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16G0V2000SO QRP 20M1,045,476923452XE2Z 
2RW9AB2004SO QRP 20M809,21667443634.0  
3RW9AB1995SO QRP 20M699,648620384  
4RV3E/JT1BY1990SO QRP 20M675,990912435  
5RJ9J1997SO QRP 20M505,165680355  
6YU1NR1996SO QRP 20M483,408617432  
7RW9AB1998SO QRP 20M422,733488339  
8YT1CS2004SO QRP 20M419,67269441827.7  
9KP4FP2006SO QRP 20M377,80661828612.2KP3T 
10S57MSU2005SO QRP 20M347,97654435835.6  
11UA9AAZ2000SO QRP 20M345,300409300  
12KS9U1993SO QRP 20M326,988433372  
13W5FO1999SO QRP 20M322,077451343  
14UA9AAZ2001SO QRP 20M309,31938728334.7  
15UA9AAZ1999SO QRP 20M303,592401274  
16I0FHL1996SO QRP 20M286,275356275  
17HG3M2013SO QRP 20M281,25055737526.5HA3MY[Cert]
18RA3FO2009SO QRP 20M264,06757634717.1 [Cert]
19TG9ADQ2010SO QRP 20M254,4304762579.9 [Cert]
20EA1CJJ1991SO QRP 20M238,475525334  
21RA3FO2007SO QRP 20M236,664520342  
22ZL1AXB1988SO QRP 20M230,160340240  
23EI4II2013SO QRP 20M215,84045535533.0 [Cert]
24K5IID1992SO QRP 20M214,118360302  
25UA4SKW1997SO QRP 20M199,320427302  
26RB5EG1993SO QRP 20M191,646451273  
27YT150CS2006SO QRP 20M190,21841329422.4  
28YO8SSB2010SO QRP 20M189,68539529528.6 [Cert]
29W8ILC1991SO QRP 20M162,281289239  
30HR2DX2008SO QRP 20M157,7553971954.4 [Cert]
31HK3ARR2011SO QRP 20M150,91125022926.7 [Cert]
32W5FO1987SO QRP 20M144,425353265  
33E72NA2015SO QRP 20M143,48133728332.6 [Cert]
34EA4DQD2003SO QRP 20M135,20032826034.4  
35KA1CZF1994SO QRP 20M133,431275237  
36VE6EX2013SO QRP 20M132,72029421018.6 [Cert]
37YT1CS2012SO QRP 20M131,10835529222.1 [Cert]
38DJ0MY2008SO QRP 20M131,05431725320.1 [Cert]
39YR8V2013SO QRP 20M129,40238527319.5YO8DHA[Cert]
40II5E2015SO QRP 20M (R)126,31432127421.5IZ5ZCO[Cert]
41VA7IR2011SO QRP 20M (T)124,23224821217.8 [Cert]
42UB4JHE1992SO QRP 20M116,560493155  
43E72NA2014SO QRP 20M114,00930026732.2 [Cert]
44SP4GFG1990SO QRP 20M113,724318234  
45SO9L2005SO QRP 20M113,5652852015.5SP9UML 
46RW3FY2007SO QRP 20M113,52031124027.0  
47YT2MW1991SO QRP 20M113,405317245  
48UV9WF1981SO QRP 20M112,095252159  
49WA8WV2003SO QRP 20M110,66423821215.8  
50SP3DRM2014SO QRP 20M109,90829725825.8 [Cert]
51I0UZF2009SO QRP 20M107,77826821320.0 [Cert]
52YU1NR1985SO QRP 20M106,920355216  
53TG9GI1979SO QRP 20M105,950247163  
54SP9EWO1999SO QRP 20M102,384307216  
55UA9SCX2002SO QRP 20M99,99422217323.9  
56UA9OO1987SO QRP 20M99,330241154  
57YO4GHW2000SO QRP 20M98,340296220  
58NW2K2013SO QRP 20M (T)94,67223819413.2 [Cert]
599A2EY2011SO QRP 20M94,40028123619.4 [Cert]
60KA1UJ1991SO QRP 20M93,624215188  
61YU1LM/QRP2003SO QRP 20M92,86829821823.6  
62OK1GW1999SO QRP 20M92,400246200  
63YO2LYN2007SO QRP 20M92,04526920522.8  
64LA9BM2009SO QRP 20M90,05528721721.7 [Cert]
65W6CN1998SO QRP 20M88,560243205  
66K9OSH1991SO QRP 20M88,506222198  
674N4AE1989SO QRP 20M86,724300219  
68JA2JSF1985SO QRP 20M86,652221166  
69KH6CP/31983SO QRP 20M84,667225179  
70JA2JSF1989SO QRP 20M84,162204169  
71HA1RS2004SO QRP 20M83,514285186  
72IZ1ANK2013SO QRP 20M (T)83,28828823212.2 [Cert]
73IU2R2001SO QRP 20M83,2661901585.0IK2BCP 
74UN7EG2016SO QRP 20M82,47817916311.0 [Cert]
75SP3DRM2012SO QRP 20M81,46826421927.3 [Cert]
76N3KZ1982SO QRP 20M81,012208157KH6CP 
77JA2JSF1991SO QRP 20M80,099202173  
78ES8SW2003SO QRP 20M78,44026021225.9  
79YO2LYN2006SO QRP 20M78,43524718923.0  
80RZ9IB2006SO QRP 20M77,87218415711.9  
81SP3DRM2011SO QRP 20M77,40023620029.1 [Cert]
82W6CN2001SO QRP 20M77,05619817224.5  
83YT1CS2010SO QRP 20M76,96026820819.8 [Cert]
84K3ZR1982SO QRP 20M75,332193148  
85K3ZR1981SO QRP 20M75,036194148  
86W6CN2000SO QRP 20M73,872177162  
87W6CN1996SO QRP 20M72,890228197  
88N5VEZ2013SO QRP 20M (T)72,31419517316.3 [Cert]
89SP3DRM2013SO QRP 20M71,55223920823.4 [Cert]
90WB7OCV/22011SO QRP 20M71,00117516125.0 [Cert]
91E72NA2013SO QRP 20M70,89624721124.1 [Cert]
92RC4AA2010SO QRP 20M69,69623719225.8RW4AO[Cert]
93JA2JSF1988SO QRP 20M67,626200153  
94JR4DAH1997SO QRP 20M67,536201144  
95OK3CPY1992SO QRP 20M65,156231174  
96SP4GFG2010SO QRP 20M64,52923217318.7 [Cert]
97JA2JSF1986SO QRP 20M64,500190150  
98CT/LZ3ND2009SO QRP 20M63,86721818311.4 [Cert]
99SM6CRM2011SO QRP 20M63,68022019918.9 [Cert]
100DJ0MY2007SO QRP 20M62,80720918120.1  



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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