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1YT1AD2005SO LP 80M1,268,0641,01950431.6YU1AU 
2S53EA2010SO LP 80M1,146,33498751823.2 [Cert]
3CY7A1998SO LP 80M943,272769287VE7SV 
4DF2DJ2012SO LP 80M923,83288150424.0 [Cert]
5T70A2010SO LP 80M921,56492248331.5IZ7KHR[Cert]
67S7V2005SO LP 80M902,95691843630.9  
7YT1AD2009SO LP 80M885,25685546330.8YT3W[Cert]
8YP2A1999SO LP 80M866,123822323YO2LIF 
9NP3D1997SO LP 80M852,110570329  
109A7DM2004SO LP 80M833,97684542928.7  
11II3M2003SO LP 80M825,30084142025.8  
12S59N2007SO LP 80M744,40881342225.6  
13HG9M2007SO LP 80M708,08077242431.2HA5MY 
14S53F2003SO LP 80M707,44579239530.4  
15LY5A2005SO LP 80M687,69574939525.3LY2PAJ 
16YT8WW2012SO LP 80M683,64873443624.1 [Cert]
17WP3C2006SO LP 80M674,25055729023.7  
18F5BEG2007SO LP 80M651,55069841528.4  
19YU3A2008SO LP 80M641,34669841727.8YT2RX[Cert]
20S57DX2011SO LP 80M610,13662642427.0 [Cert]
214L2M2009SO LP 80M609,67739027711.7 [Cert]
22S50Q1998SO LP 80M602,580738363  
23YU7AV2005SO LP 80M593,07265436719.7  
24S53F2005SO LP 80M587,12169238131.8  
25II3M2013SO LP 80M587,02864542622.7 [Cert]
26SP9H2011SO LP 80M585,93266842826.2 [Cert]
27HK1NK2010SO LP 80M (T)579,34838626621.7 [Cert]
28OL5J2008SO LP 80M558,29871239426.9OK1RZ[Cert]
29S567O2014SO LP 80M555,27062841528.1S50O[Cert]
30T92D2007SO LP 80M543,87460838615.7  
314N1A2003SO LP 80M542,05960736722.0  
323Z10UM2008SO LP 80M (T)541,32066839032.2SQ9UM[Cert]
33UU2JM2013SO LP 80M528,90059641025.2 [Cert]
34YU5B2008SO LP 80M528,20063338028.8 [Cert]
354X1IM1999SO LP 80M528,002429227  
36Z31GX1995SO LP 80M527,520647336  
37HA1YI2006SO LP 80M523,29667736819.0  
38UT7DX1994SO LP 80M515,200831322  
39S50C1994SO LP 80M514,080693336S57MYC 
40YT8W2007SO LP 80M505,27464037432.84N1KW 
41RB5DX1993SO LP 80M504,900634275  
42RV3WT2008SO LP 80M492,15659737823.4 [Cert]
43VE9ZX2010SO LP 80M491,63135828718.1 [Cert]
44HA8IB1996SO LP 80M487,770639355  
45J4Z1999SO LP 80M484,810592323SV2CWY 
46YT2A2005SO LP 80M484,51662635632.1  
47LY5Q2016SO LP 80M469,83656737215.7 [Cert]
48F5BEG2008SO LP 80M468,09658936821.2 [Cert]
49UU6J2014SO LP 80M462,91056538923.2UU2CW 
50T93Y2002SO LP 80M460,35059534124.2  
51S53F2002SO LP 80M442,21658033427.9  
52OK1FFU1997SO LP 80M437,760707304  
53YO7MGG2014SO LP 80M437,28855737617.4 [Cert]
544N1A1998SO LP 80M434,098614307YT1WA 
55YU0U2008SO LP 80M431,39554536119.9 [Cert]
56S57J1996SO LP 80M423,752570329  
57HA3LN1998SO LP 80M411,190690305  
58OM7AB2008SO LP 80M409,96856435128.0 [Cert]
59KU4BP2010SO LP 80M409,34459232824.0 [Cert]
60S57O2008SO LP 80M407,64055334413.1 [Cert]
61T90U2001SO LP 80M407,64059831625.2T95MOJ 
62YL2GUV2013SO LP 80M (T)407,61250436226.7 [Cert]
63DL4FMA1996SO LP 80M407,376662328  
64SP4ZO2004SO LP 80M405,15353932724.5  
65ES2MC2011SO LP 80M402,99247835624.2 [Cert]
66VG3LRL1992SO LP 80M401,478490237  
67HA1FF2010SO LP 80M400,09154434728.9 [Cert]
68TA3J1999SO LP 80M396,865339203  
69IW3SSA2007SO LP 80M (R)388,15051935032.5  
70S53F2001SO LP 80M385,78956131729.0  
71T9/S57CQ2001SO LP 80M383,32061229630.8  
72T91ENS1994SO LP 80M382,432612296  
73SQ2PHG2013SO LP 80M378,77751335720.9 [Cert]
74F5BEG2000SO LP 80M376,671519309  
75UU2JM2008SO LP 80M374,95850133322.3 [Cert]
764L4CC2009SO LP 80M370,72830422820.6 [Cert]
77S51Z1999SO LP 80M368,440567302  
78SP9H2010SO LP 80M366,82553933518.1 [Cert]
79SP6LUV2003SO LP 80M362,36849930423.7  
80YU1FJK1997SO LP 80M362,368557298YT1WA 
81S53F2000SO LP 80M361,900572308  
82UU4JKY2006SO LP 80M361,60851231224.6  
83TA3J1998SO LP 80M356,380306206  
84OM7AB2006SO LP 80M355,84051532021.1  
85WA3RSK1996SO LP 80M355,752573324  
86OK1FPS2001SO LP 80M354,00056929523.7OK1FPS 
87SP9XCN2006SO LP 80M347,75051132526.0  
88VA3MG1998SO LP 80M346,896441216  
89OM7AB2009SO LP 80M342,10451632828.8 [Cert]
90UX3MO1998SO LP 80M341,496517279  
91S59DRJ1993SO LP 80M340,000580272S57MYC 
92YO2LIF1997SO LP 80M339,840607295  
93YL2GUV2012SO LP 80M (T)336,98045033224.3 [Cert]
949A4RU1998SO LP 80M335,232525291  
95LY5I2016SO LP 80M334,62043533820.9 [Cert]
96EU1AZ2001SO LP 80M334,12552927523.3  
97OM5KM1997SO LP 80M334,020532285  
98SN1C2010SO LP 80M333,26847333824.2SP1RFC[Cert]
99T94LW2005SO LP 80M332,40850629615.8  
1004N0B2002SO LP 80M329,22050629525.24N1KW 



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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