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1JA0JHA2011SO HP ALL13,744,2963,8761,18235.3 [Cert]
2JA0JHA2009SO HP ALL7,700,2082,68294435.9 [Cert]
3JA0YAK1993MULTI-MULTI6,667,6502,763825JH0USD JR0DVM JR0HYT JG7... 
4JA0JHA1989SO HP ALL5,830,3592,893699  
5JA0JHA2010SO HP 40M5,204,0601,41970933.5 [Cert]
6JA0JHA2006SO HP 20M4,929,8042,13384435.2  
7JA0QWO2000SO HP ALL (T)3,074,9221,654666  
8JA0QWO2001SO HP ALL (T)2,758,6121,52565230.8  
9JA0JHA1982SO HP ALL1,807,2801,536410  
10JJ0JML2015SA HP ALL (T)1,759,9701,07659033.2 [Cert]
11JA0JHA1983SO HP ALL1,582,6321,224431  
12JA0JHA1981SO HP ALL1,568,7841,336406  
13JA0JHA1990SO HP 10M1,511,3341,216449  
14JA0QWO2002SO HP ALL1,388,4241,00449820.9  
15JA0AXV2014SO HP ALL1,240,51380354136.1  
16JH0LFE1986SO HP ALL1,218,060983402  
17JH1BXH/01992SO HP 10M1,032,360903420  
18JA0QWO1998SO HP ALL1,002,014849442  
19JA0AXV2013SO HP ALL998,22878646334.5 [Cert]
20JE3EPK/01980SO HP 10M986,244995354  
21JA0AXV2012SO HP ALL944,18272244633.8 [Cert]
22JH0EPI1998SO HP 15M813,698719419  
23JH0USD1989SO HP 15M744,192701408  
24JJ0JML2016SA HP ALL (T)689,71563640521.0 [Cert]
25JH0JDV2014SO LP 10M624,54355540910.9 [Cert]
26JA0ZAV1982MULTI-ONE HP599,760651315  
27JH0NOS2011SA HP ALL (T)568,76452333329.2 [Cert]
28JA0JHA2012SO HP 10M547,00860935213.3 [Cert]
29JJ0JML2004SO LP 15M530,28056536017.7  
30JA0BMS2002SO LP ALL445,54451633231.4  
31JA0IAA/02002SO LP 10M414,73248032122.4  
32JG0OXL2001SO LP 15M394,06045232322.5  
33JH0EPI1994SO LP 15M388,120464310  
34JA0ZAV1984MULTI-ONE HP386,974556262JA0VHI JA0OSV JA0TEN JA0... 
35JH0NEC2014SO LP ALL (T)377,8344193269.9 [Cert]
36JA0ZAV1991MULTI-ONE HP371,228472286JA0VHI JA0OSV JH0HON JE0... 
37JH0JDV2015SO LP 10M342,22841331614.9 [Cert]
38JA0JHA1996SO HP 80M335,384383226  
39JH0NEC2012SO LP ALL (T)334,18441129613.9 [Cert]
40JA0ZNA1980MULTI-MULTI329,630498230JH0GWO +Club Group 
41JH0NOS2012SO HP 20M (T)322,08836432625.7 [Cert]
42JA0QWO1997SO HP ALL304,164458238  
43JH0BBE1983SO HP 10M301,048589242  
44JH0USD1988SO HP 15M300,609482263  
45JH0NEC2009SO LP ALL (T)293,45441227419.7 [Cert]
46JA0CIY1981SO HP 15M285,855409255  
47JR0ETA2005SO LP ALL283,82443624322.1  
48JH0NEC2002SO LP ALL (T)276,89638327218.6  
49JA0CGJ1986SO HP 20M271,054400266  
50JA0ZAV1986MULTI-ONE HP262,025404235JA0VHI JA0OSV JA0RUG JH0... 
51JA0CIY2012SO HP ALL (T)258,26339027118.2 [Cert]
52JH0GHZ1998SO LP ALL254,178390243  
53JH0ZHQ1990SO HP 40M250,260307215  
54JF0SGW1995SO LP ALL250,162346274  
55JA0UMV1988SO HP 40M246,776368218  
56JH0NEC2008SO LP ALL (T)232,97137723719.9 [Cert]
57JH0IXE2000SO LP ALL229,471341253  
58JA0ZAV1987MULTI-ONE HP227,454368227JA0VHI JA0RUG JA0DSV JR0... 
59JH0LFE1982SO HP 20M224,675378215  
60JA0VHI1983SO HP ALL221,422375221  
61JH0LFE1984SO QRP ALL216,591284219  
62JA0FVU2012SA HP ALL212,75031623012.7 [Cert]
63JA0ZAV1985MULTI-MULTI207,888361213JA0VHI JA0OSV JA0RUG JA0... 
64JA0CIY2011SO HP ALL (T)189,21630721915.5 [Cert]
65JH0SPE1988SO HP ALL186,200359200  
66JE0UXR2000SO LP ALL185,232277227  
67JA0BJY2012SA LP ALL178,24530323314.8 [Cert]
69JH0EPI2008SO LP 20M175,78832122814.9 [Cert]
70JR0BQT1989SO HP 10M174,590303221  
71JA0BJY2014SO LP ALL174,51727223310.5 [Cert]
72JA0RYN1981SO HP 15M167,800306200  
73JH0OBD1989SO HP 15M163,718299218  
74JH1BXH/01988SO HP 10M163,413340201  
75JJ0PJD2014SO HP ALL (T)159,32826720823.0 [Cert]
76JA0TPE1984SO HP 10M157,212366198  
77JH0DNX1989SO HP ALL156,024319198  
78JH0EPI1999SO LP 20M153,204281204  
79JH0EPI2011SO LP 20M151,66827819812.6 [Cert]
80JA0CIY1980SO HP 15M151,590288188  
81JJ0JML2002SO LP 15M143,32525719530.3  
82JA0YCR1983MULTI-ONE HP141,732307186JH0NOS JH0NLB 
83JH0EQN2012SA HP 10M137,34027321010.5 [Cert]
84JE0MHS1989SO HP ALL123,046240187  
85JA0FMB1980SO HP ALL122,257237179  
86JA0CGJ1985SO HP 20M120,904245179  
87JR0WZR1997SO HP ALL119,448223158  
88JG0OXL2000SO LP ALL (T)115,840226181  
89JH0EPI2016SO LP 20M115,22122819911.2 [Cert]
90JA0WUU1978SO HP ALL108,487251157  
91JA0QNJ2014SO HP 10M106,4442101781.6  
92JA0BMS2004SO LP ALL105,95226617220.6  
93JJ0KRD2006SO LP 20M104,49321918312.2  
94JH0HON1995SO LP ALL101,430204161  
95JA0QWO1996SO HP ALL (T)100,285231155  
96JH0OXS2012SO HP 15M97,49521018520.3 [Cert]
97JH0EPI2012SO LP 20M95,75720917718.2 [Cert]
99JR0GUY2011SO HP 15M92,40020117614.9 [Cert]
100JH0EPI1992SO HP 15M91,245209165  
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(R) = Rookie overlay category
(T) = Tribander/Wires overlay category
Italics = Log received after deadline. Not eligible for awards.