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1VY2MGY/32014VEYSO LP 40M (T)1,021,00382232334.1VE3MGY[Cert]
2IK1HZZ2016ISO LP 40M (T)602,50458942423.2 [Cert]
3KG4W2010W4SO LP 40M (T)599,06077738917.6 [Cert]
4SP7SEW2016SPSO LP 40M (T)556,09558639314.4 [Cert]
5UT5IA2013URSO LP 40M (T)521,77851739830.9 [Cert]
6IZ1JKH2016ISO LP 40M (T)462,37552137525.7 [Cert]
7IW2BZY2017ISO LP 40M (T)408,85949534122.0 [Cert]
8LY11MM2010LYSO LP 40M (T)385,77650834231.2LY2MM[Cert]
9IZ4REF2017ISO LP 40M (T)320,91443831924.8 [Cert]
10OK2ILD2012OKSO LP 40M (T)312,18040633026.9 [Cert]
11IQ1BD2012ISO LP 40M (T)283,97641430829.2IZ1DGG[Cert]
12IZ1DGG2011ISO LP 40M (T)276,62440430628.3 [Cert]
13LY2MM2009LYSO LP 40M (T)274,92039629019.7 [Cert]
14IZ1DGG2014ISO LP 40M (T)268,97442730628.2 [Cert]
15F1FPL2013FSO LP 40M (T)264,26034029217.7 [Cert]
16IZ1DGG2015ISO LP 40M (T)261,02740229924.1 [Cert]
17IZ1DGG2013ISO LP 40M (T)253,16441429231.5 [Cert]
18OK2KLD2013OKSO LP 40M (T)236,60233728126.4OK2ILD[Cert]
19LY2MM2008LYSO LP 40M (T)229,45736126925.9 [Cert]
20IZ1DGG2017ISO LP 40M (T)214,66836026724.7 [Cert]
21EV50WB2013EUSO LP 40M (T)203,36433526922.6EU1AZ[Cert]
22IZ1DGG2010ISO LP 40M (T)188,85633225823.0 [Cert]
23VE1AOE2010VE1SO LP 40M (T)168,56620217812.2 [Cert]
24DL7DZ2010DLSO LP 40M (T)152,00424721223.8 [Cert]
25VE3SWS2012VE3SO LP 40M (T)146,19018316519.4 [Cert]
26EU3A2017EUSO LP 40M (T)146,06524422316.0 [Cert]
27WA7NWL2011W7SO LP 40M (T)127,92028619517.3 [Cert]
28UT4EK2017URSO LP 40M (T)124,43523920511.0 [Cert]
29KI6LZ2006W6SO LP 40M (T)118,42023519120.9  
30OE2UKL2010OESO LP 40M (T)114,53623920611.3 [Cert]
31WD3C2010W3SO LP 40M (T)113,29623619414.4 [Cert]
32GW4EVX2010GWSO LP 40M (T)106,18324019721.2 [Cert]
33HA6IAM2008HASO LP 40M (T)105,43223018421.0 [Cert]
34ER3AU2013ERSO LP 40M (T)104,46822419621.5 [Cert]
35IZ1JKH2015ISO LP 40M (T)99,07622018813.0 [Cert]
36SP6TRH2016SPSO LP 40M (T)96,09620018218.0 [Cert]
37K9SQL2011W9SO LP 40M (T)95,70023217414.4 [Cert]
38EA1EHW/82013EA8SO LP 40M (T)93,60313412311.8 [Cert]
39IK1YED2009ISO LP 40M (T)92,00022918422.0 [Cert]
40KB3LIX2017W3SO LP 40M (T)90,58518516513.8 [Cert]
41K8SM2011W8SO LP 40M (T)87,69625916813.4 [Cert]
42WN4AFP2017W4SO LP 40M (T)84,48024416018.4 [Cert]
43YC2WBF2012YBSO LP 40M (T)83,61115412114.7 [Cert]
44OK2ILD2010OKSO LP 40M (T)82,80019118415.1 [Cert]
45LY2ND2011LYSO LP 40M (T)82,53620018115.1 [Cert]
46KO3T2017W3SO LP 40M (T)81,7501911508.0 [Cert]
47W1DYJ2014W1SO LP 40M (T)76,98615514112.2 [Cert]
48VE3SWS2011VE3SO LP 40M (T)76,08012512014.5 [Cert]
49N9TF2009W9SO LP 40M (T)73,26027716511.5 [Cert]
50VE3SWS2013VE3SO LP 40M (T)72,35212411915.2  
51OK2XKA2013OKSO LP 40M (T)71,06417716813.8 [Cert]
52EW4W2016EUSO LP 40M (T)67,30816915811.0 [Cert]
53DW3TRZ2017DUSO LP 40M (T)62,70214210724.2 [Cert]
54W1DYJ2013W1SO LP 40M (T)61,47216013615.9 [Cert]
55CT3KN2017CT3SO LP 40M (T)58,996103983.7 [Cert]
56RW3QF2011UA-3SO LP 40M (T)56,44814714410.0 [Cert]
57UA6NZ2010UA-6SO LP 40M (T)55,1831631399.1 [Cert]
58IK4OMO2016ISO LP 40M (T)51,62016714526.8 [Cert]
59WN4AFP2014W4SO LP 40M (T)51,33725514313.8 [Cert]
60JI3CWI2014JA3SO LP 40M (T)50,84814711213.4 [Cert]
61WA7NWL2016W7SO LP 40M (T)48,8701651357.1 [Cert]
62WN4AFP2015W4SO LP 40M (T)48,50820513416.4 [Cert]
63KB9OWD2017W9SO LP 40M (T)47,9502431375.6  
64VA1XH2017VE1SO LP 40M (T)47,616100965.2 [Cert]
65CT1EEK2009CTSO LP 40M (T)47,61613412416.3 [Cert]
66OK1PMA2017OKSO LP 40M (T)42,5321531248.6 [Cert]
67W1DYJ2012W1SO LP 40M (T)37,0261021029.1 [Cert]
68JA6FGC2011JA6SO LP 40M (T)31,31285768.9 [Cert]
69AB1J2013W1SO LP 40M (T)31,18513210513.9 [Cert]
70YO5OLD2010YOSO LP 40M (T)28,03411110711.0 [Cert]
71JR4URW2007JA4SO LP 40M (T)27,7841159212.1  
72JR4URW2010JA4SO LP 40M (T)25,67793816.1 [Cert]
73JR4URW2006JA4SO LP 40M (T)25,6651168713.0  
749A2GA20109ASO LP 40M (T)24,5431111013.3 [Cert]
75IN3JRZ2015ISO LP 40M (T)23,3241279821.0 [Cert]
76WA3EQJ2015W3SO LP 40M (T)22,42887847.7 [Cert]
77UA1ANA2008UA-1SO LP 40M (T)21,526101945.7 [Cert]
78IW3SNR2009ISO LP 40M (T)20,79299929.8 [Cert]
79JL3MCM2010JA3SO LP 40M (T)19,734736627.6 [Cert]
80KO3T2016W3SO LP 40M (T)18,24093803.0 [Cert]
81JR4VEV2011JA4SO LP 40M (T)17,78463574.5 [Cert]
82WN4AFP2013W4SO LP 40M (T)17,487143875.7 [Cert]
83J68DD2000J6SO LP 40M (T)17,3805555N6JRL 
849W8DEN20179M6SO LP 40M (T)16,008945812.8 [Cert]
85IK3OII2013ISO LP 40M (T)15,52080806.1 [Cert]
86JR4URW2009JA4SO LP 40M (T)15,10472597.5 [Cert]
87JH9AMJ2007JA9SO LP 40M (T)15,104675912.8  
88JH1RDU2016JA1SO LP 40M (T)14,56064568.0 [Cert]
89JR4URW2008JA4SO LP 40M (T)14,32888729.1 [Cert]
90JH1RDU2015JA1SO LP 40M (T)13,67655526.3 [Cert]
91SP9LWH2012SPSO LP 40M (T)12,53071704.5 [Cert]
92JF3IYW/32006JA3SO LP 40M (T)12,393545131.0  
93JE2BOM2015JA2SO LP 40M (T)12,35055505.0 [Cert]
94VK3VTH2012VKSO LP 40M (T)12,28850488.4 [Cert]
95KA8HKC/12011W1SO LP 40M (T)12,24084729.5 [Cert]
96YB2CPO2015YBSO LP 40M (T)12,16858528.6  
97VA6FOX2013VE6SO LP 40M (T)11,978595313.1 [Cert]
98VE3PYJ2014VE3SO LP 40M (T)10,81253513.5 [Cert]
99NY0T2016W0SO LP 40M (T)10,72873729.3 [Cert]
100JH0NEC2013JA0SO LP 40M (T)9,79849463.6 [Cert]



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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