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Data following the category are: callsign (operator), year of operation and total score. Click on the category to view other high scores for World.
Years covered: Phone (1973 - 2020), CW (1979 - 2020).

All Time Score Records for World


SSB Call Year Score
Multi-One HighCN2AA201452,766,482
Multi-One LowYV1KK201614,432,220
CW Call Year Score
Multi-One HighP33W201535,165,691
Multi-One Low3V8SS201514,577,216

Single Operator - High Power

SSB Call Year Score
High ALLCN2R (W7EJ)201330,683,396
High 10MD4C (IZ4DPV)201417,885,556
High 15MCN2R (W7EJ)201120,704,164
High 20MCN2R (W7EJ)200815,778,840
High 40MEF9R (EA9LZ)201719,451,880
High 80MCN2R (W7EJ)200611,849,076
High 160MCN2R (W7EJ)20071,613,955
CW Call Year Score
High ALLCR3A (OM3GI)201521,403,527
High 10MZX5J (IV3NVN)20026,787,440
High 15MHK1R20158,721,150
High 20MCN2DD (RA3CO)20189,738,872
High 40M3V8CB (YT3W)201010,758,020
High 80MTC3D20162,112,711
High 160MOK6W (OK1MU)2020416,060

Single Operator - Low Power

SSB Call Year Score
Low ALLFY5FY201517,380,143
Low 10MEA8MT201411,698,704
Low 15MVC3M (VA3MM)20005,365,405
Low 20MIB4M (I4ABF)19955,125,020
Low 40MYY4DNN20134,549,878
Low 80MPE00T (PA2TMS)20201,461,452
Low 160MYM0T (TA2RC)2005486,846
CW Call Year Score
Low ALLD41CV (YL2KL)201613,881,372
Low 10MLU1FAM20032,448,497
Low 15MSU9ZZ19994,905,189
Low 20MFY5FY20156,000,810
Low 40MFY5KE (F6FVY)20174,088,032
Low 80MF1AKK20201,255,815
Low 160MTA2RC (TA2RC)2008258,480

Single Operator - QRP

SSB Call Year Score
QRP ALLHC8A (N6KT)19947,520,562
QRP 10MNP4CC19902,165,940
QRP 15MRU9BB2003788,190
QRP 20M6G0V (XE2Z)20001,045,476
QRP 40MS57SU2012609,329
QRP 80ME74O2014260,469
QRP 160MLY5A2006103,411
CW Call Year Score
QRP ALLP40W (W2GD)19974,018,208
QRP 10MLU7EE20001,075,612
QRP 15M4Z7U (4Z4UT)19911,031,400
QRP 20MUN4L20201,326,423
QRP 40MYP6C (YO6LB)20201,208,870
QRP 80MLY5G2010327,285
QRP 160MLY5A2006114,075

Single Operator Assisted - High

SSB Call Year Score
High ALLCQ3L (DJ8OG)201523,505,780
High 10MZV2K (PY2SHF)201412,650,855
High 15MEA9LZ201412,434,339
High 20MXP1A (OX3KQ)20118,303,460
High 40MUS1Q (US8ICM)202011,416,680
High 80MOL4C20194,339,440
High 160MIO4C (IZ4DPV)2012688,170
CW Call Year Score
High ALLD4C (YL3DW)201619,678,770
High 10MPY2EX20144,348,366
High 15MJY9FC20157,516,880
High 20M9A9A20208,732,394
High 40MSN3A (SQ2GXO)20208,756,660
High 80MHG5A (HA5IW)20201,758,750
High 160MHG0R (HA0NAR)2019390,915

Single Operator Assisted - Low

SSB Call Year Score
Low ALLHI3TEJ201510,187,990
Low 10MLO5D (LU8EOT)20146,138,780
Low 15MZP5MAL20075,028,127
Low 20MYT5J (YU1JW)20072,696,898
Low 40M7Z1SJ20112,345,776
Low 80ME77C20151,267,860
Low 160MRA3XDX2007402,690
CW Call Year Score
Low ALLP40A (KK9A)20139,449,674
Low 10MPR3A (PY3OZ)20142,303,238
Low 15MMW0EDX20143,437,278
Low 20MFY5KE (F6FVY)20193,673,638
Low 40MFY5KE (F6FVY)20183,205,420
Low 80M9A2X (9A2X)20201,117,260
Low 160MOL9R (OK6RA)2020240,540

Single Operator Assisted - QRP

SSB Call Year Score
QRP ALLED3V (F4BKV)20151,465,215
QRP 10MII4K (IZ4AMS)2014883,519
QRP 15MHG52FC (HA5BSW)2013173,420
QRP 20MLZ5Z (LZ3DX)2018403,152
QRP 40MDK5QN2020335,592
QRP 80M9A9J (9A7ZZ)2019171,028
QRP 160MS52OT201354,375
CW Call Year Score
QRP ALLDM2M (DK3WE)20203,012,252
QRP 10MLT7H (LU7HZ)2015449,298
QRP 15MIK6FWJ2014691,119
QRP 20MLZ24M (LZ3DX)2018815,776
QRP 40MDL1REM20161,173,378
QRP 80MOL4W (OK1IF)2020738,920
QRP 160MOL1A (OK1CW)2020185,832

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