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1RU9BB2003SO QRP 15M788,19074739017.3  
2RA0JJ2002SO QRP 15M751,744926448  
3KP2/NE1RD2010SO QRP 15M (T)639,08677838222.7 [Cert]
4RW9AB1992SO QRP 15M638,392598398  
5RA9UAD2002SO QRP 15M601,290621393  
6KH6LC2011SO QRP 15M600,33655637931.3NH6V[Cert]
7NP4KA1985SO QRP 15M544,808816303  
8CT1ETE2000SO QRP 15M498,225571455  
9NA4CW1999SO QRP 15M462,579524377  
10OK1JCH1989SO QRP 15M441,945670315  
11RA9UAD2001SO QRP 15M420,480547320  
12NA4CW2000SO QRP 15M409,952467368  
13EA8TX2004SO QRP 15M400,980416326  
14UA0ZBK/R01998SO QRP 15M398,890582353  
15RZ6HX2003SO QRP 15M385,91761339124.9  
16JH1HRJ2000SO QRP 15M351,946409322  
17RZ6HX2002SO QRP 15M304,48048034617.3  
184N1DX2000SO QRP 15M296,184376328  
19JH7RTQ2013SO QRP 15M279,67737930726.3 [Cert]
20VE7SBO1998SO QRP 15M269,230408247  
21KS9U1992SO QRP 15M262,350385318  
22BA7QT2015SO QRP 15M (T)260,76041231818.9 [Cert]
23JE6FPX1983SO QRP 15M260,634465242  
24NB1B2005SO QRP 15M246,37239429426.0  
25JH7RTQ2010SO QRP 15M233,10436127222.1 [Cert]
26R7NA2013SO QRP 15M230,48041933514.5 [Cert]
27YT1CS2014SO QRP 15M225,10840333823.2 [Cert]
28JA8RJE1989SO QRP 15M215,208327252  
29R2AD2014SO QRP 15M204,76838332421.8 [Cert]
30RW6AC1988SO QRP 15M200,196401268  
31LY5G2001SO QRP 15M199,58434425224.2LY2FE 
32T94OM2003SO QRP 15M193,76435926825.9  
33DU1CHD/61992SO QRP 15M189,224309217  
34UY3CC1995SO QRP 15M173,493332223  
35SP3RBI1990SO QRP 15M173,259309243  
36YT1CS2015SO QRP 15M170,23535429122.3  
37JJ2QXI1992SO QRP 15M170,100303243  
38I0UZF2010SO QRP 15M167,12428922823.8 [Cert]
39K2WY2002SO QRP 15M158,01026422916.9  
40VE3HG2011SO QRP 15M154,81425022718.4 [Cert]
41F8AKS2014SO QRP 15M154,00833227620.5 [Cert]
42US5ZCW2015SO QRP 15M152,01433126322.7 [Cert]
43T94OM2002SO QRP 15M149,572345244  
44UY3CC1994SO QRP 15M149,388332211  
45RA9UAD2004SO QRP 15M148,022345218  
46N7NKG1990SO QRP 15M146,720365262  
47RA9UAD2005SO QRP 15M145,34030821516.0  
48YT1CS2013SO QRP 15M145,15230025619.0 [Cert]
49YT1CS2011SO QRP 15M142,89628822918.0 [Cert]
50UT3EK2015SO QRP 15M142,54633026328.9 [Cert]
51RB5GD1988SO QRP 15M140,658284197  
529A7ZZ2003SO QRP 15M138,12529322112.9  
53YC2OK1989SO QRP 15M135,74425420  
54UO5ONQ1988SO QRP 15M134,050301175  
55RA3RCL1998SO QRP 15M133,852301218  
56RT4W2011SO QRP 15M128,27030625419.1 [Cert]
57K9JS1992SO QRP 15M121,746252206  
58G3R2011SO QRP 15M119,49325021327.2G0DCK[Cert]
59DL8TWA2000SO QRP 15M118,810280218K3TW 
60EI4II2012SO QRP 15M117,89826823318.8 [Cert]
61JA6UBK1998SO QRP 15M116,756246202  
62JH1HRJ1995SO QRP 15M116,660232190  
63YT1CS2016SO QRP 15M115,97724120122.6  
64RT4W2013SO QRP 15M115,06230425413.2 [Cert]
65W6YJ1999SO QRP 15M114,800259205  
66UN8PT2011SO QRP 15M114,13023620222.2 [Cert]
67LZ2EW1986SO QRP 15M112,112241182  
68EA3ALV2002SO QRP 15M110,51024021517.1  
69EA4CRI1994SO QRP 15M110,290    
70JR6FQV1983SO QRP 15M109,472233176  
71EA1CJJ2012SO QRP 15M109,06827624412.0 [Cert]
72SP5AKG2003SO QRP 15M107,520222210  
73UR6EA1998SO QRP 15M106,784282188  
74RK0AZC2003SO QRP 15M106,106227182RU0AKB 
75JA2JSF1993SO QRP 15M105,814221191  
76YT7TY2001SO QRP 15M104,80427819723.7  
77WI8W1990SO QRP 15M103,774216178  
78JK1QLH1983SO QRP 15M101,703233167  
79SP9ATE1979SO QRP 15M100,048271169  
80LU5FZ2001SO QRP 15M98,5322221539.4  
81SP4LVK2014SO QRP 15M97,64424220622.2 [Cert]
82DU1CHD/61993SO QRP 15M96,896262128  
83SP4LVK2012SO QRP 15M92,57124117722.8 [Cert]
84WA6FGV2012SO QRP 15M91,45522419521.6 [Cert]
85N3XT/02002SO QRP 15M91,25622518716.2  
86N1AFC1986SO QRP 15M90,558239162  
87ZS6PT1985SO QRP 15M89,082209147  
88W6CN1983SO QRP 15M88,624237191  
89YT1T1991SO QRP 15M88,608355213  
90JA2JSF1994SO QRP 15M88,576219173  
91JH7RTQ2007SO QRP 15M87,19222017325.0  
92DU1CHD/61994SO QRP 15M86,850210150  
93IK6ATS1988SO QRP 15M83,700228155  
94W4DEC1998SO QRP 15M82,770104178  
95UN8PT2013SO QRP 15M82,42219317117.4 [Cert]
96W4DEC1989SO QRP 15M81,900214182  
97AC8C1981SO QRP 15M81,675208165  
98RW9QA1993SO QRP 15M80,541195157  
99JH3DMQ2012SO QRP 15M79,32520016720.6 [Cert]
100KQ5U2002SO QRP 15M78,26020517216.6  



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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