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1VE4VT2016SO LP ALL5,506,1762,32083235.9VE4EAR[Cert]
2VE4VT2014SO LP ALL5,382,6122,14789835.9VE4EAR[Cert]
3VE4VT2015SA LP ALL4,296,2851,96680535.9 [Cert]
4VE4VT2012SO HP ALL3,916,3601,67678836.0 [Cert]
5VE4EAR2010SA HP ALL3,675,8201,63776935.9 [Cert]
6CG4ALO1985MULTI-ONE HP3,108,1912,071551VE4ALO VE4VV 
7VE4VV1994MULTI-ONE HP2,951,2322,060608VE4XT VE4DRM VE4VV 
8XJ4VV1993SO LP ALL2,723,6801,905587  
9VF4VV1999MULTI-ONE HP2,555,5971,621613VE4XT VE4VV 
10VE4ALO1986MULTI-ONE HP2,291,3241,756532VE4ALO VE4VV 
11VE4AA1986MULTI-ONE HP2,250,3801,704530VE4AA VE4IM VE4CCC 
12VE4EAR2009SO HP ALL1,914,2201,09156535.2 [Cert]
13XK4VV1991SO HP ALL1,638,5841,362478VE4VV 
14CJ4VV1995SO HP ALL1,545,7291,213489  
15XK4GV1991SO HP ALL1,158,9281,032452VE4GV 
16VC4X2000SO LP 10M1,071,887812487VE4VV 
17CG4SW1978SO HP ALL999,4161,126328  
18VE4GV1989SO HP 10M988,3951,047393  
19VC9UM1977MULTI-ONE HP799,6061,916173VE4VV VE4GV VE4UO VE4IY ... 
20VE4YU2014SO LP ALL766,01064143416.4 [Cert]
21VE4RP1983SO HP ALL749,652782358  
22VE4KM1978SO HP ALL736,8541,155254  
23VE4IM2000SO HP ALL718,365660415  
24VE4EAR2008SO HP ALL (T)700,44172432934.7 [Cert]
25VE4YU2011SO LP ALL622,83959239915.9 [Cert]
26VE4VT2013SO HP ALL617,80855636612.6VE4EAR[Cert]
27VE4WI2001SO LP ALL611,65164038321.2  
28VE4SW1979SO HP ALL610,945775295  
29VE4YU2002SO HP ALL (T)600,36360736915.8  
30VG4VV1992SO LP 10M595,140852327  
31VE4IM2001SO HP 20M (T)579,11154240330.8  
32VE4CCC1983SO HP ALL564,788714322  
33VE4RP1978SO HP ALL545,383764241  
34VE4CCC1984SO HP ALL536,200628350  
35VE4SD1989SO HP ALL465,460589340  
36VE4YU2012SO LP ALL379,43144029911.2 [Cert]
37CG4VV1978MULTI-ONE HP321,5947721865 Oprs 
38VE4YU2006SO LP ALL289,92640227318.7  
39VE4RP1984SO HP ALL276,640403247  
40VE4MG1999SO LP ALL254,286362277  
41VE4YU2004SO LP ALL253,27242124415.1  
42VE4EA2015SA HP ALL250,83234424410.6 [Cert]
43VE4YU1999SO LP ALL247,020358276  
44VE4YU2015SO LP ALL234,18334625111.2 [Cert]
45VE4EAR2007SO LP ALL (T)228,63636321927.4  
46VE4TTH2012SO LP ALL (R)221,96132824117.0 [Cert]
47VE4YU2005SO LP ALL219,01035124212.4  
48VA4HZ2015SO LP ALL217,12833424922.7VE4HAZ[Cert]
49VE4WI1993SO LP ALL209,592405246  
50XK4CE1991SO HP ALL198,045328243VE4CE 
51VE4RP1991SO HP ALL193,756297236  
52VE4DRK2014SO LP ALL187,04432721822.9 [Cert]
53VE4RP1987SO HP ALL183,148312211  
54VE4MG2001SO LP ALL (R)183,065325235  
55VE4KZ2012SO HP 20M178,85232424412.5 [Cert]
56VE4AKN1986SO HP 20M178,162374229  
57VE4DXR2014SA HP ALL (R)154,78026421810.2 [Cert]
58VE4YU2013SO LP ALL150,9442742128.0 [Cert]
59VE4KM1977SO HP ALL149,120428128  
60VE4RP1977SO HP ALL145,559313163  
61VE4RP1990SO HP ALL140,693255199  
62VE4HAZ2003SO LP ALL134,97630919222.4  
63VE4RP1998SO HP ALL129,010239190  
64VE4RP1996SO HP ALL126,600228200  
65VE4RP1975SO HP ALL126,321361123  
66VE4HAZ2002SO LP ALL (T)119,78426218620.7  
67VE4RP1994SO HP ALL114,741236183  
68VE4RP1979SO HP ALL112,008295156  
69VE4YU2003SO LP ALL (T)109,24227115312.9  
70VE4EAR2006SO LP ALL (T)99,95424016230.6  
71VE4YU2008SO LP ALL97,2442361617.3 [Cert]
72VE4RP1980SO HP 15M90,751243151  
73VE4HAZ2004SO LP ALL89,64725715720.8  
74VE4COZ1994SO LP 20M88,816223182  
75CG4AKN1985SO HP 20M88,506283149  
76VE4YU2010SO LP ALL84,6452001656.9 [Cert]
77VE4RP1989SO HP ALL81,672191166  
78VE4YU2007SO LP ALL71,6451821616.2  
79VE4RP2001SO HP ALL71,121166157  
80VE4RA2011SO LP ALL68,15016714511.2 [Cert]
81VE4RA2010SO LP ALL66,89315815112.1 [Cert]
82VE4RP1995SO HP ALL64,960162145  
83VE4RP1997SO HP ALL60,759175129  
84VE4DXR1996SO LP ALL56,742167147  
85VA4HZ2016SO LP ALL54,86015713013.5VE4HAZ[Cert]
86VE4YU1996SO LP ALL (T)54,626162143  
87VG4CI1992SO HP 15M54,230171145  
88VE4RP2000SO HP ALL47,375145125  
89VA4CI1991SO HP 20M37,366124119VE4CI 
90VE4AKF2014SO HP ALL36,89012911911.8 [Cert]
91VE4TV2009SO LP ALL36,40014110013.2 [Cert]
92VE4XM2011SO LP ALL31,7201231049.3 [Cert]
93VE4TCH2013SO LP ALL28,3651239314.7  
94VE4HAZ2000SO LP ALL28,11910091  
95VE4DET2007SO LP ALL (R)26,7721199220.6  
96VE4HAZ2006SO LP ALL24,8851057929.2  
97VE4AKN1984SO HP 15M23,00010492  
98XK4AMC1991SO HP 15M16,69811069VE4AMC 
99VE4PO1977SO HP ALL15,80812664  
100VE4VID2003SO LP ALL15,45096756.0  



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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