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1YY4DNN2013SO LP 40M4,549,8781,23365427.6 [Cert]
2HI3TEJ2009SO LP 40M2,869,3801,06157029.7 [Cert]
3TA3J2001SO LP 40M2,617,42899447431.8  
4UZ7M2012SO LP 40M2,561,5981,17773827.9UT9MZ[Cert]
5WP3C2007SO LP 40M2,537,4601,12750829.9  
6XE2DV1996SO LP 40M2,414,3201,229412W7ZR 
7S57DX2012SO LP 40M2,270,4521,26469236.0 [Cert]
8S57DX2010SO LP 40M2,263,8001,21868635.9 [Cert]
9OM7DX1995SO LP 40M2,216,3761,343558  
104L4WW2007SO LP 40M2,027,93581645532.4  
11VE7SV1997SO LP 40M2,023,8721,099381  
12XE1CQ2008SO LP 40M1,607,52297339818.2 [Cert]
13YT6W2016SO LP 40M1,561,48595361535.9 [Cert]
14T94DO2005SO LP 40M1,539,8941,16552719.8  
15HI3K2010SO LP 40M1,506,51672945222.8 [Cert]
16RC7KY2016SO LP 40M1,466,17296358630.1 [Cert]
17UZ7M2009SO LP 40M1,301,86979752920.6UT9MZ[Cert]
18SO6V2010SO LP 40M1,279,8501,02055034.3SP6DVP[Cert]
19YY2CAR2014SO LP 40M1,275,34556140526.8 [Cert]
20SN3X2009SO LP 40M1,242,93897552628.2 [Cert]
21T99D2006SO LP 40M1,227,450993490  
22UY2UQ2012SO LP 40M1,214,29287356428.0 [Cert]
234V2B1996SO LP 40M1,206,200746370HH2B 
24DL2VK2011SO LP 40M1,189,96479552116.6 [Cert]
25EA3GLB2013SO LP 40M1,132,42878650627.0 [Cert]
269A2WV1994SO LP 40M1,126,6341,006431  
27CT6A2006SO LP 40M1,091,8727604589.7CT1ILT 
28LY5A2003SO LP 40M1,070,78889545235.8LY2PAJ 
29LZ5W2008SO LP 40M1,057,70785948936.0 [Cert]
30SO6V2009SO LP 40M1,057,47291449635.1SP6DVP[Cert]
31UU2CW2012SO LP 40M1,042,31774553730.1 [Cert]
32JH9URT2013SO LP 40M1,036,14658936626.8 [Cert]
33VY2MGY/32014SO LP 40M (T)1,021,00382232334.1VE3MGY[Cert]
34RA0FU1997SO LP 40M1,018,240881344  
35UR7TZ2011SO LP 40M972,80275850333.0 [Cert]
36S52OT2009SO LP 40M956,28483647636.0 [Cert]
37IO3B2010SO LP 40M892,73683346424.7IV3KFB[Cert]
38HI3FVA2011SO LP 40M888,91454035821.1 [Cert]
39YV2CAR2016SO LP 40M884,26845534821.2 [Cert]
40S54ZZ1995SO LP 40M830,700946355  
41UR7TZ2010SO LP 40M803,47275045634.3 [Cert]
424D9D2005SO LP 40M791,22449828418.2  
43SP4TKR2007SO LP 40M783,50571544932.7  
44E77DO2008SO LP 40M780,85876542627.7 [Cert]
45YY5DOG2014SO LP 40M (R)753,15941731918.8 [Cert]
46RW9AB1994SO LP 40M742,848543318  
47C6AFV1995SO LP 40M735,572550307  
48HA5BSW1998SO LP 40M726,680682370  
49IR4R1995SO LP 40M712,920699390IK4ALM 
50LX1KC1997SO LP 40M709,840740380  
51SN3X2008SO LP 40M690,13568441730.1SP3SLA[Cert]
52HA6NL2009SO LP 40M688,04061341227.6 [Cert]
53SN3X2007SO LP 40M683,64068542223.8SP3SLA 
54UR7CA1997SO LP 40M670,140723365  
55OL6T2005SO LP 40M660,21172039735.1OK1DCF 
56Z33F2012SO LP 40M651,65158242916.5 [Cert]
57UU5JFP2010SO LP 40M648,37260542636.0 [Cert]
58JH9URT2014SO LP 40M645,57646329623.7 [Cert]
59UA6YE2012SO LP 40M641,07969343728.5 [Cert]
60HQ9R2009SO LP 40M639,48051929222.5 [Cert]
61IR8C2006SO LP 40M639,42456738829.3IZ8EDJ 
62SM3C2011SO LP 40M637,25953341333.9SM5CCT[Cert]
63UA9UBL2009SO LP 40M635,11645433233.7 [Cert]
64FK8GM1998SO LP 40M634,800491230  
65SP4TKR2006SO LP 40M629,48661840331.4  
66EI6JK2012SO LP 40M625,82063941533.8 [Cert]
67E79D2009SO LP 40M615,13465840126.6 [Cert]
68JH9URT2016SO LP 40M612,69543028320.5SINGLE OP[Cert]
69IK1HZZ2016SO LP 40M (T)602,50458942423.2IK1HZZ GIORGIO RIVOLO[Cert]
70KG4W2010SO LP 40M (T)599,06077738917.6 [Cert]
71DJ3HW2013SO LP 40M594,50959243326.3 [Cert]
72F4GTD2012SO LP 40M (R)592,72464541831.0 [Cert]
73N4NX2010SO LP 40M582,43564538721.1 [Cert]
74SP7SEW2016SO LP 40M (T)556,09558639314.4 [Cert]
75LZ1ZX1993SO LP 40M539,110640319  
76YO5OED2009SO LP 40M534,54358738117.4 [Cert]
77YU4ZZ2016SO LP 40M529,83456938224.1 [Cert]
78W6AFA2016SO LP 40M528,77566232526.9ALEXANDER SHERMAN[Cert]
79UT5IA2013SO LP 40M (T)521,77851739830.9 [Cert]
80OK1LX2011SO LP 40M513,24060039034.5 [Cert]
81K1ZR2010SO LP 40M507,41665536421.4 [Cert]
82LX9UN1995SO LP 40M507,180705321LX1KC 
83SV2CWY1996SO LP 40M500,640628336  
84LX7I2000SO LP 40M499,106695326  
85HI3K2013SO LP 40M496,66138227713.2 [Cert]
86DL1FDV1996SO LP 40M493,506536351  
87I2IFT2003SO LP 40M492,66063434011.2  
88RB5QRW1993SO LP 40M489,108626308  
89LY5I2012SO LP 40M488,82448139228.4 [Cert]
90EA1DR2007SO LP 40M487,55344234924.0  
91SP3FYX2006SO LP 40M478,18553635531.3  
92LZ1RGM2007SO LP 40M472,23648735428.1  
93IZ1JKH2016SO LP 40M (T)462,37552137525.7 [Cert]
94UR7TZ2009SO LP 40M460,25053735025.1 [Cert]
95UT1T1998SO LP 40M450,216617333UR7TZ 
964N7CC1997SO LP 40M446,336565317  
974Z5UN2009SO LP 40M (R)443,68130726333.1UU2JM[Cert]
98LY5I2014SO LP 40M432,58643537122.2 [Cert]
99S54A1999SO LP 40M430,902503333  
100SP1FPG2015SO LP 40M424,12546637532.9 [Cert]



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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