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1LY5A2006SO QRP 160M103,41126018719.9  
2RW4HHD1997SO QRP 160M54,136184101  
3UT5EER1998SO QRP 160M30,75713297  
4R7NP2011SO QRP 160M30,59013111514.1 [Cert]
5US8IGL2003SO QRP 160M27,97613610412.5  
6UY5XE1984SO QRP 160M25,11013681  
7US7MQ1999SO QRP 160M24,38411496  
8DP5A2014SO QRP 160M23,8701251109.0 [Cert]
9HA5NB2015SO QRP 160M (T)23,53311710110.5 [Cert]
10HA5NB2016SO QRP 160M (T)22,116115979.7 [Cert]
11RN3ZJJ2008SO QRP 160M21,9521139810.3 [Cert]
12EU2MM1996SO QRP 160M20,86413132  
13RB5IIU1984SO QRP 160M18,83412773  
14US5MPS1997SO QRP 160M17,2489877  
15VY2MGY/31998SO QRP 160M14,4008045  
16UA4HVV1989SO QRP 160M12,6909947  
17YU1RA2004SO QRP 160M11,16978737.6  
18K3BU/22005SO QRP 160M11,115103658.0  
19UB5ZND1990SO QRP 160M10,9889562  
20US7MQ1998SO QRP 160M10,7927871  
21RA3DKE1985SO QRP 160M10,3848459  
22SQ6PHP2016SO QRP 160M10,07477694.6 [Cert]
23RA4FWA2011SO QRP 160M (R)9,88074655.3 [Cert]
24RB5EKI1989SO QRP 160M9,6908757  
25UT/UA0QGQ1999SO QRP 160M9,4726764  
26YO4FRF1997SO QRP 160M8,8207063  
27US7MQ2000SO QRP 160M8,3827166  
28UA3OQ2007SO QRP 160M8,220636027.1  
29UA9JMB1998SO QRP 160M7,9924836  
30RB5IJ1987SO QRP 160M7,3006150  
31YL2GUV1999SO QRP 160M6,6006055  
32OK1MP1984SO QRP 160M6,4906355  
33YO4FRF1996SO QRP 160M6,2005950  
34ON9CC2016SO QRP 160M6,17161512.9 [Cert]
35RA6LU1986SO QRP 160M5,7126042  
36OL6P2015SO QRP 160M5,28055484.1OK2PP[Cert]
37UB5ZHQ1989SO QRP 160M4,8005648  
38SP2DWG2013SO QRP 160M4,65650483.1 [Cert]
39R9AT2013SO QRP 160M4,56032304.6 [Cert]
40UA3ATV1985SO QRP 160M4,4726343  
41ES6PZ2005SO QRP 160M4,34349436.1  
42UB5ZME1993SO QRP 160M4,3204945  
43UR4UCP1997SO QRP 160M4,0325148  
44UT3N2013SO QRP 160M3,96047456.1UT3NK[Cert]
45YP8A2013SO QRP 160M3,85448472.7YO8WW[Cert]
46UA9LAU2001SO QRP 160M (R)3,6723427  
47RA3WUO2006SO QRP 160M (R)3,44047402.6  
48OL4W2006SO QRP 160M3,31548391.8OK1IF 
49SP2QG2008SO QRP 160M3,00339392.2 [Cert]
50EZ3AEB1984SO QRP 160M2,9585329  
51S57C2016SO QRP 160M (T)2,80040354.8 [Cert]
52RA3IFE1984SO QRP 160M2,7524632  
53YL3GHD1995SO QRP 160M2,4004035  
54YB2OK1991SO QRP 160M2,3762218  
55RZ3VA2004SO QRP 160M2,20835321.6  
56AM3FF2006SO QRP 160M2,17632323.4EA3FF 
579A4AA2012SO QRP 160M1,98432323.3 [Cert]
58YO5OHZ2004SO QRP 160M1,980333024.2  
59SQ6PHP2015SO QRP 160M1,89132312.4  
60R7NA2016SO QRP 160M1,59030301.8 [Cert]
61EZ3DEU1984SO QRP 160M1,4403320  
62DD9WG2010SO QRP 160M (T)1,40029287.6 [Cert]
63UR3PDT1994SO QRP 160M1,3923129  
64EZ5IFD1981SO QRP 160M1,3203422  
65YU1UA1998SO QRP 160M1,1042323  
66RA3ROG1989SO QRP 160M1,1002725  
67EZ3ACO1983SO QRP 160M1,0643219  
68UA9MS1987SO QRP 160M1,0241916  
69RA2FB2013SO QRP 160M96623211.3 [Cert]
70SQ2BXI2003SO QRP 160M74020203.2  
71UA3LHL2004SO QRP 160M (T)72020181.4  
72UQ2GSC1989SO QRP 160M7202318  
73OK1DF2010SO QRP 160M70320190.8 [Cert]
74UC2ODD1982SO QRP 160M5981913  
75YT1IA2000SO QRP 160M5951817  
76DJ3GE2007SO QRP 160M49317173.3  
77DJ3GE2008SO QRP 160M45917172.2 [Cert]
78SP5NOG1996SO QRP 160M4501515  
79UK6HDK1981SO QRP 160M3641513  
80DJ3GE2009SO QRP 160M28014144.2 [Cert]
81S59GS2016SO QRP 160M27612121.0 [Cert]
82YO3III2007SO QRP 160M24010101.3  
83UR4MLU2006SO QRP 160M216121224.2  
84DJ3GE2004SO QRP 160M20012101.8  
85NW3R2016SO QRP 160M (T)17011101.2NH7C[Cert]
86DJ3GE2006SO QRP 160M17010101.7  
87EZ5HCO1984SO QRP 160M1401714  
88LY3NJM1995SO QRP 160M126109  
89K3TW/42013SO QRP 160M108991.9 [Cert]
90KR1ST/42003SO QRP 160M10010101.6  
91R3VA2012SO QRP 160M91871.6 [Cert]
92SP5NOG1995SO QRP 160M8477  
93DJ3GE2010SO QRP 160M77871.8 [Cert]
94EA1DVY2010SO QRP 160M60661.1 [Cert]
95RP2BIH1985SO QRP 160M2444  

Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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