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1YY5DOG2014YVSO LP 40M (R)753,15941731918.8 [Cert]
2F4GTD2012FSO LP 40M (R)592,72464541831.0 [Cert]
34Z5UN20094XSO LP 40M (R)443,68130726333.1UU2JM[Cert]
4OK1LX2010OKSO LP 40M (R)413,84854635834.9 [Cert]
5EC5CSW2008EASO LP 40M (R)409,37044433525.4 [Cert]
6S57LR2010S5SO LP 40M (R)327,60043231517.5 [Cert]
7SQ2NNN2010SPSO LP 40M (R)314,90143732731.4 [Cert]
8YV5EPM2013YVSO LP 40M (R)252,09622320226.8 [Cert]
9KV4QS/82014W8SO LP 40M (R)225,19249526417.8 [Cert]
10RA3MAV2011UA-3SO LP 40M (R)185,40929724315.2 [Cert]
11YO2LZP2004YOSO LP 40M (R)155,54028122023.6  
12YO2MJZ2012YOSO LP 40M (R)150,33226723611.5 [Cert]
13IW3SSA2006ISO LP 40M (R)122,15826020623.0  
145T4C20165TSO LP 40M (R)121,55015214313.4 [Cert]
15IT9ZIV2008IT9SO LP 40M (R)115,66824720422.7 [Cert]
16M5W2005GSO LP 40M (R)107,51225817817.8M0MCX 
17YD8UXV2017YBSO LP 40M (R)78,44616612222.4 [Cert]
189W2DQM20179M2SO LP 40M (R)71,04814910715.5 [Cert]
19VA3PAW2013VE3SO LP 40M (R)59,58412711211.0 [Cert]
20VK3VTH2010VKSO LP 40M (R)54,6141099412.4 [Cert]
21YT5DEY2017YUSO LP 40M (R)52,56016214619.0 [Cert]
22M0GVZ2012GSO LP 40M (R)48,8401391324.5 [Cert]
23YD4GBN2017YBSO LP 40M (R)44,2331278915.7 [Cert]
24K3DCW2011W3SO LP 40M (R)42,1601501246.5 [Cert]
25YY5BDP2004YVSO LP 40M (R)41,3669186  
26E7RS2013E7SO LP 40M (R)39,3601321238.1E77CW 
27YO2MJZ2010YOSO LP 40M (R)35,9101231146.8 [Cert]
28IZ7SIA2012ISO LP 40M (R)34,5741251189.0 [Cert]
29W4LID2017W4SO LP 40M (R)33,56112811318.2 [Cert]
30IZ1NBX2010ISO LP 40M (R)28,26096907.1 [Cert]
31DK6PB2017DLSO LP 40M (R)27,97710510113.4 [Cert]
32YO2MJZ2011YOSO LP 40M (R)24,89098954.2 [Cert]
336K2FJJ2013HLSO LP 40M (R)24,7502077513.8  
34YY5CPG2011YVSO LP 40M (R)19,053767321.3 [Cert]
35IU7GUW2016ISO LP 40M (R)16,044908416.1 [Cert]
36BV4VR2009BVSO LP 40M (R)15,12068608.2 [Cert]
37KK4CIS/82013W8SO LP 40M (R)13,87595755.3 [Cert]
38KD8RAP2013W8SO LP 40M (R)10,62065606.9 [Cert]
399A3DUH20149ASO LP 40M (R)8,00463582.0 [Cert]
409W2SAF20179M2SO LP 40M (R)7,88448366.1 [Cert]
41YG3CHA2017YBSO LP 40M (R)7,70066448.0 [Cert]
42YD1SDL2016YBSO LP 40M (R)7,48260437.8 [Cert]
43YD3HGT2017YBSO LP 40M (R)7,21657448.3 [Cert]
44PY3KK2002PYSO LP 40M (R)7,137443910.0  
459A6SJZ20119ASO LP 40M (R)6,20159533.9 [Cert]
46YD8GAR2016YBSO LP 40M (R)5,81147399.9 [Cert]
47YD9XYP2017YBSO LP 40M (R)5,67047429.2 [Cert]
48YD9DE2017YBSO LP 40M (R)5,332624310.2 [Cert]
49YG3DGO2017YBSO LP 40M (R)5,13053386.4 [Cert]
50EA7ILI2009EASO LP 40M (R)4,92847448.8 [Cert]
51YG3CNU2016YBSO LP 40M (R)4,884363310.7 [Cert]
52UU2CW2009URSO LP 40M (R)4,24244423.0 [Cert]
539M2UST20139M2SO LP 40M (R)3,75329274.2 [Cert]
54ON3IA2017ONSO LP 40M (R)3,69843438.6 [Cert]
55IU5DVC2015ISO LP 40M (R)3,65545435.1 [Cert]
56WB8TLH2008W8SO LP 40M (R)3,36056488.9 [Cert]
57YU4USS2017YUSO LP 40M (R)3,280454019.7 [Cert]
58YO9HJY2005YOSO LP 40M (R)3,16836363.3  
59YC8VRA2016YBSO LP 40M (R)2,40832287.3 [Cert]
60SO5W2017SPSO LP 40M (R)2,40031308.0 [Cert]
61YG3EBO2017YBSO LP 40M (R)2,37036306.4 [Cert]
62LA6FJA1997LASO LP 40M (R)2,3403530  
63SO5MW2017SPSO LP 40M (R)2,07030305.8 [Cert]
64YD7BHK2015YBSO LP 40M (R)1,88625234.1 [Cert]
65YD1FZM2017YBSO LP 40M (R)1,84645263.8 [Cert]
66DB4MZ2011DLSO LP 40M (R)1,53927273.8 [Cert]
679W2JMW20179M2SO LP 40M (R)1,51320172.1 [Cert]
68VE3JEB2006VE3SO LP 40M (R)1,51218182.0  
69KM4GBF2015W4SO LP 40M (R)1,48429285.2 [Cert]
70UU5JFP2009URSO LP 40M (R)1,35025251.3 [Cert]
71YD1CSV2013YBSO LP 40M (R)1,09516153.6 [Cert]
72DW1VEU2005DUSO LP 40M (R)1,02016155.4  
73YD1IDB2017YBSO LP 40M (R)96829226.1 [Cert]
74YU4DWW2017YUSO LP 40M (R)77723215.0 [Cert]
75YD1ELP2016YBSO LP 40M (R)69021152.2 [Cert]
76KC2YXU2012W2SO LP 40M (R)61614141.1 [Cert]
77K9WBS2007W9SO LP 40M (R)612201825.8  
78KH6TS2008KH6SO LP 40M (R)60511111.5 [Cert]
79AK9F2014W9SO LP 40M (R)58919193.9 [Cert]
80AB1JU2010W1SO LP 40M (R)52014131.2 [Cert]
81KG5FAL2015W5SO LP 40M (R)43218182.9  
82YG9DFN2017YBSO LP 40M (R)27318131.3 [Cert]
83YD3IMS2017YBSO LP 40M (R)25518174.8 [Cert]
84YD1ILM2017YBSO LP 40M (R)24211110.8 [Cert]
85YD3RCI2017YBSO LP 40M (R)24010101.9 [Cert]
86YD8VHS2016YBSO LP 40M (R)2341192.5 [Cert]
87YG3DCU2016YBSO LP 40M (R)1801091.9 [Cert]
88IS0FFD2016ISSO LP 40M (R)144660.6 [Cert]
89KC9GRD2007W9SO LP 40M (R)108992.0  
90KK6ONL2016W6SO LP 40M (R)100550.5 [Cert]
91YU4RAB2017YUSO LP 40M (R)54201812.9 [Cert]
92RA9UAD2008RA9SO LP 40M (R)40540.2 [Cert]
93YO3BAN2017YOSO LP 40M (R)32440.3 [Cert]
94HS3PJF2016HSSO LP 40M (R)30530.2 [Cert]
95BG7JYX2009BYSO LP 40M (R)611 [Cert]
96VK5FMPJ2011VKSO LP 40M (R)422 [Cert]
97N4FFP2009W4SO LP 40M (R)2220.6 [Cert]
98AB9IO2004W9SO LP 40M (R)11124.1  

Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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