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1NP4CC1990SO QRP 10M2,165,9401,764540  
2JA5GPJ2000SO QRP 10M755,478624423  
3JA5GPJ2001SO QRP 10M709,758652387  
4FB1BON2000SO QRP 10M687,360744384  
5EA3FHT1990SO QRP 10M626,096201137  
6ZS6DX2015SO QRP 10M (T)586,75653338324.3 [Cert]
7UP6F2001SO QRP 10M551,55160737724.3UN7FZ 
8ZL1AXB1989SO QRP 10M522,664589316  
9KT3RR1999SO QRP 10M506,258584319  
10KV0Q2014SO QRP 10M498,96849738827.9 [Cert]
11LU7VCH1998SO QRP 10M485,550529325  
12FB1BON2001SO QRP 10M470,64954535926.0  
13LU6HPF2003SO QRP 10M470,27252233425.8  
14JR3RWB2002SO QRP 10M467,31350135729.8  
15SP3LWP2000SO QRP 10M466,926509354  
16LW3DWX1998SO QRP 10M457,072523308  
17JR4DAH2000SO QRP 10M454,545459351  
18LY2FE2000SO QRP 10M424,180490334  
19JR3RWB1990SO QRP 10M400,788481324  
20KX9X2001SO QRP 10M387,36850132821.1  
21WB2VYA1981SO QRP 10M359,205471311  
22NA4CW2001SO QRP 10M358,23742631926.7  
23UR5IRM2014SO QRP 10M322,27045837020.3 [Cert]
24LW7DQW2002SO QRP 10M314,08039630223.8  
25NP4KA1984SO QRP 10M309,468624222  
26LR7E2002SO QRP 10M308,70839928425.7LW3DX 
27LW3DX2004SO QRP 10M305,07440428323.4  
28YB9KA2015SO QRP 10M302,86840328224.1 [Cert]
29LW7DQW2003SO QRP 10M297,54840729227.7  
30LW3DWX1999SO QRP 10M287,985385263  
31RA9UAD1982SO QRP 10M283,731689229  
32UB5MPD1982SO QRP 10M282,815491247  
33LR2DW1990SO QRP 10M281,274400259  
34K6SVL1991SO QRP 10M280,476407318  
35JA5GPJ1999SO QRP 10M272,384374266  
36JR3RWB1991SO QRP 10M260,764377278  
37KE2JO/41992SO QRP 10M249,275389295  
38WA2UUK1989SO QRP 10M248,792377274  
394X6IF1984SO QRP 10M246,956396214  
40JH7RTQ2015SO QRP 10M230,67632828224.7 [Cert]
41JA3LFK2001SO QRP 10M222,500322250  
42ZL1AXB1990SO QRP 10M215,296348232  
43WA6FGV2014SO QRP 10M214,12432326921.5 [Cert]
44JH8DEH1989SO QRP 10M210,600343216  
45JI1JVG1989SO QRP 10M208,886323239  
46TI3MAO2004SO QRP 10M (R)205,64240822910.5  
47JA6WJL1990SO QRP 10M203,966334238  
48RZ6BU2002SO QRP 10M199,548358241  
49FB1MUX1990SO QRP 10M190,080344216  
50UY5XE1982SO QRP 10M188,000339200  
51M0YBC2014SO QRP 10M187,05032425826.7 [Cert]
52ED1EPB1991SO QRP 10M181,250400250  
53JK1KBR/11979SO QRP 10M180,588343202  
54K3OO1991SO QRP 10M177,708300236  
55I5JHW1982SO QRP 10M174,708308207  
56I5KAP2014SO QRP 10M174,13528824728.5 [Cert]
57JF3EIU1992SO QRP 10M173,817301217  
58JH4UTP1981SO QRP 10M172,235342185  
59US5ZCW2014SO QRP 10M168,82230424930.0 [Cert]
60RU9CD2014SO QRP 10M168,31528924517.6 [Cert]
61JH4UTP1980SO QRP 10M168,260320188  
62N0BNY1980SO QRP 10M167,232322208  
63WA6FGV2000SO QRP 10M164,032323233  
64HA5BSW1999SO QRP 10M162,992326244  
65PU1MHZ2015SO QRP 10M (R)161,7722722218.8 [Cert]
66EI4II2014SO QRP 10M157,48030224820.9 [Cert]
67JA6WJL1989SO QRP 10M153,912273212  
68CX2PI2003SO QRP 10M146,52028218511.0  
69G3VOF1982SO QRP 10M146,150296185  
70JA1KFX1991SO QRP 10M145,544272213  
71RA4FUT2014SO QRP 10M144,45332626915.2 [Cert]
72WA2UUK1990SO QRP 10M144,000305225  
73JA1EF1982SO QRP 10M142,868285191  
74WD8IDD1982SO QRP 10M142,208284202  
75JL1IHE2001SO QRP 10M141,00625021318.6  
76LU2HNP1999SO QRP 10M140,400267208  
77W6CN1989SO QRP 10M140,384286214  
78VA3YT2014SO QRP 10M138,62723421122.3 [Cert]
79WA6FGV2015SO QRP 10M137,18229422622.0 [Cert]
80YO5BRZ1990SO QRP 10M135,585270207  
81HA0GK2000SO QRP 10M134,592266192  
82W6YVK1980SO QRP 10M132,496328182  
83LZ1V1989SO QRP 10M131,726311194  
84LU2HNP2001SO QRP 10M130,810247206  
85N5US1990SO QRP 10M130,810252206  
86LU4VZ2015SO QRP 10M130,74325121911.2 [Cert]
87I3VFJ1999SO QRP 10M129,928236204  
88KP2/NE1RD2011SO QRP 10M (T)129,76235517813.9 [Cert]
89UB5DEI1991SO QRP 10M128,324280194  
90WA6FGV2001SO QRP 10M126,65429020922.0  
91LU8CM2003SO QRP 10M125,25724919320.6  
92W6YVK1981SO QRP 10M124,938314198  
93K3SWZ1981SO QRP 10M124,025274205  
94I5JHW1981SO QRP 10M123,214254182  
95N0AJZ1980SO QRP 10M122,794263179  
96WO1X1991SO QRP 10M122,140235197  
97OH5NHI2000SO QRP 10M122,008246202  
98LU3HFA2012SO QRP 10M120,33024919122.9 [Cert]
99ZY2Y1997SO QRP 10M117,245289179  
100WB3EKV1982SO QRP 10M117,132267172  



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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