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1YM0T2005SO LP 160M486,84638322223.5TA2RC 
2HA8BE2009SO LP 160M325,87647931719.0 [Cert]
3LY5A2004SO LP 160M309,68049328023.4LY2PAJ 
4VE3MGY2007SO LP 160M288,54038322926.4  
5TA3J2002SO LP 160M267,69925718121.4  
6HA8BE2006SO LP 160M257,40043227518.9  
7HA8BE2008SO LP 160M229,45740426918.0 [Cert]
8YM0T2006SO LP 160M221,40023316417.6TA2RC 
9VE3MGY2006SO LP 160M220,94635316620.8  
10UX5NQ2003SO LP 160M217,96844123920.4  
11SP6LUV2004SO LP 160M210,79840723920.3  
129A2AJ2013SO LP 160M206,15038826620.8 [Cert]
13UN2O1997SO LP 160M196,308294126  
14OE3BCA2007SO LP 160M194,81039224224.9  
15YT4A2011SO LP 160M (T)194,10334427320.2YT1AA[Cert]
16LY2OU2008SO LP 160M180,64836823416.9 [Cert]
17S52OT2008SO LP 160M180,38934925316.6 [Cert]
18T94ON1996SO LP 160M172,032375224  
19VE3MGY2005SO LP 160M170,75431114920.6  
20G4VGO2003SO LP 160M168,72033922818.7  
21OK6Y2009SO LP 160M162,85535423522.5OK2PTZ[Cert]
22LY2OU2003SO LP 160M160,552408188  
23E71GJK2010SO LP 160M156,72031824022.8 [Cert]
24UX5NQ2002SO LP 160M151,368399204  
25LY3UM2003SO LP 160M149,10033221317.3  
26OZ3SK2004SO LP 160M (T)144,61233620619.5  
27S50O1996SO LP 160M131,460317210  
284N1A2001SO LP 160M123,00030820025.2YT1DX 
29OZ3SK1996SO LP 160M122,112327192  
30S52WW2011SO LP 160M121,42626921823.9 [Cert]
31ER2RM2011SO LP 160M117,81025521014.5 [Cert]
32OK1NG1996SO LP 160M114,204339186  
33ER3HW2009SO LP 160M112,2662611988.7 [Cert]
34SO6A2003SO LP 160M111,92629219112.5SP6IHE 
35OZ3SK1995SO LP 160M111,452295187  
36UU4JMG1997SO LP 160M110,622253179  
37VE3MGY2008SO LP 160M (T)109,36125211915.0 [Cert]
38RA9CPQ1997SO LP 160M108,290167119  
39OK1FFU1996SO LP 160M105,376311178  
40OZ3SK1993SO LP 160M104,876316167  
41YM3D2009SO LP 160M103,1681481247.3TA3D [Cert]
42T94DO2003SO LP 160M102,78027218011.9  
43SP1FPG2016SO LP 160M101,09424820316.8 [Cert]
44YO5OHZ2005SO LP 160M99,68026817817.1  
459A3KR1995SO LP 160M99,552255183  
46OK2SNX2001SO LP 160M99,372290182  
47VE3MGY2004SO LP 160M98,86523011721.2  
48SQ9HZM2008SO LP 160M95,44525518917.5 [Cert]
49YM0T2008SO LP 160M94,51814311815.3TA2RC[Cert]
50EW8R2016SO LP 160M (T)94,12224618919.5 [Cert]
51YO5PBF2008SO LP 160M93,93024818611.6 [Cert]
52OZ3SK1994SO LP 160M92,400272175  
53LN9Z2006SO LP 160M90,99825517319.6LA9HW 
54SN9P2009SO LP 160M89,39723418913.4SQ9GAI[Cert]
559A3RE2005SO LP 160M87,54824917222.9  
56RA4NW1997SO LP 160M85,250237155  
57S59VM1995SO LP 160M84,320233170  
58OK2SNX1999SO LP 160M83,386255173  
59DL1ET2010SO LP 160M82,59323818918.5 [Cert]
60VE3MGY2003SO LP 160M82,40420210920.1  
61OL3Z1996SO LP 160M80,676233166OK2HI 
62OK2SNX2000SO LP 160M79,870250163  
63NT1E/22006SO LP 160M78,72033516417.0K3BU 
64SP1FPG2011SO LP 160M77,09620718420.8 [Cert]
65LY2OU1998SO LP 160M76,504253146  
66EU2EU2012SO LP 160M74,30421917215.6 [Cert]
67OK1JOK2015SO LP 160M72,66021517322.2 [Cert]
68VY2MGY/31999SO LP 160M71,820182108  
69E75A2015SO LP 160M71,65621216911.7 [Cert]
70OK2SNX2002SO LP 160M70,66822715618.6  
719A0C2000SO LP 160M70,5182221619A2HI 
72Z32PT2006SO LP 160M69,92020816013.8  
73YU6DX2013SO LP 160M69,7952061655.0 [Cert]
74E75A2013SO LP 160M69,53022117012.0 [Cert]
75ER2RM2013SO LP 160M69,0562041668.7 [Cert]
76ES1CH1997SO LP 160M (R)68,834213141  
77OK2HZ2005SO LP 160M68,21121515913.1  
78DL1ET2011SO LP 160M67,83021217015.7 [Cert]
79SP6EUA2009SO LP 160M67,54521317113.3 [Cert]
80HA1TI2016SO LP 160M (T)66,13220316717.2 [Cert]
81YO8RZJ2016SO LP 160M65,85220216311.1 [Cert]
82OK1JOK2016SO LP 160M61,93220415619.3 [Cert]
83F5PRH1996SO LP 160M61,910219151  
84SM6FJY2013SO LP 160M60,89719715915.1 [Cert]
85YT1R2002SO LP 160M60,49419214917.0  
86HA1TI2015SO LP 160M (T)60,06019115617.7 [Cert]
87OK1JOK2012SO LP 160M60,06019915617.9 [Cert]
88UA4UDF1997SO LP 160M59,520163160  
89US8ICM2008SO LP 160M59,3561821429.0 [Cert]
90OZ3SK1992SO LP 160M55,968208132  
91UT4EK2010SO LP 160M55,20017815010.0 [Cert]
92OL6P2007SO LP 160M54,97820014715.2OK2WTM 
93GW0DCK/P2007SO LP 160M54,38419913213.7G0DCK 
94OK1JOK2013SO LP 160M53,93818914917.9 [Cert]
95F5VLV2009SO LP 160M53,49117814922.7 [Cert]
96YO6BZL2009SO LP 160M51,56118215316.1 [Cert]
97YO5ALI2010SO LP 160M51,33016814510.1 [Cert]
98UA3YLJ1997SO LP 160M50,688200132  
99ON4ACA2003SO LP 160M (T)50,08518913515.0  
100G4VGO2001SO LP 160M49,95018413512.0  



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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