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RankCallYearCtyCategoryScore  QSOs  WPX  HoursOperator(s) Cert
1P33W20165BMULTI-TWO42,511,8207,956  1,495  48.0LZ2HM R4FO RA2FA UA4FER RW4WR RA3AUU
2P33W20175BMULTI-TWO38,989,3707,182  1,403  48.0RA5A UA5C LZ2HM R4FO RW4WR UA4FER RA3AUU
3P33W20185BMULTI-TWO38,227,9027,077  1,446  48.04Z5LA LZ2HM R4FO RA2FA RK4FD UA4FER ...
4CN3A2018CNMULTI-TWO35,274,2206,579  1,420  48.0IK2QEI I2WIJ OK1RI OK1FFU OK1JKT
5PW7T2012PYMULTI-TWO34,156,4516,840  1,457  47.7PT7AA PT7AK PT7CG PT7WA PY1NX PY7RP ...
6EF8M2007EA8MULTI-TWO33,324,1926,853  1,256  48.0RD3AF RZ3AZ RA9JR 
7HC8N2003HC8MULTI-TWO30,928,2687,389  1,189  48.0N5KO AC6T N6XI W6RGG 
8CR3L2013CT3MULTI-TWO30,681,2886,205  1,332  48.0DK9IP DL8LAS DL9EE
9PS2T2013PYMULTI-TWO29,460,9926,330  1,408  47.9N5ZO OK1DSZ PY2NDX PY2YU PY2ZEA
10ZF1A2014ZFMULTI-TWO28,994,0496,590  1,407  48.0AC6T N5DO K6AW N5DX K5GO
11CR3W2018CT3MULTI-TWO28,453,0945,529  1,346  48.0DK1VD DK9VZ DL5LYM DL8LAS DL8WAA DL9EE
12EG8FAS2005EA8MULTI-TWO27,959,7406,642  1,115  48.0YL3DW YL2LY YL1ZF ES1AJ YL2KL 
13PS2T2014PYMULTI-TWO27,654,0815,839  1,421  48.0PU2RSD PY2NDX PY2NY PY2YU PY2ZEA PY5EG
14OM7M2020OMMULTI-TWO26,512,9627,264  1,569  48.0OK2BFN OM2KI OM3CQ OM3PA OM4AZF OM5NU ...
15UP2L2013UNMULTI-TWO26,207,2516,090  1,273  48.0UN9LG UN4L R9IR RM9I RU9I RA9HTN RZ9AZ ...
16OL4A2015OKMULTI-TWO25,417,1636,528  1,579  48.0OK1DSZ OK1FFU OK1HGM OK1JKT OK1RI
174L0A20184LMULTI-TWO25,253,5405,347  1,339  48.0RW7K UT5EO UB7K
18RF9C2013RA9MULTI-TWO25,128,6305,965  1,215  48.0R9DA R9DX R9GM RA9CMO UA9CDC UA9CDV ...
19CW5W2014CXMULTI-TWO24,045,8405,275  1,365  47.8PY3VK CX2BR CX4SS CX5UA CX7CO CX6VM
20LX20I2020LXMULTI-TWO23,759,0857,117  1,491  48.0DF3VM DK9IP DL2JRM DL2OE DL5CW DL5SE ...
21C4I20105BMULTI-TWO23,491,7765,769  1,056  48.0LZ1UK LZ2HM LZ3CQ LZ3NY
22OM7M2019OMMULTI-TWO22,868,6786,615  1,442  48.0LY3X OK2BFN OM2KI OM3PA OM5RM OM5RW ...
233V8BB20083VMULTI-TWO22,325,2085,074  1,147  47.8YT1AD YT3W YU1KX Z32ZM
24CR3L2011CT3MULTI-TWO22,199,0755,124  1,165  47.4DJ2YE DJ8DS DJ9IE DK3QZ DL1XW PA0R
25TM6M2013FMULTI-TWO22,126,4826,307  1,407  48.0F1AKK F5MUX F8DBF F8FKJ N1UR
26NN3L2012W3MULTI-TWO21,964,9745,614  1,362  48.0N3RD N3RS W2GD W7CT W8FJ
27II9P2014IT9MULTI-TWO21,792,9046,781  1,498  48.0IK1HJS IT9AUG IT9CHU IT9CJC IT9EQO ...
28OL4A2012OKMULTI-TWO21,686,1126,088  1,488  48.0OK1DO OK1FFU OK1RI OK8WW OM5AW OM6NM
29EC2DX2015EAMULTI-TWO21,449,3236,034  1,481  48.0EA3AVV EA3ALZ EA5KA EA7KW EC2DX
30OM7M2018OMMULTI-TWO21,342,3245,807  1,437  48.0OK2BFN OM2KI OM2IB OM3PA OM5RM OM5RW ...
31P44X2017P4MULTI-TWO21,269,5004,634  1,180  46.7DJ4MZ DL5KUT DL5RMH DL6RAI
32IR9Y2012IT9MULTI-TWO21,056,6886,684  1,488  48.0I2GPT IK1HJS IK3QAR IK7JWY IT9BLB ...
33PW7T2010PYMULTI-TWO20,892,5764,982  1,186  46.0PT7CG PT7WA PY1NB PY1NX PY7RP PY7XC ...
34PX2A2016PYMULTI-TWO20,820,1274,541  1,333  48.0PY2BK PY2EL PY2PT PY2ZXU
35KC1XX2019W1MULTI-TWO20,687,3705,315  1,353  48.0KC1XX K1CC K1QX K1TR KM1P KM3T NN1C ...
36KD4D/32012W3MULTI-TWO20,661,3605,357  1,311  47.8KD4D K3MM K3RA K2YWE OL5Y
376Y1V20086YMULTI-TWO20,507,9725,154  1,108  47.8KY1V K4BAI N7ZG XE1AY
38K1LZ2019W1MULTI-TWO20,399,5785,176  1,349  48.0K1ZM K1LZ K3JO K2SSS KO8SCA W1UE ...
39HG7T2015HAMULTI-TWO20,380,9435,856  1,493  48.0HA5AGS HA5WA HA7TM HA8LLK HA9PP HA0DU ...
40LX7I2014LXMULTI-TWO20,370,6906,036  1,494  48.0DF1LON DF3VM DL3BPC DL5SE HB9CVQ LX2A ...
41J7A2011J7MULTI-TWO19,532,4005,142  1,191  46.3K5KG K1TO WI9WI NX4N
42HG7T2016HAMULTI-TWO19,316,0166,099  1,464  48.0HA7TM HA8LLK HA9PP HA0DU HG5DX UZ5DX
43EA8PP2006EA8MULTI-TWO19,211,1644,496  1,058  48.0EA3KU EA5BM EA8AHB EA8PP 
44LX7I2019LXMULTI-TWO19,171,0315,687  1,397  48.0DL3BPC DL5KUT DL5SE PC5A YU7EF
45HG7T2020HAMULTI-TWO19,140,6006,019  1,460  48.0HA7TM HA5CAR HA9PP HA0DU HG5DX
46YU5R2014YTMULTI-TWO19,092,1506,039  1,450  48.0YT1HA YU6DX YU9DX
47P40X2019P4MULTI-TWO19,062,1203,985  1,155  48.0DK6SP DL5RMH DL6RAI SWL-HERBERT
48YU5R2015YTMULTI-TWO19,060,4345,720  1,458  48.0YT1HA YU6DX YU9DX
49HG7T2014HAMULTI-TWO19,005,0005,824  1,448  48.0HA3AUI HA5AGS HG5DX HA5MY HA7TM HA0DU
50NK7U2012W7MULTI-TWO18,816,9655,312  1,373  48.0NK7U KL9A N6MJ N9RV
51DM6V2015DLMULTI-TWO18,742,2075,433  1,433  48.0DJ2YA DK7YY DL1CW DL4UNY DL5AXX
52VC3J2018VE3MULTI-TWO18,659,8804,586  1,224  48.0VE3EJ K9VV
53LY2W2016LYMULTI-TWO18,611,5866,202  1,431  48.0LY1FW LY2FN LY2MM LY2SA LY2W LY3CW ...
54ES9C2008ESMULTI-TWO18,557,0287,477  1,266  48.0ES5RY ES2DW ES2MC ES5JR ES5NC ES2RR ...
55HG7T2018HAMULTI-TWO18,524,0505,354  1,406  48.0HA7TM HA5UK HA8LLK HA9PP HG0DX HG5DX ...
56SP8R2019SPMULTI-TWO18,513,7145,776  1,394  48.0SP7AH SP8ATI SP8BRQ SP8GQU SP8N SQ8JLA ...
57LZ5R2015LZMULTI-TWO18,455,4746,048  1,466  48.0LZ1YQ LZ1NK LZ1UK LZ1MC LZ1JZ LZ1DCW ...
58II9P2017IT9MULTI-TWO18,428,6205,931  1,390  48.0IT9EQO IZ8JAI IT9CJC IT9CHU IT9AUG ...
59HG7T2012HAMULTI-TWO18,425,9745,570  1,366  48.0HA5AGS HA5KQ HA7TM HA9PP HA0DU
60N4WW2015W4MULTI-TWO18,358,3984,874  1,362  48.0N4WW K0LUZ LU1FAM DL6BW WF3C K1MM K5AUP
61LY2W2015LYMULTI-TWO18,315,7605,477  1,415  48.0LY2FN LY2MM LY2NY LY2SA LY2W LY3CW LY4K ...
62N1LN/42015W4MULTI-TWO18,284,1604,882  1,335  48.0N1LN KK4UNZ N3ND WA4PSC N8BR NW4V
63KD4D/32014W3MULTI-TWO18,242,9005,013  1,300  48.0KD4D K3RA N2YO W3KX AC6WI
64P40L2008P4MULTI-TWO18,220,1754,189  1,075  47.4W6LD AE6Y W0YK KX7M
65OM7M2017OMMULTI-TWO18,138,8005,315  1,370  48.0OK2BFN OM2KI OM2IB OM3PA OM5RM OM5RW ...
66PJ2T2010PJ2MULTI-TWO18,044,5464,507  1,046  46.1WI9WI N4QQ
67UA7K2014UA-6MULTI-TWO17,842,4255,792  1,425  48.0R6KA UT5EO UU4JMG UB7K
68HQ9X2018HRMULTI-TWO17,819,2984,709  1,269  48.0N2WQ W1UE K1XM KQ1F
69LX7I2018LXMULTI-TWO17,631,4325,186  1,352  48.0DK9IP DL3BPC PC5A
70DQ4W2012DLMULTI-TWO17,627,7995,213  1,389  48.0DJ2MX DK4YJ DK5TX DK9TN DL5RMH
71PW7T2011PYMULTI-TWO17,602,4704,388  1,179  46.3PT7DX PT7ZAA PY7CW PY7XC PY7ZY PY8AZT
72NR3X/42014W4MULTI-TWO17,583,7205,034  1,320  48.0KU5B W0UCE N3ND N4CW N1LN WA4PSC
73PJ4U2004PJ2MULTI-TWO17,502,2644,589  1,084  48.0YL2KL YL2GM YL2GQT YL2VW YL3GE(K7GEX) 
74SK3W2015SMMULTI-TWO17,496,0685,504  1,396  48.0SM3SGP SA5BJM SM5EPO SM5TXT SM5AJV ...
75K9CT2015W9MULTI-TWO17,394,5374,728  1,373  48.0N9CK KB9OWD KC9EE K9ZO K9CT KK9K K3WA
76DR4A2014DLMULTI-TWO17,366,9705,354  1,410  48.0DC8SG DJ9KM DK5PD DK9VZ DL6WT DH2WQ ...
779A7A20069AMULTI-TWO17,274,2765,710  1,228  48.09A3TR 9A3OS 9A4PA 9A4R 9A5X 9A7V 9A8A 
78DR1A2006DLMULTI-TWO17,096,3525,671  1,236  48.0DF6JC DJ7EO DL3DXX DL6FBL DO1ET PB2T 
79KH6LC2012KH6MULTI-TWO17,095,4604,303  1,198  47.5KH6LC AH6RE NH6V KH7Y
80G5W2015GMULTI-TWO17,053,8755,139  1,395  48.0G2NF G3BJ G3XTT G4DRS
81RU1A2017UA-1MULTI-TWO17,032,7405,947  1,338  47.9RW1ARV1AWRN1ARN1AMRU1AFRT1M
82YT5A2019YTMULTI-TWO16,958,9165,431  1,404  48.0YT1AD YT3W YT0I YU1AU YU1KX YU5C YU8A 
83IY1GMS2014IMULTI-TWO16,919,1995,416  1,377  48.0I1HJT IK1QBT IK2JUB IK3QAR IV3ZXQ ...
84DM8D2012DLMULTI-TWO16,781,4765,204  1,354  48.0DC8SG DJ9KM DK5PD DK9VZ DL6WT DH2WQ
85DR5N2015DLMULTI-TWO16,699,6904,959  1,379  48.0DF1MM DJ1MM DJ9DZ DK5OS DL9YAJ SP3LPG
86AD4Z2014W4MULTI-TWO16,698,0004,831  1,320  48.0N4WW AD4Z N4KM K0LUZ K1MM WF3C
87HG7T2019HAMULTI-TWO16,685,0865,711  1,342  48.0HA7TM HA7JHM HA0DU HA5WA HA9PP HG5DX
88ED1R2012EAMULTI-TWO16,659,8345,481  1,333  48.0DH1TW EA1FAQ EA1WX EC1KR EA4SV EA4TX ...
89LT1F2014LUMULTI-TWO16,632,0004,245  1,200  43.2LU1AEE LU1FAM LU1FJ LU1FKR LU2FE LU2FM ...
90EC2DX2018EAMULTI-TWO16,599,9905,214  1,345  48.0EA1XT EA4CWN EA5KA EA7KW EC2DX
91LZ5R2014LZMULTI-TWO16,429,6805,722  1,368  48.0K1LZ LZ1YQ LZ1NK LZ1ND LZ1UK LZ1JZ ...
92DM9K2014DLMULTI-TWO16,410,7385,137  1,362  48.0DJ0ZY DJ1YFK DJ2QV DK7AH
93K9CT2012W9MULTI-TWO16,409,6924,694  1,292  48.0K3WA K9CT K9MMS K9ZO NK9E
94UB6B2020UA-6MULTI-TWO16,333,9425,668  1,418  48.0R7AB UA7A UA6AA R7DA RU7A RX6CM
95KM4M2004W4MULTI-TWO16,283,7454,783  1,095  48.0K3TW K4JA K4ZA K7SV KD4D N4GG W3BP ... 
96DM9K2015DLMULTI-TWO16,192,4554,994  1,345  48.0DJ1YFK DK6SP DK7AH
97YT5A2017YTMULTI-TWO16,168,0605,219  1,322  48.0YT1AD YT3W YU1AU YU1KX YU2FG YU8A
989A60A20089AMULTI-TWO16,164,1446,057  1,207  48.09A2X 9A3TR 9A3OS 9A5X 9A7V
99YT9X2020YTMULTI-TWO16,160,8025,716  1,407  48.0YU1ZZ YU1WS YU1UN YU2ZZ YU3EEA YT1BD ...
100YU5R2012YTMULTI-TWO16,136,2565,440  1,374  48.0LA6FJA YT1HA YU6DX YU9DX YT3PL
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Overlay category: (R) Rookie, (T) Tribander/Single Element, (C) Classic

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