016SA LP 20M (T)1,041,3811,06360331.4US0YW[Cert]
154Z0DX2015SA LP 20M1,040,81573551529.5 [Cert]
16KG1E2012SA LP 20M (T)1,036,63079559033.7 [Cert]
17ZM3T2012SA LP 20M (T)1,036,07478048123.8W3SE[Cert]
18UA6LUQ2011SA LP 20M958,85094463535.1 [Cert]
19SP4DZT2011SA LP 20M903,13997459328.1 [Cert]
20UA6LUQ2013SA LP 20M873,12092764234.5 [Cert]
21K4MDX2010SA LP 20M849,85276751633.2 [Cert]
22R7CA2016SA LP 20M819,68192259720.6 [Cert]
23UN2E2014SA LP 20M780,51657548628.4 [Cert]
24DM2A2010SA LP 20M777,03374347728.4DH2UHF[Cert]
25YT2AAA2014SA LP 20M (T)769,02899259824.4 [Cert]
26UA6LUQ2015SA LP 20M750,36491059632.5  
27UT7Y2012SA LP 20M724,89592656523.9US0YW[Cert]
28IW1QN2010SA LP 20M724,71679049134.8 [Cert]
29RU5TT2015SA LP 20M (T)710,95083059026.1R3TE[Cert]
30RU5TT2016SA LP 20M (T)698,98276458225.1R3TE[Cert]
31UA6LUQ2016SA LP 20M657,07880358228.4 [Cert]
32YO8SSB2012SA LP 20M640,92080754529.2 [Cert]
33RA9JR2008SA LP 20M630,67858140914.2 [Cert]
34PY8WW2015SA LP 20M607,47652742626.7 [Cert]
35UT3IZ2013SA LP 20M594,04867654626.5 [Cert]
36ES5RY2004SA LP 20M583,16072047831.5  
37S59N2011SA LP 20M570,85077546618.8 [Cert]
38RZ3Z2015SA LP 20M (T)543,92467352232.9 [Cert]
39YO5OHO2016SA LP 20M537,47476046936.0 [Cert]
40Z39A2013SA LP 20M534,72693048714.5 [Cert]
41CE3AA2014SA LP 20M (T)524,88047940526.5XQ4CW[Cert]
42NP4G2012SA LP 20M497,37763435310.0 [Cert]
43RU3SD2009SA LP 20M485,78061645419.7 [Cert]
44IT9DGG2015SA LP 20M (R)470,93259748431.5 [Cert]
45YU1ARC2010SA LP 20M444,30879140117.6YT3PL[Cert]
46VO1BC2006SA LP 20M444,27651030111.8  
47EC8AQQ2015SA LP 20M428,57242234925.5 [Cert]
48IZ8EFD2015SA LP 20M (T)428,13963547119.2 [Cert]
49EF7W2012SA LP 20M (T)425,89864247827.7EC7KW[Cert]
50ES5TF2010SA LP 20M (R)421,51460841932.0ES5TF @ES5EC[Cert]
51KP2DX2013SA LP 20M412,69660331624.7KP2BH[Cert]
52E21YDP2016SA LP 20M389,30545234329.1 [Cert]
53RK3SWB2011SA LP 20M387,76849742817.0RV3SFF[Cert]
54OK6RA2012SA LP 20M (T)371,84062941526.9 [Cert]
55EA5YJ1998SA LP 20M361,296701386  
56RA6GW2012SA LP 20M357,84052742622.0 [Cert]
57TA1CR2013SA LP 20M351,38872742815.4 [Cert]
58YO4RDW2012SA LP 20M350,24456242333.2 [Cert]
59UT7Y2011SA LP 20M331,29658740612.9US0YW[Cert]
60SQ6H2016SA LP 20M330,58250335717.5 [Cert]
61OL9R2013SA LP 20M (T)325,54052339724.7OK6RA[Cert]
62W4/M0BUE2008SA LP 20M (T)310,15560734525.4 [Cert]
63UN7BEW2015SA LP 20M298,29838229821.6 [Cert]
64EY7BJ2013SA LP 20M295,72836830310.4 [Cert]
65EA1CS2004SA LP 20M295,63054937019.3  
66SP8N2016SA LP 20M287,02849835717.5 [Cert]
67S57T1997SA LP 20M281,517501321  
68YT2DDK2015SA LP 20M280,23656638628.5 [Cert]
69NP4G2011SA LP 20M277,60545327911.4 [Cert]
70BD4QH2009SA LP 20M (R)273,51154928727.2 [Cert]
71VA2AFH2013SA LP 20M270,54434229627.0 [Cert]
72SP3LPG2012SA LP 20M268,99647636431.6 [Cert]
73PY1GQ2016SA LP 20M260,58633327912.3 [Cert]
74LU7YZ2007SA LP 20M260,03637825120.8  
75YQ5Q2009SA LP 20M257,11450631928.4YO5OHO[Cert]
76EA8BGO2015SA LP 20M254,30432128816.8  
77RW9TP2014SA LP 20M246,44830829222.6 [Cert]
78W5GZ2010SA LP 20M226,77833529818.9 [Cert]
79LZ1DNY2016SA LP 20M223,86247534619.5 [Cert]
80N7FLT2010SA LP 20M (T)223,85233429317.8 [Cert]
81W4LC2009SA LP 20M (T)221,87232228315.2 [Cert]
82R4FA2016SA LP 20M221,19043536528.0 [Cert]
83CT3FW2014SA LP 20M221,18328626321.4 [Cert]
84OQ4B2014SA LP 20M (T)219,99844634714.7ON4BHQ[Cert]
85IZ8EFD2012SA LP 20M (T)219,24049036016.7 [Cert]
86R7CA2015SA LP 20M213,8264823319.7 [Cert]
87RX3DBG2011SA LP 20M212,55038032724.0 [Cert]
88UT7Y2013SA LP 20M207,64543632711.4US0YW[Cert]
89S57LR2013SA LP 20M203,89642233131.0 [Cert]
90PD2TW2016SA LP 20M203,04939829315.7 [Cert]
919A205ST2012SA LP 20M200,59242333618.59A5ST[Cert]
92PG2AA2016SA LP 20M (T)197,64037030523.4 [Cert]
93PY1ON2013SA LP 20M192,97530524924.1 [Cert]
94G3VAO2012SA LP 20M (T)192,0603943308.2 [Cert]
95UT3XA2014SA LP 20M189,98739432713.0 [Cert]
96YO5LD2011SA LP 20M (R)187,74040531526.5 [Cert]
97RA9JR2009SA LP 20M187,7392902416.4 [Cert]
989A6DJX2014SA LP 20M186,37238233436.0 [Cert]
99UA6GF2016SA LP 20M184,46439733615.4 [Cert]
100RX3DBG2012SA LP 20M182,59037131019.7 [Cert]



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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