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1JA9YBA1989MULTI-MULTI13,579,0724,852988JA9LNJ JA9NFO JA9RNR JA9... 
2JA9YBA1984MULTI-MULTI9,560,4644,144773JJ1BTC JR2GMC JI2NPL JA9... 
3JA9YBA1985MULTI-MULTI6,819,0663,005729JA9LNJ JA9VBW JA9VDA JA9... 
4JA9YBA1983MULTI-MULTI6,295,9933,410671JA9DZS JA9LJI JA9LNJ JA9... 
5JA9YBA1982MULTI-ONE HP5,356,8573,069599  
6JA9YBA1986MULTI-MULTI4,966,0322,384674JA9IIG JA9LNJ JA9VBW JA9... 
7JA9YBA1987MULTI-MULTI4,680,6002,288696JA9VBW JA9VDA JG2VTD JG3... 
8JA9ZKE1984MULTI-ONE HP4,351,9142,473609JA9CZE JA9NFO JA9PPC JA9... 
9JA9YBA1988MULTI-MULTI3,980,1062,332657JA9VDA JH9VSF JA9-10148 ... 
10JA9YAV1993SO HP ALL1,376,622970481Hajime 
11JA9YAV1992SO HP ALL1,358,2801,000495HAJIME NADA 
12JF9JTS2014SA HP ALL (T)1,127,49178849313.3 [Cert]
13JH9URT2013SO LP 40M1,036,14658936626.8 [Cert]
14JH9GRM1983SO HP 15M914,536883392  
15JF9JTS2016SA HP ALL (T)806,41866942612.2 [Cert]
16JR9NVB2001SO LP 15M (T)736,533639433  
17JA9LJS2012SO HP ALL656,44862941618.1 [Cert]
18JH9URT2014SO LP 40M645,57646329623.7 [Cert]
19JF9JTS2015SO HP ALL (T)634,84659537311.0 [Cert]
20JH9URT2016SO LP 40M612,69543028320.5SINGLE OP[Cert]
21JH9URT2012SO HP 40M555,48542526922.5 [Cert]
22JR9NVB1998SO LP 15M538,284541372  
23JA9JFO1999SO HP 15M515,970545351  
24JA9JFO1983SO HP ALL485,408598308  
25JH9KVF1993SO LP 15M399,360480320  
26JH9VSF1999SO HP 10M385,280502301  
27JA9CCG2014SO HP 10M366,86040134015.0 [Cert]
28JA9YBA1977MULTI-ONE HP330,885608215Club Group 
29JF9JTS2009SA HP ALL327,22242129415.5 [Cert]
30JF9JTS2013SO HP ALL (T)283,3303752907.2 [Cert]
31JF9JTS2012SO HP ALL (T)268,83237724811.3 [Cert]
32JH9CAU1988SO HP 15M243,972413243  
33JE9EMA1995SO LP ALL237,180360236  
34JR9VNB1995SO LP 15M221,440338256  
35JF9JTS2010SA HP ALL (T)214,1373222319.2 [Cert]
36JH9DRL/92014SA LP ALL211,12032026020.5 [Cert]
37JA9CCG2012SO HP 15M209,30831526814.1 [Cert]
38JA9TQY2013SO LP ALL204,51633224726.4 [Cert]
39JA9TQY2016SO LP ALL190,63829823825.3 [Cert]
40JA9YAV1991SO HP ALL182,781334207Nada 
41JN2QCV/91995SO LP 20M174,600303225  
42JA9CCG2011SO HP 15M168,03226323614.5 [Cert]
43JA9CWJ1983SO HP ALL165,300316190  
44JA9JFO1997SO HP ALL162,870311178  
45JA9AG1975SO HP 20M161,700403154  
46JR9NVB1994SO LP ALL160,680290195  
47JA1ALX/92002SO LP ALL156,67229420422.9  
48JA9YAV1987MULTI-ONE HP145,266330186JH9AGV JH9EBH JH9ETC JH9... 
49JA9IKL1999SO HP 15M143,420259202  
50JH9DNK1999SO LP ALL139,200247200  
51JH9CAV1990SO HP 10M131,125288175  
52JA9XBW1991SO HP ALL129,276264189  
53JR9NVB1993SO LP ALL124,047245179  
54JA9TQY2001SO LP ALL117,847231191  
55JA9BEK1986SO HP 20M116,104247184  
56JA9TQY2010SO LP ALL113,40524818518.2 [Cert]
57JA9CCG2016SO HP 15M98,4542061839.5 [Cert]
58JA9BMP1977SO HP 15M97,681302137  
59JE9LLO1995SO LP ALL96,866214154  
60JH9URT2010SO LP 40M96,74018014018.6 [Cert]
61JA9CCG2015SO HP 15M96,60019818410.2 [Cert]
62JA9TQY2014SO LP ALL94,83021117412.0 [Cert]
63JA9XBW1997SA HP ALL92,120215140  
64JA9CCG1995SO HP ALL84,819209147  
65JA9HDH1994SO LP ALL84,728210136  
66JA9TQY2012SO LP ALL84,33620816815.8 [Cert]
67JF9JTS2008SA HP ALL83,8442161539.2 [Cert]
68JE9HVF1995SO LP 15M78,500190157  
69JA9CCG2013SO HP 15M77,8052001719.2  
70JA9TQY2002SO LP 10M72,240213172  
71JA1ALX/92003SO LP ALL70,50020014116.2  
72JA9XBW1983SO QRP ALL67,727218131  
73JA9GHC1993SO LP ALL65,550167138  
74JE9EMA1994SO LP ALL62,609170137  
75JA9GHC1992SO LP ALL62,411163139  
76JH9URT2011SA LP 40M61,77612410810.4 [Cert]
77JA9KUG1996SO LP 20M60,590166146  
78JA9XBW1996SA HP 20M59,631165139  
79JR9NVB1997SA LP 15M59,150207130  
80JH9CAV1991SO HP ALL56,916171124  
81JA9GEW2016SO LP 15M56,43415913914.6 [Cert]
82JA9IVJ1992SO LP 20M55,624153136  
83JA9AQE1977SO HP 20M55,330190110  
84JH9URT2008SO LP 40M54,99215911216.4 [Cert]
85JA1ALX/92000SO LP 10M54,780149132  
86JH9CAV1984SO HP ALL54,756180117  
87JF9KVT2009SO HP ALL53,93719411723.9 [Cert]
88JE9LLO1994SO LP ALL53,703166117  
89JA9EJG1999SO LP ALL (T)50,370158115  
90JF9JTS2004SO HP ALL47,4361481186.0  
91JE9LLO1997SO LP ALL44,408151104  
92JA9IVJ1993SO LP 20M41,040135120  
93JA9CCG2010SO HP 15M40,7501341258.3 [Cert]
94JA1ALX/92004SO LP ALL40,43215911211.8  
95JA9EJG1998SO LP ALL (T)40,414137121  
96JF9KVT2008SO LP ALL39,88218410222.0 [Cert]
97JR9GMS2014SA HP ALL38,8641171126.8 [Cert]
98JR9NVB1996SO LP 15M37,908145117  
99JA9LX2016SO LP ALL (T)35,65312510112.7 [Cert]
100JA9DVE1989SO HP 10M34,711119103  



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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