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1VO1MX2006MULTI-ONE HP11,053,0643,5271,01246.8VO1MX VO1HE VO1MP 
2VO1MP1998SO HP ALL10,406,3743,886913  
3VO1MP1999SO HP ALL9,331,9283,45194336.0  
4VO1AU2005SO HP ALL8,056,6362,67885435.9  
5VO1MP2000SO HP 10M7,158,1443,176896  
6VO7XX1991SO HP ALL7,148,7383,136788VO1MP 
7VO1MP1989SO HP ALL6,710,4453,134789  
8VO1AU2004SO HP ALL (T)6,353,2322,32485635.6  
9VO1MP2005SO HP ALL4,636,1161,91769830.6  
10VO1WET2001SO HP ALL (T)4,629,4402,17174034.6  
11VO1TA2002SO HP ALL (T)4,318,9302,15671023.9  
12VO1KVT2011MULTI-ONE HP4,099,7531,71879120.9VO1KVT VO1JNS[Cert]
13VO1MP2007SO HP ALL4,087,6931,71875125.3  
14VO1WET2000SO HP ALL (T)4,020,7922,163636  
15VO1JNS2013MULTI-ONE HP3,917,3491,73478335.1VO1JNS VO1KVT[Cert]
16VO1MP2003SO HP ALL3,794,7001,72869533.1  
17VO3MP1990SO HP ALL3,662,9561,939649  
18VO1MP2001SO HP 10M3,595,8232,04373724.0  
19VO1CV1983SO HP ALL3,524,5442,450576  
20VO1MP2008SO HP ALL3,432,7371,74676321.5 [Cert]
21VO1MP1996SO HP ALL3,408,4801,682648  
22VF1CV1985SO HP 40M3,384,6481,390522  
23VO1HE2007SO HP 20M3,326,7381,67576627.5  
24VO1QU1988SO HP 20M3,276,8402,041664  
25VO1HZ2016MULTI-ONE HP3,276,1301,49175422.4VO1JNS VO1KVT[Cert]
26VO1KVT2014SO HP ALL (T)2,891,4901,31873522.3 [Cert]
27VO1MP1988SO HP 15M2,564,6171,865583  
28VO1CV1984SO HP 40M2,465,8501,232425  
29VO1MP2002SO HP 10M2,442,9601,52264821.9  
30VO1BC2000SO LP ALL (T)2,111,5871,338557  
31VO1CV1987SO HP 20M2,070,4321,569553  
32VO1SF1994SO LP ALL2,046,2641,270552  
33VO2NS2014SO HP ALL2,028,8251,13863520.1 [Cert]
34VO2CW1980SO HP ALL1,927,1201,614442  
35VO1MP1987SO HP ALL1,909,3321,447497  
36VO1MP1997SO HP ALL1,764,9631,082499  
37VO1TA2006SO HP ALL (T)1,687,1241,07456218.0  
38VO1TA2004SO HP ALL (T)1,599,7721,12052417.9  
39VO1KVT2010SO HP ALL (T)1,490,01687954424.6 [Cert]
40VO1WET1999SO HP ALL (T)1,479,8281,087474  
41VO1TX2012SO LP ALL1,257,08884148826.1 [Cert]
42VO1HH1977SO HP 20M1,208,9191,472327  
43XO1SF1993SO LP 15M1,158,4761,066466VO1SF 
44VO1GO2000SO LP ALL (T)1,147,467886491  
45VO7SO1991SO HP 10M1,020,396954422VO1SO 
46VO1KVT2012SO HP ALL (T)993,88474848215.9 [Cert]
47VO1TA2007SO HP ALL (T)992,29770142115.6  
48VO1IMB1998SO LP ALL784,128709384  
49VO1KVT2008SO LP ALL774,29768337929.3 [Cert]
50VO1IMB1999SO LP ALL724,125659375  
51VO2CW1979SO HP ALL686,622804317  
52VO1CM1982SO HP ALL647,436766326  
53VO2NS2010SO HP ALL597,37058441011.3 [Cert]
54VO1QU1986SO HP 20M555,426709354  
55VO2NS2016SA HP ALL550,86761236717.9 [Cert]
56VO1TX2014SO LP ALL513,28254936319.0 [Cert]
57VO1ONE2002SO LP ALL461,34059333020.0  
58VO2ZT2005SO LP ALL (T)446,68249532730.4  
59VO1BC2006SA LP 20M444,27651030111.8  
60VO1DJT2010SO LP ALL (T)439,89045833020.9 [Cert]
61VO1QU1984SO HP 20M429,590576323  
62VO1TA2013SO HP 15M (T)421,4005063446.3 [Cert]
63VO1MP2004SO HP ALL409,37044333511.3  
64VO1DJT2011SO LP ALL (T)404,58042433015.8 [Cert]
65VO1DC1996SO HP ALL (T)398,128460298  
66VO2NS2013SO HP ALL382,40050232013.2 [Cert]
67VO2NS2009SO HP ALL353,28843931621.9 [Cert]
68VO1KVT2006SO LP ALL (R)326,25038526129.0  
69VO1TX2010SO LP ALL316,65439224721.7 [Cert]
70VO1DJT2012SA LP ALL272,64035728419.8 [Cert]
71VO1KVT2007SO LP ALL272,08937224121.8  
72VO1QU1983SO HP ALL259,557408241  
73VO1BBN2012SO LP ALL248,84832120623.0 [Cert]
74VO1TA2003SO HP ALL (T)245,30033022010.0  
75XO1TX1993SO LP ALL243,386472253  
76VO1DJT2016SO LP ALL170,42427621613.7 [Cert]
77VO1ONE2006SO LP ALL (T)163,82227620216.7  
78VO1TX2008SO HP ALL162,06026218517.5 [Cert]
79VO1HE2002SO LP ALL154,8002602257.1  
80VO2CW1978SO HP 15M154,344375177  
81VO1DJT2008SO LP ALL (R)154,31626122324.9 [Cert]
82VO1DJT2014SO LP ALL153,23026819914.4 [Cert]
83VO1RCH2016SO LP ALL (R)148,56525921514.7  
84VO1TX2007SO LP ALL146,87025819021.5  
85VO1HE1999SO LP ALL144,288230216  
86VO1AW1985SO HP ALL111,47420198  
87VO1BQ2011SO HP ALL73,8481811368.7 [Cert]
88VO1MPJ1993SO LP 20M66,332161161  
89CK1AW1978SO HP ALL56,168180118VO1AW 
90VO1MX2003SO LP ALL49,6801611207.3  
91VO1DJT2007SO LP ALL (R)45,62814012218.1  
92VO7SF1991SO HP 15M43,419131123VO1SF 
93VO1JLB2014SO LP ALL (R)42,4351361236.5 [Cert]
94VO1AW1982SO HP ALL42,125141125  
95VO7AW1991SO HP 15M41,180128116VO1AW 
96VO1AW1989SO HP 15M36,480116114  
97VO1JLB2016SA LP ALL36,084120939.2 [Cert]
98VO1AW1980SO HP ALL30,48512591  
99VO1WET1998SO HP 10M28,67712479  
100VO1AW1988SO HP ALL24,79511095  



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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