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1JA8YBY1992MULTI-ONE HP7,634,5443,174848JO1DFG JE8KLL JF8TMI JG8... 
2JA8RWU2001SO HP ALL6,228,8542,63883836.0  
3JA8RWU1999SO HP ALL5,341,3202,287802  
4JA8YBY1990MULTI-ONE HP4,950,4562,366746JO1DFG JH8PNE JH8WBR JR8... 
5JA8RUZ1992SO HP ALL4,728,4642,304716  
6JA8RWU1992SO HP ALL4,641,1192,232731  
7JA8YBY1991SO HP ALL3,634,6851,859701JO1DFG 
8JA8RWU1993SO HP ALL3,490,3681,873672  
9JA8RWU2003SO HP ALL2,968,7351,58370135.6  
10JA8RWU1991SO HP ALL2,923,4231,678631  
11JE8XRF1989SO HP 10M2,277,7191,557571  
12JH8YCT1986MULTI-MULTI2,158,2401,261470JH8WAH JH8WJY JR8OFE JE8... 
13JA8RWU2008MULTI-ONE HP1,868,7201,20056828.8JA8RWU JE8KKX JA0QNJ JH0...[Cert]
14JA8RWU1988SO HP ALL1,447,6001,155470  
15JA8YBY1988MULTI-ONE HP1,016,390945410JO1DFG JH8GFB JE8BRO JE8... 
16JA8RJE1995SO HP 20M1,007,930766490  
17JA8COE2014SA LP ALL974,98873047721.6 [Cert]
18JA8JCR2000SA HP ALL960,263747461  
19JR8VSE1998SO HP 15M907,680787480  
20JH8TRP1984SO HP 20M887,682853394  
21JA8COE2015SA LP ALL814,66064046025.5 [Cert]
22JH8YCT1991MULTI-ONE HP660,870793315JR8QMO JE8URM JE8JZX JE8... 
23JA8COE2013SA LP ALL629,22267840732.9 [Cert]
24JR8OXT2010SO HP ALL626,47056439517.2 [Cert]
25JG8TDZ2014SO HP 10M613,58853342224.9 [Cert]
26JA8ECS2010SO HP ALL605,36456936625.9 [Cert]
27JA8YAU1978MULTI-ONE HP544,224754275JA8FPX JA8UXL 
28JA8FDA1979SO HP 15M518,560677280  
29JA8COE2012SO LP ALL492,55850637421.2 [Cert]
30JH8XVH2015SA LP 10M431,88045435419.9 [Cert]
31JA8ECS2012SO HP 15M393,76443034313.4 [Cert]
32JA8MKZ1980SO HP 10M385,848515276  
33JE8KGH2015SO LP ALL (T)370,57347931722.6 [Cert]
34JH8NYK1982SO HP 20M298,551438249  
36JA8RUZ1987SO HP ALL292,824420249  
37JH8CXW2012SO HP ALL291,55537827926.1 [Cert]
39JA8DIV2012SO HP ALL263,14435125420.1 [Cert]
40JA8YXI1979MULTI-ONE HP243,382431203JA8ERG JA8JCR JA8OYC JA8... 
41JE8KKX2013SO LP ALL231,00035026419.8 [Cert]
42JA8SW1982SO HP ALL226,800374216  
43JA8ECS2009SO HP ALL225,90032425118.7 [Cert]
44JA8ULV1979SO HP 10M222,780408188  
45JA8RJE1989SO QRP 15M215,208327252  
46JH8DEH1989SO QRP 10M210,600343216  
47JR8OGB/81993SO LP 15M202,464344228  
49JA8SW1981SO HP ALL171,600338176  
50JA8UJY1981SO HP 15M166,060302190  
51JA8UJY1982SO HP 15M165,208300193  
52JA8DIV2011SO HP ALL152,23423820614.5 [Cert]
53JE8VZK2014SO LP 15M139,53124221720.8 [Cert]
54JA8DHI1980SO HP 15M125,280272174  
55JA8SW1980SO HP ALL123,861264159  
56JA8DIY1981SO HP ALL123,272299152  
57JH8FIH2008SO HP ALL (T)121,81326218114.4 [Cert]
58JA8FIZ1982SO HP 10M120,288262168  
59JA8SW1978SO HP ALL110,260266149  
60JL8AQH2003SO LP 15M108,852198193  
61JA8UJY1984SO HP 15M107,743248163  
62JA8KXA2012SO HP ALL107,50821918614.5 [Cert]
63JA8UJY1990SO HP 15M104,760227180  
64JA8SW1987SO HP ALL103,648233164  
65JA8DIV2010SO HP ALL103,25220416614.0 [Cert]
66JH8SIT2009SO HP 20M97,55921618116.4 [Cert]
67JA8WY1994SO LP ALL97,497220157  
68JA8IJI2011SO LP ALL94,69620317817.3 [Cert]
69JL8MBF2014SO LP ALL91,05620216814.3 [Cert]
70JA8SW1976SO HP 20M90,270261153  
71JA8SW1986SO HP ALL89,813197163  
72JH8DEH1988SO QRP ALL83,978236143  
73JA8DIV2013SO HP ALL82,95021115812.4 [Cert]
74JA8SW1988SO HP ALL82,634203158  
75JH8TDZ1983SO HP 15M75,682205158  
76JH8QJ1990SO HP 10M74,560193160  
77JA8TEZ1999SO LP 15M71,485173145  
78JA8TEZ2000SO HP ALL70,000181140  
79JE8KKX2014SO LP 10M (T)67,45216715413.4 [Cert]
80JE8KXX2000SO LP ALL (T)64,656173144  
81JA8SW1977SO HP 20M60,653194131  
82JH8DHV1994SO LP 15M60,200163140  
83JE8VZK2013SO LP 15M59,90417415622.6 [Cert]
84JA8ROC1977SO HP 20M58,535195115  
85JI8BUR2000SO LP 15M58,519161139  
86JA8SW1979SO HP ALL58,080177121  
87JH8CXW2014SO HP 10M (T)54,92914213310.6 [Cert]
88JA8TGD2015SO HP 15M54,62714813913.8 [Cert]
89JA8BY1986SO HP 20M53,988174132  
90JI8BUR2003SO LP 15M53,85615413612.3  
91JA8IJI2001SO LP 10M52,66215313412.2  
92JL8MBF2011SO LP ALL50,80814911611.7 [Cert]
93JA8IJI2016SO LP ALL50,76015510811.1 [Cert]
94JH8SIT2010SO HP 20M (T)49,91114313111.5 [Cert]
95JA8RJE1990SO QRP 15M49,848150134  
96JH8TDZ1984SO HP 15M47,355151123  
97JA8NFV1987SO HP 40M45,75611593  
98JH8SIT2011SO HP 20M (T)45,4961391216.9 [Cert]
99JI8GZS2000SO LP 15M44,125139125  
100JA8IJI2010SO LP ALL43,75015112513.9 [Cert]
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(R) = Rookie overlay category
(T) = Tribander/Wires overlay category
Italics = Log received after deadline. Not eligible for awards.