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1JA5BJC1999MULTI-ONE HP11,292,6483,96699648.0JA5BJC JA5FDJ JH5FXP JH5... 
2JH5FXP2001SO HP ALL10,903,3893,86198736.0  
3JH5ZJS1995MULTI-ONE HP8,625,7603,301845JA5BJC JA5FDJ JA5THU JH5... 
4JH5ZJS1993MULTI-ONE HP8,085,6153,366815JA5BJC JA5FDJ JA5JCC JH5... 
5JA5BJC2000SO HP 10M5,915,4962,491824  
6JH5ZJS1994MULTI-ONE HP5,706,6442,348759JA5BJC JA5CJZ JA5FDJ JA5... 
7JH5FXP1994SO HP ALL5,115,1042,165716  
8JR5YCE2016MULTI-ONE HP4,459,1461,79183144.7JH5FIS JJ5GMJ[Cert]
9JH5ZJS1997SO HP ALL4,434,5072,020693  
10JR5JAQ2000SA HP 10M4,018,6821,892739  
11JA5EXW1995SO HP 20M1,712,5021,105558  
12JA5ONK1993SO HP ALL1,567,3591,110499  
13JJ5GMJ2009SO HP 20M1,415,95399753923.0 [Cert]
148N5A2010MULTI-MULTI1,354,9041,14451415.2JJ6WYS JK6RIP JH5RXS [Cert]
15JR5KDR1991SO HP ALL1,174,098922474  
16JA5EO2000SO LP ALL1,162,130879463  
17JA5JCC1980SO HP 15M1,125,672541299  
18JH5OXF1999SO LP ALL (T)825,432735422  
19JA5EO2001SO LP ALL775,008715414  
20JA5BJC1984SO HP 40M771,064566281  
21JA5GPJ2000SO QRP 10M755,478624423  
22JH5MXB2016SA HP 15M748,83462744618.7 [Cert]
23JA5FBZ2011SO HP 15M742,34962743916.4 [Cert]
24JA5APU2002SO HP 10M722,515631415  
25JA5GPJ2001SO QRP 10M709,758652387  
26JA5APU2004SO HP 15M649,56865238327.5  
27JA5EO1999SO LP ALL646,726605382  
28JA5YGJ2000MULTI-ONE HP614,172565381JA5MVU JIT5HN JF4UNO N. ... 
29JH5MXB2015SA HP 15M520,47449439415.7 [Cert]
30JA5CDL1990SO HP ALL518,580594335  
31JA5APU1998SO HP ALL493,116544327  
32JA5APU1992SO HP 20M462,898500347  
33JH5FXP1980SO HP 15M436,540567296  
34JA5EO1998SO LP ALL430,155480363  
35JA5EO2003SO LP ALL428,08552531524.2  
36JA5APU1994SO HP ALL423,384499312  
37JA5APU2005SO HP 15M369,96548330522.2  
38JA5APU2000SO HP 15M347,831411307  
39JA5APU1996SO HP 20M328,601421299  
40JA5IP1994SO HP ALL311,780415262  
41JJ5HUD2014SO LP ALL301,24538728523.4 [Cert]
42JA5MOU1980SO HP 20M294,742447259  
43JR5XPG2010SA LP ALL292,50037525014.5 [Cert]
44JA5GPJ1999SO QRP 10M272,384374266  
45JA5ATN2000SO HP ALL262,615370265  
46JA5FBZ2013SA HP 10M247,85243526231.7 [Cert]
47JA5APU2007SO HP 20M230,21235326818.8  
48JH5TEE1983SO HP 15M222,398375242  
49JA5IP1990SO HP ALL217,440359240  
50JA5IP1992SO HP ALL215,152350238  
51JA5PEE1980SO HP ALL203,390361215  
52JR5XPG2008SA LP ALL199,72832821918.3 [Cert]
53JA5APU1991SO HP 10M196,024334214  
54JA5FBZ2009SO HP 15M194,96442821123.6 [Cert]
55JA5FBZ2007SO HP ALL191,2743272136.4  
56JA5SUD2010SO HP ALL188,04430721223.5 [Cert]
57JR5FHC1990SO HP 15M180,804319228  
58JA5ATN2001SO LP 10M179,100290225  
59JA5APU2006SO HP 20M178,29631222821.6  
60JA5IP2003SO HP ALL173,63529620536.0  
61JA5UBW1980SO HP 20M152,096311194  
62JA5APU2009SO HP 20M144,50426822319.3 [Cert]
63JJ5HUD2013SO LP ALL144,14429519825.0 [Cert]
64JA5JCC1991SO HP 40M140,400230180  
65JG5DHX2011SO LP 15M139,76425822819.1 [Cert]
66JA5IP1991SO HP ALL131,040262195  
67JH5OXF1998SO LP ALL127,575265189  
68JA5APU2003SO HP 10M118,76725118317.0  
69JG5UWK2012SO LP ALL (T)114,24025317024.0 [Cert]
70JA5IP1989SO HP ALL110,410246181  
71JA5SIX1978SO HP ALL103,512262152  
72JA5EO2004SO LP 15M101,55121517316.7  
73JA5IP1993SO HP ALL96,555251157  
74JA5APU1993SO HP 15M95,945196155  
75JA5FBZ2015SA HP 10M95,4182101626.8 [Cert]
76JR5HCU1986SO HP 15M95,370287165  
77JH5EVO1983SO HP 15M92,910244163  
78JG5UWK2011SO LP ALL (T)87,84320414119.8 [Cert]
79JA5PXG2013SO LP 15M (R)87,55219317118.7 [Cert]
80JA5GPJ1998SO QRP 10M85,675237149  
81JI5SKS2012SO HP ALL79,7041901646.3 [Cert]
82JA5YAN1984SO HP 15M79,577210151  
83JA5GSG2000SO HP ALL76,82411099  
84JA5EO1992SO LP ALL74,550193142  
85JA5PEE1979SO HP 10M74,100215130  
86JA5EO1997SO LP ALL71,295184147  
87JA5NYF1978SO HP ALL66,621187159  
88JG5UWK2014SO LP ALL (T)61,29017313521.4 [Cert]
89JJ5HUD2016SO LP ALL58,79717413913.9 [Cert]
90JA5EO1990SO HP ALL57,720166130  
91JR5FHC1989SO HP 15M57,509176131  
92JA5CPO2004SO HP ALL56,98518213112.2  
93JH5IRT1983SO HP 15M56,889170129  
94JH5IRT1981SO HP 15M56,050174118  
95JA5PUL1976SO HP 15M55,937175131  
96JG5DHX2012SO LP 15M55,24516214510.4 [Cert]
97JG5OYU1994SO LP ALL53,675157113  
98JH5OXF2000SO LP ALL (T)52,877144121  
99JA5EO1989SO HP ALL50,820164110  
100JA5GSL1977SO HP ALL43,400183100  



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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