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1S57SU2012SO QRP 40M609,32955042733.2 [Cert]
2S57SU2008SO QRP 40M333,08639329930.7 [Cert]
3YX3A1986SO QRP 40M259,292276160YV3AGT 
4HA6IAM2010SO QRP 40M255,18738028924.3 [Cert]
59A209L2012SO QRP 40M217,72232926219.69A9L[Cert]
6SP4GFG2011SO QRP 40M206,36532327717.0 [Cert]
7S54AA2005SO QRP 40M200,87228523823.0  
8SP2QOT2012SO QRP 40M180,57630626434.5 [Cert]
9S57T2010SO QRP 40M177,84029424713.8 [Cert]
10N1TM2010SO QRP 40M174,27027122227.5 [Cert]
11SP4GFG2012SO QRP 40M172,12530125515.6 [Cert]
12LY5G2010SO QRP 40M147,94129623926.1 [Cert]
139A9L2010SO QRP 40M129,15023620513.4 [Cert]
14S59D1997SO QRP 40M125,970253195  
15OL4W2010SO QRP 40M123,17027121814.6OK1IF[Cert]
169A9L2011SO QRP 40M119,54423620414.0 [Cert]
17OK2BYW2006SO QRP 40M118,86223920623.4  
18ON3DI2010SO QRP 40M (R)113,19024221032.6 [Cert]
19SP4GFG2016SO QRP 40M103,87822019913.7 [Cert]
20JA6UBK1995SO QRP 40M99,160180148  
21RU0AIG2003SO QRP 40M96,61419713432.1  
22RA4FWA2009SO QRP 40M93,79019616613.9 [Cert]
23SP4GFG2008SO QRP 40M89,93621417617.0 [Cert]
24RT4W2016SO QRP 40M89,90819718213.3 [Cert]
25HG6C2013SO QRP 40M89,46621618619.2HA6IAM[Cert]
26SP4GFG2006SO QRP 40M86,06420017618.1  
27SP4GFG2007SO QRP 40M83,93619417219.8  
28UT5UUV2016SO QRP 40M81,05419117115.0 [Cert]
29UA4SKW1996SO QRP 40M79,002207171  
30N1TM2009SO QRP 40M67,48218613823.0 [Cert]
31WB7OCV2010SO QRP 40M65,33118115328.8 [Cert]
32EA2QU2014SO QRP 40M63,84017516017.7 [Cert]
33S51UN2016SO QRP 40M63,39517815511.8 [Cert]
34IT9GAK2016SO QRP 40M (R)61,75916615116.0 [Cert]
35S54MI2015SO QRP 40M (R)59,36518615520.5 [Cert]
36LZ2QV1986SO QRP 40M58,764209126  
37HA8V2012SO QRP 40M57,96117414922.2 [Cert]
38ES6PZ2004SO QRP 40M57,82017014023.4  
39RW9LL2008SO QRP 40M51,680108957.6 [Cert]
40UT8UL2011SO QRP 40M49,09615213615.1 [Cert]
41HA6FQ2011SO QRP 40M47,6771481395.0 [Cert]
42LA5FBA2016SO QRP 40M46,99214813214.8 [Cert]
43PY2ZK2008SO QRP 40M (R)44,6401019312.2 [Cert]
44KF7TLL2016SO QRP 40M44,41617712812.5 [Cert]
45UB5MMP1988SO QRP 40M43,460145106  
46N1TM2013SO QRP 40M42,9601371209.0 [Cert]
47IZ2JPN2015SO QRP 40M42,43215913624.9 [Cert]
48OK6OK2016SO QRP 40M (T)41,78514713726.3 [Cert]
49DL1DQY1996SO QRP 40M39,032141119  
50YT2SMS2016SO QRP 40M36,85512811711.0 [Cert]
51K7UR1992SO QRP 40M36,740126110  
52OK6OK2015SO QRP 40M36,11213612222.4 [Cert]
53UB5IRN1989SO QRP 40M35,568137104  
54K7UR1991SO QRP 40M35,256125113  
55SK0PR1994SO QRP 40M35,076132111SM0DZH 
56I2/IZ3IBL2012SO QRP 40M31,6801181108.5 [Cert]
57IZ7SIA2014SO QRP 40M31,4731271177.8 [Cert]
58IN3HUU2015SO QRP 40M30,36012711511.5 [Cert]
59AA6XX1991SO QRP 40M28,50010595  
60YO7MDE2005SO QRP 40M (R)27,72011710524.7  
61YO5QBP1986SO QRP 40M27,54012181  
62K7UR1990SO QRP 40M26,78410993  
63JA2DLM1995SO QRP 40M24,3009281  
64SP4GFG2015SO QRP 40M23,500102944.7 [Cert]
65JA2DLM1994SO QRP 40M22,7768578  
66UX4CR2013SO QRP 40M22,5681009111.7 [Cert]
67YU1LM2009SO QRP 40M20,962106948.8 [Cert]
68HQ9R2010SO QRP 40M19,14065583.7WQ7R[Cert]
69YR8V2009SO QRP 40M19,14098874.9YO8CT[Cert]
70IZ4VQS2015SO QRP 40M17,835948711.0 [Cert]
71JM1NKT1983SO QRP 40M17,4089168  
72HA0GK2007SO QRP 40M15,41686825.0  
73W8QZA/61998SO QRP 40M15,3687468  
74W6QU2003SO QRP 40M15,0881058216.1W8QZA 
75IK8HOE1997SO QRP 40M14,9945251  
76UW6N2003SO QRP 40M14,89684768.5UR5NX 
77Y23FI1989SO QRP 40M14,8968776  
78VE3BR2015SO QRP 40M14,84858583.7 [Cert]
79S52CQ2016SO QRP 40M14,53680799.2 [Cert]
80WB7OCV/22008SO QRP 40M14,308807314.1 [Cert]
81W6QU2002SO QRP 40M14,144826814.6W8QZA 
82YO9GZU2001SO QRP 40M13,4647168  
83WJ8C/P1999SO QRP 40M13,0664947  
84K3TW/42012SO QRP 40M12,99660572.6 [Cert]
85W6QU2000SO QRP 40M12,4207060  
86ES6KW2009SO QRP 40M11,748686610.6 [Cert]
87JL6IPK2003SO QRP 40M11,6646154  
88UA9FM1986SO QRP 40M11,2805640  
89SM5ARR1987SO QRP 40M11,0888063  
90IK8CHL1983SO QRP 40M11,08812177  
91IK8CHL1988SO QRP 40M10,9807761  
92LY2TS2007SO QRP 40M10,854676731.0  
93W6QU2001SO QRP 40M10,6796659W8QZA 
94EA3FF2007SO QRP 40M10,41657563.0  
95W8QZA/61994SO QRP 40M10,3667673  
96W8QZA/61997SO QRP 40M10,1647066  
97DM4DX2008SO QRP 40M9,98472649.2 [Cert]
98DD0VS2012SO QRP 40M8,976776815.6 [Cert]
99JA2MWV2016SO QRP 40M7,94244387.3 [Cert]
1003Z6AEF2013SO QRP 40M7,81270636.8 [Cert]



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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