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1E77C2015SA LP 80M1,267,86097356121.6 [Cert]
2OK1WCF2015SA LP 80M1,077,42895752120.9 [Cert]
3SV5DKL2013SA LP 80M803,52071046521.5 [Cert]
4S52OT2015SA LP 80M750,28875046225.5 [Cert]
5SQ80UM2010SA LP 80M (T)668,96475042833.7SQ9UM[Cert]
6OK1WCF2014SA LP 80M668,56167744919.7 [Cert]
7E74WN2013SA LP 80M595,94067841524.0 [Cert]
8YT1HA2015SA LP 80M572,28562141523.5 [Cert]
99A1JSB2012SA LP 80M527,05058241525.59A7ZZ[Cert]
10LY7Z2012SA LP 80M521,96859640418.4 [Cert]
11SO5A2010SA LP 80M505,42260438730.6SP5LS[Cert]
12OK1AY2016SA LP 80M500,87160139117.8 [Cert]
13SP8LBK2013SA LP 80M446,17657738221.9 [Cert]
14LY4Q2010SA LP 80M442,86058636325.5 [Cert]
15E77EZ2015SA LP 80M433,57555836918.5 [Cert]
16YU7YZ2016SA LP 80M388,39650435621.2 [Cert]
17VY2MGY2011SA LP 80M (T)388,12040824817.8VE3MGY[Cert]
18DO1HDR2011SA LP 80M386,50851037227.5 [Cert]
19YT8WW2011SA LP 80M381,15049736320.8 [Cert]
20S52WW2013SA LP 80M353,10646935127.9 [Cert]
21OM7AB2010SA LP 80M338,87050732926.7 [Cert]
22YT4A2009SA LP 80M (T)305,60241631921.6 [Cert]
23OM6ADN2016SA LP 80M303,05246131723.6 [Cert]
24SQ6CU2011SA LP 80M286,13446130919.5 [Cert]
25UX1VT2013SA LP 80M280,21140731116.4 [Cert]
26SN9Q2009SA LP 80M280,12047829810.0SQ9NFI[Cert]
27LY1G2010SA LP 80M279,07237730624.1 [Cert]
28YU7YZ2015SA LP 80M274,51239230422.7 [Cert]
29UX1VT2014SA LP 80M257,34640630615.7 [Cert]
30OK2BFN2014SA LP 80M252,39938530319.6 [Cert]
31S53NW2012SA LP 80M (T)243,83739429719.7 [Cert]
32IC8JAH2001SA LP 80M226,93139525721.1  
33HA5NB2013SA LP 80M (T)217,82836928415.3 [Cert]
34EA1GA2015SA LP 80M208,23632026811.8 [Cert]
35SQ8JX2011SA LP 80M205,5163762699.7 [Cert]
36EC7KW2014SA LP 80M (T)202,00029825017.4 [Cert]
37R8TT2016SA LP 80M195,00820117617.1 [Cert]
38DO4DXA2009SA LP 80M194,77540226516.6 [Cert]
399A5RPZ2015SA LP 80M (R)194,30035026822.4 [Cert]
40VE9ML2011SA LP 80M193,91422218911.7 [Cert]
41OM6TX2016SA LP 80M191,46433726315.8 [Cert]
42NY6DX/22013SA LP 80M (T)185,61036823010.6 [Cert]
43LY3S2008SA LP 80M163,56031223517.5 [Cert]
44DR2K2012SA LP 80M163,22631126217.8DL5OCR[Cert]
45IT9JDH2012SA LP 80M (T)139,20026023217.5 [Cert]
46OK2HZ2008SA LP 80M128,07724921116.3 [Cert]
47UX0LL2006SA LP 80M126,69027920612.2  
48OK2BXE2014SA LP 80M (T)124,26025321816.3 [Cert]
49SN9Q2008SA LP 80M106,43429421917.1SQ9NFI[Cert]
50HA4XH2011SA LP 80M100,3942402023.6 [Cert]
51UR9QQ2011SA LP 80M96,6962402049.6 [Cert]
52DK9HN2010SA LP 80M96,4002252008.7 [Cert]
53EA3AKA2012SA LP 80M94,50021218914.4 [Cert]
54WU0B/42016SA LP 80M81,8791701477.5 [Cert]
55YV8AD2013SA LP 80M79,66512511311.2 [Cert]
56IT9RBW2016SA LP 80M78,7921781686.3 [Cert]
57SP6RGB2014SA LP 80M66,23419116613.7 [Cert]
58IZ5OQX2016SA LP 80M (T)59,36416815311.8 [Cert]
59WT1A2014SA LP 80M (T)58,37016013010.4 [Cert]
60EC7AKV2011SA LP 80M (T)56,71815613812.2 [Cert]
61OK1DWQ2016SA LP 80M51,7441631477.2 [Cert]
62YV1FM2007SA LP 80M51,3041008816.4  
63SQ2NNN2013SA LP 80M (T)49,13215614219.4 [Cert]
64S53NW2013SA LP 80M (T)36,7031381277.2 [Cert]
65ER3AU2014SA LP 80M (T)34,15312911912.0 [Cert]
66DF1HF2009SA LP 80M32,7601511268.3 [Cert]
67IK7XNF2014SA LP 80M26,5681211084.5 [Cert]
68NA5NN2013SA LP 80M24,750123993.9K2FF[Cert]
69UZ7I2014SA LP 80M (R)22,019105976.8 [Cert]
70RL6LP2014SA LP 80M16,61794877.3 [Cert]
71LY3JM2009SA LP 80M16,35697871.9 [Cert]
72SV1PMQ2016SA LP 80M15,504817623.1 [Cert]
73YB1AR2012SA LP 80M15,38662495.9 [Cert]
74WL7O2010SA LP 80M15,18067557.8 [Cert]
75OK1IC2011SA LP 80M14,41888812.5 [Cert]
76DD9WG2016SA LP 80M (T)13,858898212.0 [Cert]
77DO9ST2016SA LP 80M12,92175733.1 [Cert]
78OM8ADM2016SA LP 80M (R)11,79274673.6 [Cert]
79SC3A2010SA LP 80M11,24878743.7SM3WMU[Cert]
80UN9FB2009SA LP 80M10,75258487.5 [Cert]
81TA8AT2015SA LP 80M10,49247435.4 [Cert]
82KA3ITJ2011SA LP 80M (T)6,432524810.2 [Cert]
83JM1NKT2010SA LP 80M (T)6,20049404.2 [Cert]
84EA1GWM2012SA LP 80M4,988444321.7 [Cert]
85WB4OMM2013SA LP 80M4,93237362.1 [Cert]
86EA4DFE2007SA LP 80M (R)4,326434228.0  
87ES5EC2013SA LP 80M3,04038382.9ES5TF[Cert]
88HG4W2015SA LP 80M2,62837360.2 [Cert]
89S59ZZ2010SA LP 80M2,38034340.6 [Cert]
90DM9K2013SA LP 80M2,31030300.8DO4DXA[Cert]
91BD4WN2015SA LP 80M2,29438315.6 [Cert]
92PU7EEL2005SA LP 80M2,18421214.6  
93YO2MKD2011SA LP 80M (R)2,04832329.1 [Cert]
94IK8YFU2013SA LP 80M1,68229293.7 [Cert]
95SQ9HYN2007SA LP 80M1,512292725.3  
96SQ5SDW2010SA LP 80M1,21923232.3 [Cert]
97EU3AA2014SA LP 80M1,10020205.6 [Cert]
98SQ8JMC2009SA LP 80M1,07527251.9 [Cert]
99SQ9ITA2008SA LP 80M1,05624241.0 [Cert]
100IR8W2010SA LP 80M1,000222015.1IK8YFU[Cert]



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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