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3Z0ILQSO QRP 20MGreat adventure with field wire antenna and IC-703+
4L0ASO HP ALLGreat Contest and activity !!! Thanks to all and see you again !!!
4S7NISO LP 20MThis was the first CW QSO I made after loosing memory due to an accident.
4U1ITUSO LP 20MWhat a blast! First contest since NA Sprints from XE1/NV1P in 1992 - so much has changed since then. Brought my 9- and 12-year old sons along to get the next generation hooked on contesting. Thanks to all who recognized the 4U1ITU callsign and apologies for my rusty CW. See you in the next one! Ken/NV1P op.
4X0ASO HP 10MNice to Participate again in contest. Conditions and the 28 was nicely open. Can not work on Sunday day time, it's a regular working day in Israel.
5R8UOSO HP ALL250W and HLE LogPerAntenna
7N2TRMSO HP ALLI enjoyed the contest.
7Q7WWMSHLimited Time to operate, but it was great fun !!!!
8J4PSO QRP ALLREST PERIOD 14:30-21:30(07H00) REST PERIOD 38:00-48:00(10H00)
8S0WSA HP ALLQTH Muskoe isl. EU-084 Loc. JO99BA
9A/VE3ZIKSO HP 20MAnother nice contest! I had some small problem with my radio (originally i planned to be active on 40m) but thanks to Rolando 9A3MR I was active from Murter Is. with his equipment. RIG: TS930, PA 1.2 KW, antenna OB7-3 Tribander. I was active only 32 hours so results could be better. 4 KH6 stations came on CQ...
9A2USA HP 10MFT-1000MP-MarkV-Field, 1kW, 4elQQ @ 8m agl, 135m asl.
9A7TMSHGreat conditions, 10 was hot like in it's best days.
9M2CNCSO HP ALLBetter than expected condx. Very surprised to work UK on 10m with an SFI of 67! Thank you for the QSOs. QSL via G4ZFE
9M6XROSO HP ALLMy Rig: Transceiver Yaesu FT-1000MP and VL-1000 Quadra Linear @ 400w. Antennas up 27m (HF) 2-el Lightning Bolt Quad (LF) Butternut HF2V Vert. Band condx were better on the Saturday, falling off a bit on Sunday. Some openings on 10m and an extraordinary one at about 3am local time here (24th/19z) when I worked a dozen Europeans who were equally surprised to hear a 9M6 at that time! It kept me out of bed and I then overslept, missing the sun-up session which would have been more productive for my QSO tally! I did not manage any good runs on the other bands so I suspect there was a lot of short skip QRM in Europe and the U.S. Also the "big-guns" in Europe were working other Europeans I just could not hear at all. Lastly, many thanks to the organisers & contesters for an enjoyable weekend.
A73AMSHThe QARS bunch went to the beach for a hot weekend of fun on the radio. Condx seemed good, but the wx was hotter than the bands (45C). We took many breaks to resolve problems on this first beach expedition, but we had fun. One operator had to leave early due to an unexpected death in his family, and we had generator problems on Sunday, so we stopped with 12 hours to go. Antennas all wire verticals for 80-15 and a HighSierra mobile whip for 10m. We plan to do this again when the wx is cooler with better preparation and applying the lessons learned this time!
AA5TBSO QRP ALLI was only able to spend a few hours on but I had a lot of fun.
AB1HZ/4SO HP ALLWhat a contest! Condx were reminiscent of the good old days, especially on Saturday where 20m was open late into Europe with excellent rates. On Sunday mid-day it got slow, but then later in the afternoon, 20m opened nicely into Europe again. We managed to work 10 Euros on 10m in the 1400z hour on Saturday. In the 2200z hour on 15m on Saturday, we worked a handfull of Euros LP out over the Pacific. Overall, 10 and 15 were reasonably good with consistent Stateside runs at times. 80m was somewhat limited by the QRN where we had to listen on our transmit antenna. However, we did manage to pull through a few Euros in spite of the QRN. The AB1HZ call sign proved to be problematic on CW. A check of DX Summit now shows that we were spotted many times as AB1HZ. However, we were also spotted as A61HZ and AB1SZ. These faulty spots, of course, produced runs of dupes which was reminiscent of the J7(zero)J spots from two years ago as J7OJ! The SO1R equipment performed faultlessly. We used a new IC756Pro3 on loan from K8DSS. (It's DSP is improved over that of my Pro2.) The Acom 2000A never missed a hitch, and ran a consistent 1500 watts without complaining. (It auto tunes and band switches instantly with a "dit" from the transceiver, making frequent band changes easy.) The new 2el M2 40m yagi @75 ft. did its job, as did the old C31XR @60 ft. On 80m, we used an inv. vee. Unfortunately, we could not find our KD9SV 160/80 preamp that is buried somewhere in the rubble of the shack, so we could not use the K9AY rx loop on 80m. We have been having daily power interruptions, but none happened during the contest. Also, local noise got washed away in heavy thunderstorms earlier in the week and, as a result, the band noise was very low...what a relief! There were no storms or rain during the contest. Logging was done with Win-test, and keying/radio control with a MicroHam CW Keyer. Congrats to Dan, NE4AA (K1TO) and Jeff, K1ZM on their fine scores. It will be interesting to see who takes top honors in their shoot out. Tnx to W7SE, Trustee of the Dhahran ARC of America - HZ1AB, for the use of AB1HZ in the contest.
AD0HSO LP ALLWorked 10-15-20 with a 2 1/2 element Steppir after 1/2 of the director was lost to the wind.
AD5QBSO QRP ALLWorked an Icom 718 at 5 watts to an attic dipole. Challenging, but fun. Amazing to be able to work Europe and other DX with this setup.
AE1PSO LP ALLLimited time to operate,still had fun!
AE3JSO QRP ALLIC-703 on battery power with 250 Hz filter and wire 3/4 wave inverted L with 30 radial wires. My wife Robin N3CJM stayed at home with her sick mother, I went to the beach with the kids. The noise level was very high from a bad transformer in the campground but, the DSP and 250Hz filter work great.
AE6RFSO HP ALLIcom IC-756ProII, N1MM, microKeyer, inverted-vee doublet, AL-80a Planned to be a serious attempt, but communications support to the Summit Fire, and a stomach bug changed those plans in a hurry. None the less, I'm pleased with the results given the time I put into it.
AF9JSO QRP ALLI had fun. I wish I'd had more time for the 'test. I lost most of Saturday for operating, due social commitments. 73, Ellen - AF9J
AK1WSO HP ALLFinally some good conditions!
AO7TSO LP 20MGreat job with SD
BV4VRSO LP ALLI am glad of contacting ham around the world. See every one next contest
C4ZSO LP ALLTS 570 3 ele yagi Only possible to fit an hour here and there but joined in the fun to give a few points away. Think guys were surprised at band openings and dx condx Used SD FOR LOGGING.
CS9LSO HP ALLHad to give up the contest after 10 hours and 1100 QSOs due to a computer crash.
CT/LZ3NDSO QRP ALLCu agn on the next CONTEST!
CT1AGFSO LP 20MJust 7 QSOs 73
CT1ENQSO LP ALLMy first CW contest. It was fun although i didnt operate much as i wanted. My CW skills are not good but managed to make 345 Qs. Nice to see all bands open.
D4CSO HP ALLMany thanks Girts YL2KL,Luca IK2NCJ and Carlos D44AC for possibility to operate from this fantastic position at Monte Verde, St. Vicente island. It was a great fun. 73 Jurgis LY2CY
DA0ISO HP 20MBecause I had to attend 2 Birthday parties on Saturday, I worked only
DD1IMSO LP 20MHi all, contesters. Did realize a fantastic opening on the upper bands... are we really at the bottom of a solar cycle, huh? Unfortunately I didn't have enough op-time to savour to the full, hi. Could only use a tribander mini beam, but wkd more countries I ever did in a test - ufb!!! Vy 73, gl es cwfe de Sascha, DD1IM
DF1HESA LP ALLTnx for nice test, cu 2009
DF2PHSO LP ALLThanks all stations! Great contest, cuagn next test!
DF5RFSO QRP ALLOFFTIME: 2008-05-24 00:00 - 2008-05-24 05:00 OFFTIME: 2008-05-24 20:00 - 2008-05-25 05:00 OFFTIME: 2008-05-25 13:00 - 2008-05-25 15:00 = 17 h TRX: Elecraft K2, 5W out Antenna: 20: 3el Spider beam, 15/10m: 2el Spider beam, 40m: Vertical, 40m LW, 80m: Dipole, 160m: Dipole
DF7GGSO LP ALLRig: FT757GX 100W Ant: InvV-3,5-7
DF8XCSO LP ALLOnly GP Antennen for 40 and 20 meter, Dipol for 80 meter
DG4YGWSO LP ALLNice Contest hope cu all next year again
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