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17Z1SJ2011SA LP 40M2,345,77680554226.0 [Cert]
2EA5KA2009SA LP 40M2,235,1681,09162428.3 [Cert]
3S57DX2013SA LP 40M1,780,2001,11364535.6 [Cert]
4UZ7M2013SA LP 40M1,680,0001,00362521.5UT9MZ[Cert]
5SN3X2010SA LP 40M1,579,3471,11558333.2 [Cert]
6RC7KY2015SA LP 40M1,405,34089058030.6 [Cert]
7YV8ER2016SA LP 40M1,403,42463539627.0 [Cert]
8HG9X2011SA LP 40M1,295,60881156834.7HA9PP[Cert]
9II4K2013SA LP 40M1,270,9351,00054926.8IZ4AMS[Cert]
10SV5RDS2004SA LP 40M1,199,220840460SV5DKL 
11M0C2013SA LP 40M (T)981,28878150427.5G3WGN[Cert]
12OK1UG2015SA LP 40M951,66079951028.0 [Cert]
13YT1ET2014SA LP 40M945,37686149624.9 [Cert]
14EI4CF2012SA LP 40M892,01273348421.6 [Cert]
15SP9KDA2015SA LP 40M886,82776948721.9SP6-8522[Cert]
16YR5N2016SA LP 40M866,98570248331.9YO5PBF[Cert]
17EN1C2012SA LP 40M (T)845,43570847921.8UY7C[Cert]
18VY2MGY/32012SA LP 40M (T)685,64063728129.0VE3MGY[Cert]
19YT2AAA2013SA LP 40M (T)683,21260543626.0 [Cert]
20OK1UG2011SA LP 40M677,37662844832.6 [Cert]
21EC7WR2016SA LP 40M641,55650342618.8 [Cert]
22NY6DX/22012SA LP 40M632,81872739728.7 [Cert]
23WK9U2016SA LP 40M (R)590,05874737821.8 [Cert]
242E1FVS2013SA LP 40M588,42057742033.9 [Cert]
25IT9RWB2010SA LP 40M576,44453939720.5 [Cert]
26YT3T2015SA LP 40M548,22859040420.9 [Cert]
27YO5OHO2010SA LP 40M545,68857439621.0 [Cert]
28OK1UG2010SA LP 40M427,20048335630.0 [Cert]
292E1FVS2012SA LP 40M419,69246536430.5 [Cert]
302E1FVS2011SA LP 40M407,96843135224.8 [Cert]
31DF8AE2013SA LP 40M367,35351135716.1 [Cert]
32EC7KW2011SA LP 40M (T)362,47040933530.6 [Cert]
33DF8AE2015SA LP 40M349,23648935612.0 [Cert]
34EA5HSI2012SA LP 40M (R)345,77938332921.4 [Cert]
35LY2OU2016SA LP 40M322,72539833119.7 [Cert]
36PD9X2013SA LP 40M310,46443230813.5 [Cert]
37UV3QF2015SA LP 40M308,88041131214.3 [Cert]
38W1EQO2010SA LP 40M303,88042628422.8 [Cert]
39YV5LI2010SA LP 40M (R)300,68724121911.2 [Cert]
40UT3XA2013SA LP 40M292,87837830722.5 [Cert]
41OK1UG2009SA LP 40M290,62440630430.4 [Cert]
42YY4TSS2016SA LP 40M285,62127120118.2 [Cert]
43LZ0M2015SA LP 40M283,69636729815.5LZ2SX[Cert]
44SP5AUY2010SA LP 40M269,79332827922.1 [Cert]
45VE9ML2012SA LP 40M255,38723421311.5 [Cert]
46YY5LI2009SA LP 40M (R)226,87221618413.4 [Cert]
47YZ7ED1998SA LP 40M226,008249172  
482E0SDV2016SA LP 40M (R)216,97533327522.4 [Cert]
49F8CGL2011SA LP 40M212,79232526819.7 [Cert]
50RU3ST2010SA LP 40M212,71529426112.7 [Cert]
51DF8AE2010SA LP 40M209,84439026118.8 [Cert]
52YU2A2014SA LP 40M209,48433127616.4 [Cert]
53RW9QA2013SA LP 40M204,66021818014.6 [Cert]
54DL5RU2015SA LP 40M200,70930026122.6 [Cert]
55KO3T2015SA LP 40M181,28028522010.4 [Cert]
56OK2PPM2011SA LP 40M (T)171,86427923113.6 [Cert]
57HI8KW2016SA LP 40M161,39518116913.5 [Cert]
58UA0WY2014SA LP 40M160,68819617621.8 [Cert]
59LY1C2008SA LP 40M156,35230022423.5 [Cert]
60WC2L2010SA LP 40M154,1672352017.7 [Cert]
61DL5RU2014SA LP 40M153,87025423024.3 [Cert]
62WP4WW2014SA LP 40M (T)153,3682361523.1KP4JRS[Cert]
639A3BWW2013SA LP 40M (R)141,26427421826.2 [Cert]
64OM0A2015SA LP 40M138,30624922214.6OM0AAO[Cert]
652E0CVN2015SA LP 40M134,46926622312.5 [Cert]
66DL9ECA2009SA LP 40M (T)133,13323420912.9 [Cert]
67UA2FT2012SA LP 40M128,55422319915.3 [Cert]
68YL2GQG2014SA LP 40M125,77223322316.0 [Cert]
69EW7DK2013SA LP 40M125,64924420713.5 [Cert]
70VE9ML2013SA LP 40M124,8001661505.8 [Cert]
71DL5RU2011SA LP 40M122,20224321920.1 [Cert]
72YO3JW2009SA LP 40M122,0082482027.4 [Cert]
73PT7ZZ2008SA LP 40M116,62015414016.8 [Cert]
74YT0A2012SA LP 40M112,65819218210.2 [Cert]
75IZ3KKE2009SA LP 40M110,85622018612.5 [Cert]
76DS5TOS2012SA LP 40M110,5222421467.4 [Cert]
77RC9AR2014SA LP 40M109,76014914013.3 [Cert]
784M5L2011SA LP 40M104,8081391329.2YV5LI[Cert]
799A3BWW2014SA LP 40M (R)103,29623819221.0 [Cert]
80DH0DX2015SA LP 40M (T)101,4302782107.1DK5TX[Cert]
813Z6V2013SA LP 40M97,6012231916.4SP6DVP[Cert]
82HJ4ZJS2016SA LP 40M95,43614013213.7 [Cert]
83PD3BVI2013SA LP 40M (T)93,7962481799.8  
84KA9O2011SA LP 40M93,64422416413.9 [Cert]
85F8CGL2010SA LP 40M92,73622818417.4 [Cert]
86SO7L2012SA LP 40M92,3941881747.3SP7UWL[Cert]
87WF5E2012SA LP 40M (T)84,8122311825.4W5AJ[Cert]
88UA4NDX2016SA LP 40M83,95217815918.5 [Cert]
89HK3JJB2012SA LP 40M83,0701251178.0 [Cert]
90YT3EE2016SA LP 40M77,6162001689.5 [Cert]
91YO9AGI2014SA LP 40M75,69618816610.0 [Cert]
92SN1I2009SA LP 40M74,4242141682.6 [Cert]
93ES4RX2010SA LP 40M68,52618916210.5 [Cert]
94S58MU1997SA LP 40M65,296193154  
95S51JS2013SA LP 40M63,75619915416.2 [Cert]
96YU2FG2016SA LP 40M (T)63,2321621528.2 [Cert]
97JH9URT2011SA LP 40M61,77612410810.4 [Cert]
98DD9WG2012SA LP 40M (T)59,7321461378.6 [Cert]
99YU1SMA2015SA LP 40M (R)59,18916315711.6 [Cert]
100DJ2MX2009SA LP 40M58,85516514912.2 [Cert]



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