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Best 60 Minute QSO Rates

2008 - 2021

Note: Based on public logs. Counts are before log checking and may include duplicate or invalid QSOs. Click on the View log link to view the log segment for that hour.

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Single Operator

SSB High Power

343KT5J    (K5TR)2020View log
3358P5A   (W2SC)2010View log
3258P5A   (W2SC)2013View log
3038P5A   (W2SC)2016View log
2998P5A   (W2SC)2018View log
2888P5A   (W2SC)2015View log
2838P5A   (W2SC)2014View log
283WH7V   (KH6ND)2010View log
2745B4AII   (RW3QC)2009View log
273TI7W   (N3KS)2018View log
2698P5A   (W2SC)2012View log
268PJ4K   (N6KT)2019View log
268KH7X   (KH6ND)2011View log
267KP3Z   (NP4Z)2010View log
266CQ3L   (DJ8OG)2015View log
265KT5J   (K5TR)2017View log
265CN2R   (W7EJ)2009View log
262WP2Z    (K9VV)2020View log
260P49Y   (AE6Y)2018View log
259P49Y   (AE6Y)2016View log

CW High Power

271LZ5R    (LZ5DB)2020View log
254LZ5R   (LZ5DB)2021View log
247CR6K   (CT1ILT)2021View log
233CR6K    (CT1ILT)2020View log
228LZ8E   (LZ2BE)2009View log
224EF5Y   (EB5A)2021View log
221NO6T    (KI6RRN @WA6TQT)2020View log
220LZ8E   (LZ2BE)2021View log
220R2AA    (R2AA)2020View log
219KM7W   (KL9A)2019View log
211R2AA   2019View log
209UB7K    2020View log
209NN5J   (N5DX @N2QV)2019View log
208CR3DX   (OM3GI)2021View log
206UT7CR   2021View log
205US2YW   2021View log
205AJ3AA    (N4YDU)2020View log
204N5DX    2020View log
202WK5T    (N2IC)2020View log
201ND7K    (N6MJ @N6WIN)2020View log

SSB Low Power

252TO2A   (N6KT)2015View log
238P40A   (KK9A)2008View log
227P40W   (W2GD)2014View log
224WP2Z   (K9VV)2016View log
222WP2Z   (K9VV)2018View log
218P40A   (KK9A)2009View log
217WP3C   2017View log
217PY1NX   2015View log
217ZF2DX   (N5DX)2015View log
213VQ58V   (W5CW)2008View log
209CN4P   (CN8NK)2009View log
206HC2AO   2018View log
205XE1CQ   2018View log
203PJ4R   (KK9A)2019View log
201HI3TEJ   2015View log
200HI8K/6   2016View log
200WP4X   (NP4Z)2015View log
198PY2DU   2008View log
196YV1KK   2015View log
195VE4VT   (VE4EAR)2016View log

CW Low Power

181WP4X    (NP4Z)2020View log
167MU2K   (RL5D)2021View log
167MU2K    (RL5D)2020View log
161D41CV   (YL2KL)2016View log
160ZF2ET   (K5GO)2016View log
158IQ8SN    (IZ8FWN)2020View log
158LZ8E   (LZ2BE)2016View log
157WA1Z   2016View log
154MU2K   (RL5D)2019View log
154P40W   (W2GD)2017View log
154VE3DZ/VP9   2008View log
153CR3A   (OM3RM)2012View log
151HC2AO   2021View log
151UW7LL   2021View log
150HC2AO    2020View log
150CR6K   (CT1ILT)2019View log
149UT4LW   2021View log
149ZF9/ZF2XA   (E73M)2018View log
149EE8X   (EA8AY)2013View log
148RT9S   2013View log


166HR2DX   2008View log
142YW2LV   2013View log
137HR2WW   (HR2DMR)2014View log
1377Z1SJ   2013View log
120EA5HJV   2021View log
119R7NA   2013View log
119TI5N   (W8QZA)2010View log
116DO4DXA   2013View log
114UX8IX   2014View log
110H22H   (5B4MF)2010View log
104EM9Q   (UR9QQ)2019View log
104PJ2/DK5ON   2018View log
103PJ2DX   (N0KE)2013View log
101PU1MHZ   2015View log
101TI5N   (W8QZA)2011View log
98YW2LV   (YV5YMA)2010View log
97IZ1ANK   2014View log
96KP2/NE1RD   2010View log
95ZS6DX   2015View log
95ON9CC   2013View log


118RM5F   2021View log
105LY9A   2021View log
105TM77M   (F5MUX)2010View log
104K3WW   2021View log
103UR3GU   2021View log
102UW7D   (UT7DU)2013View log
99LZ24M   (LZ3DX)2018View log
97UZ5DM   2017View log
94OL4W   (OK1IF)2021View log
93UZ5DM   2018View log
93OK1DVM   2010View log
93YP8A   (YO8WW)2009View log
92RZ9A    (UA9BA)2020View log
92DM0Y   (DH8BQA)2015View log
92PJ2T   (WI9WI)2013View log
90YL2QN   2021View log
90OL4W   (OK1IF)2018View log
90LZ113RF   (LZ1YE)2016View log
90HF8LOS   (SP6GCU)2014View log
89CO6RD   2014View log

Multi-Operator Single-Transmitter

SSB High Power

311CN2AA   (RL3FT R3DCX UA2FM UA3ASZ R...)2014View log
300H27A   (R2AA 5B8AD RN3TT R9WR UA9S...)2013View log
292P33W   (NT2X 4Z1UF LY4AA UA4FER RW...)2014View log
284P33W   (RX3APM RL3FT UA4FER R3DCX ...)2013View log
283P33W   (LZ2HM 5B4AIE R4FO UA4FER R...)2016View log
278P33W   (5B4AIE RV3BA RG6G R3DCX RW...)2012View log
276P33W   (LY4AA R3DCX UA4FER RW4W...)2015View log
275P40L   (W6LD K5ZD N4OC)2019View log
273P33W   (RN3QO RW4WR RX3DCX RA3AUU)2009View log
272WP2Z   (NQ6N K9VV WP2XX K8MJZ)2013View log
271RL3A   (R0AI R3DCB R3DCX RA9USU RL...)2021View log
266NX5M   (NX5M KU5B N5XJ KJ5T)2009View log
262CN2AA   (LY4A RL3FT UA3ASZ UA4Z RK3...)2018View log
258EF8R   (EA8RM YO3JR R3DCX R4FO UA4...)2018View log
258P40M   (N4OC W3BW P49V K0DQ)2011View log
255NF4A   (W8JI WW4LL N4PN NF4A NA4BW)2009View log
246LT1F   (LU1FAM LU1FKR LU2FE LU4FPZ...)2016View log
2465D5A   (IK2QEI IK2SGC)2008View log
246P33W   (RW4WR RX3DCX RA3AUU)2008View log
245WP2Z   (K8MJZ KP2HC K9VV NQ6N)2012View log

CW High Power

278P3N   (5B8AD RT9T RT5K RN3TT RU4S...)2013View log
278UZ2M   (RV3BA RL3FT RX3APM UR5MID ...)2009View log
276P33W   (HA1AG UT5UDX UA4WI RA2FA U...)2014View log
265P3N   (R2AA R3GM RN3TT RT5K RT9T ...)2014View log
264P33W   (RA3AUU RW4WR RV1AW RA2FA U...)2015View log
261P33W   (UT5UDX RA2FA UA2FZ UA4FER ...)2013View log
236CN2AA   (UA3ASZ RA3CO RL3FT IK2QEI ...)2016View log
234CT9M   (OM3GI OM3NA OM3LA OM3RM OM...)2008View log
229LZ5R   (LZ1JZ LZ1NK LZ1RGT LZ1UK L...)2019View log
227C4N   (5B8AD 5B4AGM RV6LNA RA6LFO...)2011View log
212RU1A   (RC1A RN1A RV1AW RW1A RT1M ...)2019View log
212EF8M   (RD3AF RZ3AZ)2008View log
212P33W   (RA6LBS RK3AD RU4HP RW4WR R...)2008View log
208RT4F   (UA4FMV UA4FER RW4FO RK4FD ...)2010View log
207P33W   (RU4HP UA2FZ RV1AW RW4WR RA...)2012View log
207RU1A   (RW1AC RA1AIP RA1AR UA1CUR ...)2009View log
204UP2L    (UN0L UN0LM UN6LN UN7LZ UN9...)2020View log
204RU1A   (RW1A RD1A RN1A R2RA RG3K U...)2012View log
204OM7M   (OK2BFN OM3PA OM3PC OM5AW O...)2008View log
203DM1A    (DJ5MW DL1IAO)2020View log

SSB Low Power

198KB3WD   (KB3WD NZ3D)2016View log
182HI3K   (HI3CC HI3K HI8EFS)2017View log
179HI3K   (HI3K HI3CC HI8EFS)2018View log
174FY5KE   (F1HAR F5HRY F6FVY)2018View log
1684V1JR   (HH2JR N5JR/HH2 N5JC/HH2)2014View log
166YV1KK   (YV1CTE YV1JGT YV1KK YY1YLY...)2016View log
165VP5M   (NR4O K4QPL)2021View log
165HG0R   (HA0NAR KD0RYB)2016View log
165HI3K   (HI3K HI3CC HI8EFS KB2MS)2016View log
152XE2AU   (XE2AU XE2AUD)2014View log
151HZ1TL   (HZ1TL HZ1SN)2021View log
149YV50ARV   (YV5EED YV5GPA YV5KG YV5LMW)2017View log
148HI0UD   (HI3CC HI3TT WP3A HI3LFE...)2015View log
147HI3LT   (HI3K HI3CMM HI3MPC HI8ESF ...)2021View log
1479A7T   (9A7TM 9A2EU)2014View log
146NE0F    (K0UK KB0QAA)2020View log
144CQ9T   (CR9ABH CS9ABC CS9ABE CT3KN)2016View log
143PR1T   (PY1NB PY1ZV PY1FI PY1MX PY...)2014View log
142TI0DX   (TI2CDA TI2CC TI2SW KM4HI)2016View log
1343V8SS   (KF5EYY 3V1B)2021View log

CW Low Power

147EF3T   (EA3AKA EA3CCN EA3CX EA3KX ...)2017View log
140ZF1A   (AC6T N5DO)2016View log
1363V8SS   (JH4RHF KF5EYY)2015View log
130YU5R   (IV3CTS YO8XXX YT2AAA YT7AW)2021View log
129DP7D   (DH8AF DL3YCX DL9EE DK5KK D...)2021View log
128VP5M   (K4QPL K4BAI K2SX KK4R)2021View log
128KP4EJ    (KP4EJ WP3C)2020View log
1243Z1K   (SP1D SP3LPR SQ1WO)2021View log
124RG5A   (RG5A UI5A)2021View log
124W9SN   (AA4CF K1ZZI W9RNY NN9DD WW...)2018View log
120HI0LT   (HI3A HI3AA HI3CC HI3Y WP3A)2019View log
120VP5M   (K4QPL K4BAI KK4R)2018View log
119J38MM   (KE1B W6NN)2015View log
119KK5I   (K5CM W5CW)2014View log
118HI3TT   (HI3TT WP3A HI3Y HI3CC HI3K)2016View log
117CT9/R7KW   (R7KW YL3JM)2017View log
117RY0A   (RA0AY RY0A)2015View log
116C7A   (OE1ZZZ HB9RB)2021View log
116LY800SMG   (LY2NZ LY2RJ LY2TS LY3AB)2019View log
114E7CW   (E75M E77FA E73QI E74ZZ E74...)2021View log

Multi-Operator Two-Transmitter


453CN2AA   (RA3CO RL3FT RM2U RN5M RX3A...)2016View log
444LP1H   (LU5HM LU7HE LU7HH LU2NI LU...)2010View log
429PS2T   (HB9OCR PY2KC PY2DJ PY2NY P...)2016View log
427HC8GR   (K1TO K6NA)2010View log
414CN3A   (CN8WW DK3DM IK2LFF IK2Q...)2015View log
412D4C   (I4UFH IZ4DPV HB9DUR E77...)2015View log
398EB8AH   (EA5DY EA5DFV OH6RX EA8ZS E...)2011View log
3965E5E   (EA8RM EA9LZ LU9ESD LU8E...)2015View log
387D4C   (I4UFH IK1HJS CT1DVV)2011View log
370ZW5B   (PY2YU PY2NDX PY5KD PP5X...)2015View log
370PJ4Z   (K4BAI WW4LL N4OO W4DXX)2012View log
3665D5A   (N6KT IK2SGC IK2QEI)2011View log
3505E5E   (OK1RI OM6NM OK1FFU OK1JKT ...)2016View log
343KL7RA   (AL2F AL7IF KL7RA N5XZ)2010View log
341KH6J   (AH0A W4IX W0CN KH7U WH6R)2016View log
337CE4CT   (CE4CT VE7SV VE7AG)2010View log
336PW7T   (PT7CB PT7CG PT7WA PT7YV PT...)2011View log
334PJ2T   (W0CG WI9WI VA7AM N4RV K2PL...)2011View log
332CW5W   (CX3AL CX4SS CX5CBA CX6DRA ...)2014View log
332PJ2T   (N4RV K2PLF K8LEE W0CG AL7B...)2010View log


382P33W   (RA5A UA5C LZ2HM R4FO RW4WR...)2017View log
362P33W   (4Z5LA LZ2HM R4FO RA2FA RK4...)2018View log
333P33W   (LZ2HM R4FO RA2FA UA4FER RW...)2016View log
308OM7M    (OK2BFN OM2KI OM3CQ OM3PA O...)2020View log
3089A60A   (9A2X 9A3TR 9A3OS 9A5X 9A7V)2008View log
302P40L   (W6LD AE6Y W0YK KX7M)2008View log
294OM7M   (OK2BFN OM2KI OM4AZF OM5RM ...)2021View log
292KC1XX   (KC1XX K1CC K1QX K1TR KM1P ...)2019View log
292OM7M   (LY3X OK2BFN OM2KI OM3PA OM...)2019View log
291ZF1A   (AC6T N5DO K6AW N5DX K5GO)2014View log
284PS2T   (PU2RSD PY2NDX PY2NY PY2YU ...)2014View log
2846Y1V   (KY1V K4BAI N7ZG XE1AY)2008View log
279UA4M   (RX9SN RJ4P R4KO RL4R UA4LC...)2021View log
278II9P   (IT9EQO IZ8JAI IT9CJC IT9CH...)2017View log
273P44X   (DJ4MZ DL5KUT DL5RMH DL6RAI)2017View log
273PW7T   (PT7AA PT7AK PT7CG PT7WA PY...)2012View log
272LY4A   (LY2BKT LY2CO LY2DX LY2J LY...)2017View log
272TM6M   (F1AKK F5MUX F8DBF F8FKJ N1...)2013View log
271K1LZ   (K0DXC K1LZ KQ2M K3JO NU5Y ...)2010View log
270YT5A   (YT1AD YT3W YT0I YU1AU YU1K...)2019View log

Multi-Operator Multi-Transmitter


677HK1NA   (HK1R HK1T HK1X HK6F HK3CW ...)2013View log
651CN2AA   (RL3FT UA3ASZ RA3CO RX3A...)2015View log
550LP1H   (LU5HM LU2NI LU3HY LU4DX LU...)2012View log
541PY5GA   (PY5KD PY2WC PY2KC PU2MZI P...)2010View log
517ES9C   (ES2ADF ES2DW ES2MC ES2NA E...)2014View log
5169A1A   (9A9A 9A5W 9A6A 9A7R 9A...)2015View log
500EB8AH   (EA4BQ EA5DY EA8AH EA8CAC E...)2012View log
499PJ2T   (PA1KK VA7AM VE7KW N4RV ...)2015View log
493LP1H   (LU5HM LU2NI LU3HY LU4DX LU...)2011View log
485D41CV   (DF7ZS HB9DUR I4UFH IZ4DPV ...)2016View log
481NX5M   (NX5M KU5B N5XJ KJ5T K5RT A...)2012View log
480D4C   (I4UFH IZ4DPV CT1ESV HB9DUR)2013View log
474LZ9W   (LZ1ZD LZ1ZX LZ1WDX LZ2C...)2015View log
474LP1H   (LU1NDC LU2NI LU3HY LU5HM L...)2014View log
465CE3CT   (CE3CT CE3FZ CE3EEA LU1FAM ...)2013View log
455DR1A   (DB6JG DF6JC DJ7EO DK2CX DL...)2012View log
454DR1A   (DF6JC DL2ZXA DL3BPC DL6FBL...)2014View log
449NX5M   (NX5M KU5B KJ5T N5XJ)2011View log
445II9P   (HB9OCR IK1HJS I4UFH IZ7NLJ...)2014View log
424LZ9W   (LZ1ZD LZ1UQ LZ1PM LZ1ANA L...)2014View log


539P33W   (LY4AA LZ2HM 4Z5LA UT5UDX R...)2019View log
521HK1NA   (HK1R HK1T HK1MW HK1N HK1AA...)2012View log
503LZ9W   (LZ1ZD LZ1ANA LZ1FG LZ1GL L...)2012View log
500LZ9W    (LZ1BJ LZ1FG LZ1PJ LZ1PM LZ...)2020View log
461YT5A    (YT1AD YU1AU YU8A YU2FG YU1...)2020View log
4539A1A   (9A2DQ 9A5E 9A5W 9A6A 9A7IM...)2012View log
443LZ9W   (LZ1ANA LZ1FG LZ1GL LZ1PJ L...)2014View log
437YT5A   (YT1AD YT1HA YT2T YT3W YU1A...)2021View log
434LZ9W   (IZ2GRG LZ1ZD LZ1FG LZ1BJ L...)2019View log
429NR4M   (K7SV N3AIU KA4RRU CE2MVF K...)2017View log
429WE3C   (K3CT K3TEJ K3TUF N3RD NN3Q...)2009View log
4259A1A   (9A5W 9A9A 9A6A 9A7R 9A5E 9...)2017View log
423LZ9W   (LZ1ZD LZ1PJ LZ1FG LZ2CJ LZ...)2021View log
420DR1A   (DB6JG DJ6ET DJ7EG DJ7EO DK...)2010View log
4169A1A   (9A5W 9A9A 9A7R 9A6A 9A5E 9...)2019View log
4149A1A   (9A9A 9A5W 9A6A 9A7R 9A2DQ ...)2014View log
413NR4M   (K4EC K4ZW K7SV N2YO N3UA N...)2012View log
409LZ9W   (LZ1ZD LZ1GL LZ1PM LZ1UQ LZ...)2013View log
408DR1A   (DB6JG DF6JC DJ7EO DK2CX DL...)2013View log
403LZ9W   (LZ1ZD LZ1ANA LZ1GL LZ1PJ L...)2010View log

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(*) Indicates low power entry in higher power category.


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