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RankCallQTHCategoryScore  QSOs  WPX  HoursOperator(s) Cert
1CQ3LCT3MULTI-MULTI28,736,1546,548  1,173  48.0DJ2YE DJ7JC DJ8DS DJ9IE DK3QZ DL1XW ...
2ZW5BPYMULTI-MULTI25,207,2535,502  1,223  47.7PY5EG PY5CA PY5KD PP5XX PY2EL PY2NA ...
3C4I5BMULTI-TWO23,491,7765,769  1,056  48.0LZ1UK LZ2HM LZ3CQ LZ3NY
4PW7TPYMULTI-TWO20,892,5764,982  1,186  46.0PT7CG PT7WA PY1NB PY1NX PY7RP PY7XC ...
5LZ9WLZMULTI-MULTI19,955,7418,013  1,231  48.0LZ1ZD LZ1ANA LZ1GL LZ1PJ LZ1PM LZ1UQ ...
6DR1ADLMULTI-MULTI19,565,4507,351  1,255  48.0DB6JG DJ6ET DJ7EG DJ7EO DK6XZ DL1MGB ...
7P33W5BMULTI-ONE HIGH18,656,4655,064  1,049  48.0RW4WR RV1AW RA3AUU
8EF8MEA8SO HIGH ALL18,395,1544,353  1,026  35.9RZ3AZ
9PJ2TPJ2MULTI-TWO18,044,5464,507  1,046  46.1WI9WI N4QQ
10RW2FUA2MULTI-MULTI16,508,7887,108  1,174  48.0RA2FA RN2FA RV2FW RV2FZ UA2FB UA2FF ...
11KM3T/1W1MULTI-MULTI14,733,2304,891  1,117  47.4KM3T WA1Z K1GQ W1FV N1KWF @KC1XX
12PJ4APJ2SO HIGH ALL14,688,9933,718  957  36.0K4BAI
13K1LZW1MULTI-TWO14,081,1004,306  1,122  46.1K0DXC K1LZ KQ2M K3JO NU5Y N8BO ...
14OM7MOMMULTI-TWO12,611,9605,242  1,091  47.6OK2BFN OM2IB OM3PA OM5MF OM5RM OM5RW ...
15C4N5BMULTI-ONE HIGH12,092,3453,950  895  48.05B8AD RV6LNA UA6LP RA6LFO RW3QC
16LX7ILXMULTI-TWO11,283,9754,817  1,095  48.0LX2A DF3VM DL7CS DF4PD DJ8VH HB9CVQ
17KD4D/3W3MULTI-TWO11,223,0003,926  1,044  47.6K3MM K3RA NI1N KD4D W2CDO ND3D
18NQ4IW4MULTI-MULTI10,921,2864,828  1,046  47.8N3ZL W4IX K4MM K4ST VE7ZO W7FB K4UEE ...
19NR4MW4MULTI-MULTI10,876,0564,312  1,037  46.8K1SE K3ZM K4EC K4GM K4GMH K4ZW KC4D ...
20DQ4WDLMULTI-TWO10,803,4664,964  1,037  48.0DJ4MZ DJ5MW DK4JY DL4RDJ DL5RMH DL6RAI
213V8CB3VSO HIGH 40M10,758,0202,265  805  33.6YT3W
22RK9CWAUA9MULTI-ONE HIGH10,729,3203,443  840  45.1UA9CGA RW9CF RU9CK RA9DK
234L0A4LSO HIGH ALL10,564,0203,585  810  35.9UU0JM
24DM9KDLMULTI-TWO10,527,1604,689  1,048  48.0DD1LD DJ1YFK DJ2QV DL1MJF DL3OBQ
25VY2ZMVEYSO HIGH ALL10,232,3762,983  924  35.9K1ZM
26HG1SHAMULTI-TWO10,033,4014,364  1,047  47.1HA1TJ HA1DAC HA1DAI HA1DAE
27LY7ALYMULTI-MULTI9,729,2865,662  974  48.0LY3BB LYR-346 LY1FK LY2OA LY2BMX LY2J ...
28YT9XYTMULTI-TWO9,725,8204,953  1,011  46.8YT1CW YT8T YT1BD YT2ABD YU1EA YU1WS ...
29CE4CTCEMULTI-MULTI9,521,2982,836  921  43.8CE3FZ CE4CT VE7SV
30S50GS5MULTI-TWO9,471,7804,398  1,010  47.6S56M S57AW S58M
31RT4FUA-4MULTI-ONE HIGH9,460,5504,623  1,030  47.5UA4FMV UA4FER RW4FO RK4FD RK4FQ RK4FW ...
32LZ5RLZMULTI-TWO9,274,5124,907  1,002  48.0LZ1YQ LZ1BP LZ1CNN LZ1QZ LZ5XQ LZ1EV ...
33EA8URLEA8MULTI-TWO9,200,6043,031  867  46.6RD3AF EA8ZS EA8DP EA8BQM EA8AJW EA8BEX ...
34TC4XTASO HIGH ALL (T)8,965,6352,965  829  35.9OH2PM
35LS1DLUMULTI-ONE HIGH8,950,1392,583  913  46.6LU7HN LU8EOT LU3CT LW9EOC
36ES9CESMULTI-ONE HIGH8,946,1264,559  1,029  48.0ES2MC ES2DW ES2RR ES7GM EN7NY ES7GN ...
37E7DXE7MULTI-ONE HIGH8,917,9154,058  1,055  47.8E70R E70T E74IW E76C E77DX
38KH6LCKH6MULTI-TWO8,826,2913,224  701  44.8AH6RE KH6KM KH6LC KH7BB N6KB NH6V
39DL0CSDLMULTI-TWO8,765,3124,286  992  48.0DK2OY DL1QQ DL3BPC DL5KUT DL5SE
40KP2MKP2SA HIGH ALL8,679,9602,897  940  35.9K3TEJ
41UA9PCUA9SA HIGH ALL8,657,7302,766  855  36.0 
42P49YP4SO LOW ALL8,644,5842,681  807  36.0AE6Y
43E73ME7MULTI-ONE HIGH8,564,3073,961  1,041  48.0E73M E73Y E74A
44RU1AUA-1MULTI-ONE HIGH8,331,3124,051  1,018  48.0RW1AC RA1AIP RA1AR RN1AC UA1AAF
45UP0LUNSO HIGH ALL8,315,9042,907  768  35.8UN9LW
46ZM1AZLMULTI-TWO8,289,0212,510  771  44.1ZL1AIH ZL3CW ZL3WW ZL1GO
47S52ZWS5MULTI-TWO8,253,6454,000  965  47.0S52ZW S52EZ S57UN
48DR4ADLMULTI-TWO8,090,4954,284  973  48.0DK5PD DK8ZB DK9VZ DL6WT DJ9KM DC8SG ...
49ER0WWERSA HIGH ALL8,078,5563,826  996  35.7UT5UDX
50LY2WLYMULTI-TWO7,837,8844,219  918  47.1LY2DX LY2FN LY2KZ LY2W LY3X LY4A LY4S ...
51TC7MTASA HIGH ALL7,524,4682,635  756  36.0RW3GU
52CW5WCXSO HIGH ALL7,402,0542,338  838  35.9CX6VM
54TM33EFMULTI-ONE HIGH7,071,7643,480  973  47.8F6EPY F6DZO F6FRR F6EXV F6IRA
55CR6KCTSO HIGH ALL6,922,0453,191  977  35.9CT1ILT
56LZ8ELZSA HIGH ALL6,903,4723,583  944  35.8LZ2BE
57ZX5JPYSO HIGH 15M6,673,5402,378  955  33.7PY2NDX
58RT3FUA-3MULTI-ONE HIGH6,614,5303,738  949  46.6RV3FF RK3BX RV3MQ RV3FW UR5IRM UA3DKR ...
59NY6NW6MULTI-TWO6,573,1593,725  789  47.8W6YI N6MJ KL9A K6AM
60KC3RW3SO HIGH ALL6,532,3022,674  903  35.9LZ4AX
614O3A4OSO HIGH ALL6,493,3603,207  920  35.8 
62PX2CPYMULTI-TWO6,287,5442,174  837  35.2PY2MTV PY2BK
63SO9QSPMULTI-ONE HIGH6,286,7543,208  934  47.8SP9QMP SP9GFI SP9H SP9XCN
64FM5BHFMSO HIGH 40M6,030,2881,623  752  25.6 
65LO2FLUSA HIGH ALL5,969,2402,192  790  34.8LU1FAM
66NY4AW4MULTI-ONE HIGH5,841,1182,405  839  43.4AA4FU N4AF
67LN3ZLAMULTI-TWO5,811,7503,861  875  45.3LA3BO LA6YEA LA8HGA
68UW2MURSO HIGH ALL5,807,7303,145  886  36.0UR0MC
69G5DGMULTI-TWO5,780,2683,378  897  43.6G3KAF G3UJE G3VDB G3VOU M0VAA
70YL0YYLMULTI-TWO5,757,9123,559  874  47.6YL2GQT YL2LY YL1ZF
71G5OGMULTI-TWO5,657,0573,454  857  46.9G3SHF G0LZL G0SYP G4OCR
72NR6OW6MULTI-MULTI5,612,1303,474  762  46.7K3EST K6AW K6RC N6BV N6RO WA6O @N6RO
73G6PZGSA HIGH ALL5,607,7562,589  867  35.9GI0RTN
74EM7LURMULTI-ONE HIGH5,597,2503,302  850  47.3UW7LL UR8LA UR4LTX UY5LW UR4LRQ
75RS3AUA-3SO HIGH ALL5,548,4003,012  880  35.8RA3CW
76AA3BW3SO HIGH ALL5,532,1962,476  802  35.9 
77AJ1IW1SO HIGH ALL5,517,9412,342  821  35.9K8PO
78A73AA7SA HIGH ALL5,511,7922,145  726  29.4A71BX
79VE3JMVE3SO HIGH ALL5,486,3972,128  777  36.0 
80DL3TDDLSA HIGH ALL5,418,0002,471  903  35.8 
81RA9AUA9MULTI-MULTI5,400,2002,029  650  29.2RA9AA RZ9AR RZ9AW
82WC1MW1SO HIGH ALL5,361,4192,134  797  35.9 
83LZ3FNLZSO HIGH ALL5,353,1442,883  838  36.0 
84PS2TPYSO LOW ALL5,296,6002,019  746  35.4PY2NY
859A5K9ASO HIGH ALL5,263,3622,779  813  35.4 
86LP2FLUSO HIGH 15M5,140,6252,016  875  28.9LU4FPZ
87WX3BW3MULTI-TWO5,128,9322,429  831  31.8WX3B K3WI
88YN2GYYNSO LOW ALL5,127,9362,182  704  35.8K9GY
89HA1AGHASO HIGH ALL5,090,8772,687  843  35.9 
90S50AS5SO HIGH ALL5,083,7502,722  830  36.0 
91ND2T/6W6MULTI-TWO5,079,2703,207  722  47.2ND2T KZ2V K6OWL N6DE W6LD W6RK N7MH ...
92UA3RUA-3MULTI-ONE HIGH4,945,4073,471  823  46.5UA3RAR UA3RJ UA3RU UA3RV RA3RFA RN3RQ ...
93YQ9WYOSA HIGH ALL4,933,0552,881  827  36.0YO9GDN
94CT1JLZCTSO HIGH 20M4,875,3302,614  978  36.0OK1RF
95VY2TTVEYSO HIGH ALL4,853,5201,835  749  21.0K6LA
96NJ4MW4MULTI-ONE HIGH4,844,2962,713  824  45.5K5KG WD4AHZ @K5KG
97PV8AAPYSO HIGH ALL4,818,1001,874  700  34.6PV8DX
98VE7SVVE7MULTI-MULTI4,803,2842,258  652  45.4VE7AHA VE7CC YO6OBH
99ZC4LIZC4SO HIGH 40M (T)4,770,3361,356  632  31.0 
100UW3UURSA HIGH ALL4,730,7152,800  855  36.0UT7UJ
3566 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
TB-Wires (T): tribander for 10-20m and single-element wire antennas for 40-80m
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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